Thursday, June 5, 2008


More than a ton of ordinance captured in Karbala Province on May 28

Major-Generals Bergner and Atta provided an informative press-conference in Iraq on June 4, and it featured a series of stunning slides of captured jihadi weapons caches (sorry, they're only in PDF, here). Notice well the first slides from Mosul, staggering masses of weapons seized in just a week or so in just one city.

And notice the importance of the US-trained Iraqi forces taking the initiative in these operations. Those forces who have grown from 400,000 to 559,000 in just a year. And who, just two months ago, liquidated the pro-Iranian terror groups in Basra and Baghdad.

But, hey, there's nothing newsworthy in these battlefield successes, is there? That's the only reason you haven't seen anything about them in our lamestream media, right? Has nothing to do with bias, nooooooo.

No, but CBSNews will put up a headline on 6/4, "Baghdad Truck Bomb Kills 18/A Truck Loaded With Rockets Explodes Near Iraqi Police General's Home." Even though the "truck bomb" turned out to be a now-routine jihadi f@ck-up, an accidental premature detonation that succeeded only in killing a bunch of pedestrians in the hood.

Enjoy the press conference.

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Nancy Coppock said...

Can anyone deny that the MSM is determined to shape what their customers think? The "facts" reported must support the mind flaking and baking political world view of Liberalism. Otherwise, they become buried in section F,page 5.
Didn't the WSJ have an editorial about why this news wasn't covered instead of banner headline on page one? The press wondering why the press wasn't reporting the news....hhhhmmmmmmm. Do they really think we are that dumb? Too bad for them as they try to figure out why subscriptions are down.