Saturday, November 28, 2009


Or at least make it into an deadly, uninhabitable no-man's land.

Here is the latest casus belli from Egypt, which has made it a national mission for nearly 30 years to negate and nullify a solemn treaty which gained them 22,000 square miles of territory, Israel-developed oil-assets, and critical strategic grounds. Not to mention Mount Sinai, a locale of considerable significance to a certain group of people.

Often forgotten is a key provision of the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Agreement ("Camp David Accords") that encourages, how shall we say..."neighborliness" between the parties. To be specific, here is Annex III, Article V (according to the text posted at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website):

Article V
Cooperation for Development and Good Neighborly Relations

  • The Parties recognize a mutuality of interest in good neighborly relations and agree to consider means to promote such relations.

  • The Parties will cooperate in promoting peace, stability and development in their region. Each agrees to consider proposals the other may wish to make to this end.

  • The Parties shall seek to foster mutual understanding and tolerance and will, accordingly, abstain from hostile propaganda against each other.

    How, then, does this despiccable and revolting video, broadcast on Egyptian television, constitute anything but a gross and inflammatory violation of the Agreement?

    Of course this is not the only such violation by the Mizraihim, but it may be the most over-the-top. It's like they're trying to see how far they can kick Da Joooooooooooooos before they will let out a yelp of complaint.

    We all know that spinelessness breeds contempt. If only the Israeli Cabinet understood this.

    [BTW, props AGAIN to the awesome watchers of MEMRI, who really should have won the last, ohhh, 9 or 10 Nobel Peace Prizes. He who watches over Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers, and it appears MEMRI doesn't, either.]

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