Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"Down the Memory-Hole," huh? Not so fast!!...

My, my, myyyyyy, leftist bots & trolls on Twitter just about came unglued when I pointed out a self-evident fact (self-evident to anyone with eyes and ears who didn't live in a cave from 2009 to 2017) about our verbissoner 44th President:  that "Obama was the first President in American history who actively enjoyed seeing Americans fighting each other, and encouraged it.  I tell my son this was the worst thing about him."

Wow, you'd have thought I'd written that a marriage is between a man and a woman, to see the knees jerk.  He was so uniting, so calming, so consensusing, they roared.   Hahaaa, I can take a joke as well as anyone.  But then they actually challenged me to prove it.  Like they were living in rubber rooms through eight long years of Obamunism.  Maybe they were?

There's no point in wasting anytime to try to persuade these mugs, even if they are, maybe, something more than algorithms.  But as a public service, I decided to put together a little handy reference guide for anyone looking for a few examples of Obama's divisiveness, all in one place.  In about ten minutes, I could recall 16.  I'm sure I've barely scratched the surface, if you think of more contact me here or on Twitter (@JewishOdysseus), I'm happy to add to the list!


Obama The Great Divider, Part I:

1)  Even before he was elected, Obama was inciting his minions to "get in the faces" of people who planned to vote for someone else, in Nevada, September 17, 2008.

2)  Obama went onto a foreign broadcast platform, Univision, and freely told Hispanic voters to "punish your enemies" in the midterm US elections, on October 25, 2010.

3)  After Trayvon Martin made the unwise choice of jumping a man who had a lawful firearm, and pounding him into the pavement, Obama chose immediately to pour gasoline rather than water on the fire, by saying "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon." (White House remarks, May 23, 2012)

4.)  In one of the most breathtakingly condescending and obtuse comments ever made by a candidate, Obama wrote off about 70% of the US population by characterizing them as rural dolts who "get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them." (Fundraiser in San Francisco, April 6, 2008)

6)  Obama was in favor of traditional marriage, before he was against it, before he was in favor of it, before he was against it... (May 9, 2012)

7)  Of all the pastors in Chicago, Obama chose to bring his children to the church of Jeremiah Wright every week...yet Obama never heard a word of Jew-hating or racism. 

8)  Candidate Obama openly admitted to planning the bankrupting of coal-fired power-plants, sabotaging one of America's most important, and highest-employing industries.(San Francisco Chronicle interview, January 17, 2008)


Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Genesis 12:3:"And I will bless those who bless you, 

And the one who curses you I will curse."
A lot of people, Jews and Christians, place great weight on those words from the Torah.  And whether you are a person of faith or just one who has studied history, it's hard to deny that those places where Jews were persecuted soon suffered catastrophe, while those where Jews were welcomed appeared to go on to historical success.

Maybe we're just confusing cause with effect?  Maybe a country that feels self-confident enough to welcome a persecuted minority has sufficient strengths and talents that it would prosper regardless of its welcoming attitude?  Hmmmmm...

Well, whether it's God's plan, or inherent qualities within the society...in a way it's irrelevant.  What counts is the society's BLESSING or CURSING of Israel.

The American President has now spent several months openly cursing Israel.  Plotting to weaken Israel. Strengthening Israel's foulest enemies.  Barack Hussein Obama pretended to be offended by Netanyahu's Congressional speech.  What a transparent liar, it's been Obama's relentless conspiring with Iran to help it destroy Israel that gave Bibi no choice. 

Our country has 3 branches of Government.  The Judicial branch obviously has no public say on this question.  The Executive branch has cursed Israel for many months.  But John Boehner, in a rather shockingly bold stroke, may have saved us all by piping up from the Legislative branch to bless Israel.

It is now a matter of accepted historical fact that Bibi's speech has been a burning poker up Obama's ass since he delivered it.  First he pretended he didn't watch it, then sent his worst political assassins to Israel to ensure Bibi's election defeat.

Epic fail, that.

Then Obama bizarrely started whining about Bibi's election rhetoric, suddenly discovering that "words matter."  (Unless the words are "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor," I guess.)  He attacked Bibi as...a racist! A two-state solution rejector! (no responsibility from Hamas or the Abbasniks, of course) Just today...a SPYER!! (guess Israel shouldn't ever try to get intel on Iran, huh?)

This is his second epic fail--Obama's curses against Israel are resulting in the assassination of his own Presidency.  Even Democrats are fast-walking to the exits as his bizarre rants are more and more cognizable as unadorned anti-Semitism, Farrakhan-style.

