Thursday, June 14, 2007



Brothers and Sisters…FEAR NOT!!

Remember three words: Clarity, blessed clarity.

Every evil conspiracy in history has relied on DELUDING, CONFUSING, AND TRICKING its victims until it was too late: Jihadism, Communism, Nazism, Liberalism. The thing these monsters feared more than anything was clarity on the part of their targets.

We should all welcome the crushing victory of Hamas over Fatah. The traitors/incompetents in the US Dept of State, and the Israeli govt, had maneuvered us so ineptly that the one Western “hope for peace” was Mahmoud Abbas…a Moscow-trained Arafat acolyte, without the charm.

This was a hopeless plan, like rubbing Ben-gay on an arm riddled w/gangrene. And it was deadly to our clarity.

Thank God Hamas has risen up fast to demolish the plan. It may even wake up the comatose voters in Israel, tho I feel bad for those poor kidnapped bastards, they’re dead now (though it recently came out that their kidnappers were on the Fatah payroll, hmmmmmm). Hamas is shooting their “Palestinian brothers” in their hospital beds, throwing them off rooftops, and publishing long lists of deathwarrants.

Clarity, blessed clarity.

Remember when Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990? Many people commented: What luck, had he waited 1-2 years, our post-Cold War military may have been shrunk so much that we wdn’t have been capable of ejecting him as we did. Right now Israel still has a mighty arsenal, and we have a gigantic force located a few flying minutes away. A few years later, and we would have been positioned much worse to strike back at the jihadis.

Of course, Israel missed a great opportunity last year, as Ehud the Simpleton executed the most wildly incompetent war in Israeli history. When he is replaced by a real leader, then we will be ready to apply a devastating blow to these wicked Islamist gangs, and wipe the celestial grins off their ugly mugs.

But first we need (say it all together, brothers and sisters)…CLARITY, BLESSED CLARITY.


Yaacov Ben Moshe said...

There is such a fearful wisdom and savage truth to what you say here. Yes, it is better to have clarity!

Jewish Odysseus said...

If you'll forgive me a New Testament allusion, my brother, we must always build our house, our plans for protection, upon THE ROCK OF TRUTH, not THE SAND OF DECEPTION.

The TRUTH is that Fatah was founded as a political doomsday machine to destroy Israel.

The TRUTH is that Fatah NEVER changed its charter or organically reformed itself in any way to allow it to accept the CONCEPT of Israel.

The TRUTH is that Fatah had every opportunity, for 15 solid years, to make such a change...but never did. What the DID do was steal billions in protection money, errrr, foreign aid, coughed up by Western taxpayers.

The DECEPTION is that Fatah is "moderate" "acceptable" "a partner for peace."...That deception was dealt a death-blow this week by our masked jihadis.

To tweak an old saying: "If you have two enemies, but you call one a 'friend,' then how many enemies do you have?" TWO, because calling one a friend doesn't change him from an enemy!

But if you have two enemies...and one KILLS THE OTHER...then how many do you have?

But too many of our brothers in Israel still don't get it. Oh, well, lets hope they WAKE UP before the Knesset is burning like Mohammed Dahlan's villa...