Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A lot of people were dismayed a few weeks ago by the behavior of "Palestinians"--not just the butchers of this huge turtle, but the gleeful, sadistic kids and others watching the slaughter--on the Gaza beach. Sure, sea-turtle blood just might be a great cure for asthma, and the Zionist blockade has rendered these strangely plump folks desperately hungry, but didn't they seem just a bit too gleeful at the misery of this dumb creature?

Compare and contrast with the scene at Jisr al-Zarka yesterday, on Israel's northern coast, as a group of Israeli Jewish and Arab kids got together to celebrate a release of several rehabilitated sea turtles:

Listen to the voices, the clapping, the cheers. Look at the faces of THESE kids.

Which of these two scenes more closely approximates how God wants human beings to behave? Yet which culture is openly determined to annihilate the other, "in the name of Allaaahhh"?

It is not often appreciated, but in Biblical days the Sabbath day of rest was extended to beasts of burden--God wanted the dumb animals to have a day of rest from their labors, too.

Interesting contrast.

[And a good print story on the turtle release from Ha'aretz here.]


Nancy Coppock said...

You are so right my friend. Righteousness is revealed by how one treats those that can do nothing for you. Or as Proverbs says, "A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel."

Interesting the well fed starving mob of kids. How does that fit in with the orthodoxy of Israeli evil?

Anonymous said...

For those that appreciate life will live their life to the full satisfaction.

For those that bend on destroying life on any pretext, they will always cut short their own life in miserable way and making others too.

Barvo and Kudos to the volunteers.

Jewish Odysseus said...

"Interesting the well fed starving mob of kids. How does that fit in with the orthodoxy of Israeli evil?"

Ohhhh, Nancy, you're such a hater. HATER, HATER, HATER!! Have you no shame?!

I love that Proverb, BTW!

Anon, thanks for your well-put words.