And what is John Boehner's significance?  Well, as the Speaker of the House, he is the one man more responsible than any other for our Legislative branch.  Boehner of course INVITED Bibi to address the Congress.  He also STOOD SOLID for his speech against serious and nasty Obamunist pressure (a firmness that shocked many of us long-time Boehner watchers), and he produced a grand, telegenic welcome for Bibi.  Now he has revealed that he will be visiting Israel soon.  

In short: John Boehner, acting in a real sense as a representative of the American people, unambiguously BLESSED Israel.

Those of us that are worried about Obama's cursing of Israel can at least find some consolation that he may have been neutralized by a blessing for Israel from a co-equal branch of government, made possible by a rare month of courage and clarity from Speaker John Boehner.  Considering America's founding history as an aspirational New Jerusalem, we can have some optimism that these blessings will outweigh the curses.  And America can rise up out of the filth and muck in which we've been mired under the Obama regime.

Monday, August 25, 2014

OF COURSE Hamas are War Criminals

Flagrant Hamas War Crimes Broadcast Over International TV.  Yaawwwn. 

Found this lovely little webpage, produced by, of all people, the "Society of Professional Journalists."  This reference on the Geneva Conventions on the laws of war is chock-full of evidence that those filthy Hamasniks are, obviously, flagrantly guilty of multitudinous war crimes.  War crimes so numerous as to prove beyond any doubt that they are Hamas's foundational core strategy.

Let's see if we recognize any patterns of behavior that we've seen a few thousand times since Hamas murdered those three teen Joooooos in June:

Civilian shields

Civilians must not be used to protect military installations or operations against attacks. (Protocol I, Art. 51, Sec. 7)
Civilian status

Feigning of civilian or non-combatant status is perfidy and prohibited by the Geneva Conventions. (Protocol I. Art. 37, Sec. 1 

Combatant status :(...)

In addition to rights, combatants also have obligations under the Geneva Conventions.

In the case of an internal conflict, combatants must show humane treatment to civilians and enemies who have been wounded or who have surrendered. Murder, hostage-taking and extrajudicial executions are all forbidden. (Convention I, Art. 3)
Grave breaches (...)

 Grave breaches of the Conventions and Protocols are war crimes.

Willful killing, hostage taking and torture . (Protocol IV, Art. 147)

Attacking cultural objects when they're not located near a military target or used for the war effort. (Protocol I, Art. 85, Sec. 4D)

It is prohibited to pretend to surrender, without an actual intention to do so. (Protocol I, Art. 37, Sec. 1)

Pretending to seek a cease-fire with the intent to betray the confidence in order to kill, injure or capture an adversary is perfidy and is prohibited. (Protocol I, Art. 37, Sec. 1a)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

California Public School Teacher/School Board Member Spreads Hate-Israel Libels on Twitter

Traditional Dance Troupe in Holon, 
at 20th Anniversary Celebration of
Operation Solomon in 2011--
Yeah, THIS is what Israel was trying
Desperately to Prevent.  Right.
Tweet #1:
Tweet #2:
Tweet #3:
Tweet #4:
Tweet #5:

Here is this lady's FaceBook page.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rebuilding the Holy Temple: This Is The RIGHT Thing To Do, and We All Know It.

My friends, imagine if you will a kind of Einsteinian thought experiment, with the question being:

“Can we posit or theorize a single action that would:

*Make Ahmedinejad and the mullahs go weak in the knees with terror and rage?

*Shock and confuse the worldwide left-progressive mob?

*Refute, delegitimize and invalidate the theory and practice of shariah?  And provoke an existential crisis within the ideology of Islam?

*Leave George Soros and his White House puppet utterly confused and humiliated?

*Make courage and inspiration swell in the breast of every true Christian and Jew, and every other human with a soul, on earth?

*This action would instantly halt the largest ongoing process of archeological vandalism since the Taliban blew the Bamyan Buddhas to smithereens;  and actually restore one of the most storied and ancient religious sites of all of human history.

*And this single action could be executed by a sovereign, democratic government…without any need for an invasion nor intervention upon any other country.

*And, strictly as an added bonus...MAAAAAAAYYYYYBE even speed the arrival of the Messiah?

Imagine this, all in theory.

If we could posit such an action, would you support it?“

What’s not to like?

A REAL Troublemaker.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the visionary Rabbi Chaim Richman, the international director of the Temple Institute, and a man who along with all of the great folks at the Institute, has devoted his life to rebuilding the Holy Temple of Jerusalem.  Yes, the same Temple that was built by King Solomon in 957 B.C.E.; demolished by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 B.C.E.;  rebuilt by Haggai and Zechariah in 516 B.C.E, and expanded by Herod in 16 C.E.;  and then destroyed a second time by Titus in 70 C.E.

