Sunday, February 26, 2012


After she graduated, they canceled the GOP class in "Effective Communications," apparently.

Just watched Az. Gov. Jan Brewer on MTP--whatta refreshing lady. My fellow Repubs, here is the handbook, Gov. Brewer read it, why doesn't anyone else?!:

1) Made dramatic personal endorsement for the Az. primary, big smile, optimistic, said not one word about the ones she didn't endorse.
2) Made a few simple, REPEATED, clear points about how Obama is obtusely helping to destroy her state.
3) NAILED Cal. Gov. Jerry Brown when he had the gall to utter the phrase "guns are going from the US to Mexico," WRAPPED FAST & FURIOUS AROUND OBAMA'S NECK.
4) Politely but firmly NAILED that hatchet-faced hack David Gregory when he tried to change the subject on her, to help Brown and hurt her.
5) Closed emphasizing how happy she is with the candidate she endorsed (oh, it was Mitt), and how "we are going to work as hard as we can so he can win this week." [Are you listening, Newt? That is ALWAYS the right answer when someone asks you if you are going to win. Got it? ALWAYSALWAYSALWAYS!!!]

Let's review:

She stayed on message.
She projected a positive, cheerful character and demeanor.
She exploited an error by her opponent.
She didn't step on her dick.
She stayed on message.
She smelled out the slimy media trick, called him on it, and avoided it.
And did I mention that she stayed on message?

The whole thing was about 6 minutes, just beautiful, a clinic in GOP communications. And it's not rocket science...Is it?

If Newt had been able to do this, he'd have wrapped it up already. Or Santorum or Romney, too, for that matter.

Thank you, Gov. Brewer. I think I love you!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


[wherein we catalogue a perforce incomplete list of the various atrocities committed by President Barack Hussein Obama and his agents, which atrocities would never be committed unless he was an America-hating traitor to the core]: