Saturday, October 6, 2012

Who is Good Ol' Joe Biden, Really? Let's See...

Everyone's by now seen the incredible vid of those University of Wisconsin-Madison students complaining that Obama should have been allowed to use a teleprompter in his debate--proof positive, as if we needed any after the #OWS fiasco, that the concept of "higher education" has been utterly drained of meaning. Still, I never give up on any hungry young mind, so in the interest of remedial education, here is a brief history lesson to fill in the gaps that so many voters have about our plucky, gaffe-prone vice-prez, Joltin' Joe Biden:

Who is Joe Biden?  Well, first off, he's apparently Neil Kinnock:

...And he's ALSO an accomplished plagiarist, and a liar.  But don't take my word for it, just listen to these Democrats, and NBC News:

And a resume' fraudster who jumps to lie about his school record:

Keep this bone-deep fraudster's record in mind as you watch him spew the BS this coming thursday night.

Friday, October 5, 2012


President Jimmy Carter, to Democrats in Chicago, Oct. 6, 1980:
“You’ll have to determine whether or not America will be unified or if I lose the election—whether America will be separated, black from white, Jew from Christian North from South, or rural from urban .”

Gov. Ronald Reagan, responding in TV interview in Philadelphia, Oct. 7, 1980:
“I can’t be angry. I’m saddened. I’m not asking an apology from him, but I think he ought to apologize to the country. I think he’s a badly misinformed and prejudiced man. He’s reaching a point of hysteria that’s hard to understand.”


Thus ended the Carter presidency, good riddance.

Now Mitt Romney has a great opportunity to drop the same bomb on the now desperate ("aggressive," haahaaa) Obama.   Just wait for Obama to go awaaaayyy out on the limb. Which you know he'll do.

Steady, Mitt, steady.  Ready...Aim...