This coming Sunday, March 30, Rabbi Richman and his dedicated comrades will host the Fifth Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day (ITMAD)  webcast (and RE-webcast) live from the holy city of Jerusalem for 4 solid hours.   The purpose of this event is to increase support for the many organizations, both in and out of Israel, that are working to rebuild the Holy Temple, on its original spot on Mount Moriah.  Informative links to the program can also be found here, here and here.

Everyone knows that Israel liberated all of Jerusalem in the 1967 Six Day War;  but I doubt if anyone knows exactly why, for nearly 47 years (so far), Israel refused to exercise its lawful sovereignty over the single holiest Jewish site, inside its own capital.  “It didn’t seem like a good idea at the time,” I guess.  But, as we all know, it’s never too late to do the right thing.

[And for those who have been misled into believing that only G-d himself can restore the Holy Temple to its rightful place, you need to listen to any or all of Rabbi Richman's 5-part video series, "The Holy Temple: Man-made or Heaven sent?," based on the teachings of the Rambam/Maimonides, that decisively refutes this pernicious and corrosive myth.]

Enjoy this interview with the founder of the Temple Institute, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, who was one of the paratroopers who liberated the Temple Mount in 1967

One argument that has been offered repeatedly over the years is that, ”If Israel does this now, it will destabilize moderate Arab regimes, and threaten the Camp David Accords.”  Well,  as we review the wreckage of Western Mideast policy in March 2014—with the Muslim Waqf still being allowed to control the Temple Mount-- that argument is the deadest of dead letters, n’est ce pas?

On the merits, there is a compelling case to rebuild the Holy Temple now.  The Waqf has delighted in destroying and trashing (as in:  bringing to the town dump) as many artifacts from the original Temples as it could, and pursuing a rogue policy of expanding its two sites—the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aksa Mosque without regard for the Jewish archeological treasures that overflow Har HaBayit (the Temple Mount).  By commencing the rebuilding project now, and ejecting the waqf from the Temple Mount until it is complete, Israel will be able to preserve or salvage those treasures, in keeping with the universally-recognized high standards of its Antiquities Authority, without the absurd distraction of obscurantist-inspired riots to interfere with their work.

Perhaps most important, by making the inalterable decision to rebuild the Temple, Israel will effectively throw the deadly bucket of water onto the Wicked Witch of Islam.  Ever since Khomeini returned to Iran in 1979, revanchist Islam has become bolder and bolder in its threats against both Israel, da Joooooooooooos, and the West in general.  Indeed, the last time Muslim zealots felt so free to proclaim a coming “momentous massacre” was in the days of Gamal Abdel Nasser.  In 1967.

Nasser trafficked in military threats, was crushed on the battlefield, and was a shadow of his former self until he died a few years after.  Today’s Islamists traffic in koranic threats and prophecies, and until now not a single major figure has stood up to address and refute their disgusting libels.

But actions speak louder than words.  Once the Jewish Temple is rebuilt and consecrated on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, can you imagine the shock and consternation amongst the Islamists?  Instantly, all these odious and lurid koranic sermons against the Jews will be rendered nothing short of ridiculous and laughable;  while the faith of the supporters of Israel will be strengthened and vindicated.  And will this lead to a more peaceful world?

Well, as a well-known Arabian Muslim said in 2001:  “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse.”  What would demonstrate the strength of the Jewish people and their faith more conclusively than the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem?

Just a few years back, what did the vile octogenarian Yusuf Qaradawi bray out to a roaring crowd of Cairo jihadis?  That he plans to pray at the alAksa mosque.   Imagine if his dream is thwarted by the presence of the third Holy Temple?  It might even provoke an aneurysm in the old demon.

Back in 1980, Ronald Reagan was pilloried by the sophisticates and beautiful morons for asserting that America’s (unsuccessful) effort to save South Vietnam from communism was a “noble cause.”  Reagan ignored the catcalls, and crushed an incumbent president-sophisticate.  That is a lesson for us as we contemplate how close we are to seeing the rebuilding of the Holy Temple in our days, for what nobler cause could conceivably be found on the face of the earth?

Let's all pray that this effort will eventually grow to become much more than a finger in the eye of Satan, something much more decisive:

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Just shy of 7 years ago, I pointed out that volcanoes have had an enormous effect on the earth's climate.  It is quite unappreciated how tremendous are the cubic tonnages of ash, gases, acids, and many volatile chemicals that burst into the atmosphere from even a small volcanic eruption.

Today (February 1) another "small" volcano erupted on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.  Take a look here at these amateur videos, taken from nearby the volcano,  Mt. Sinabung,  to get an idea of the colossal power of these events.  They positively dwarf the effects of man-made pollution.

And you thought THIS winter was cold...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013