Wednesday, June 25, 2008


George Carlin. RIP. The guy was a little out there, but this riff on "saving the planet" etc is AWESOME! Amazing how his liberal fans had this go in one ear and out the other.

I particularly liked his clearly scientific approach, beginning with a single, giant piece of data: "The earth has been around for 4 BILLION YEARS...Heavy industry has been around just 200..." Reminds me of what a very wise blogger wrote last year, heheh...

CAUTION: At least two of the seven-unmentionable-words are part of this vid.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


This is a good example of why Hitlery needed to be crushed...Her bitter core-supporters want vengeance on that uppity Negro!

Oh, and don't you love how the interviewer throws gas on the fire!


"Rest easy, Buddy, we've found your sister."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A lot of people were dismayed a few weeks ago by the behavior of "Palestinians"--not just the butchers of this huge turtle, but the gleeful, sadistic kids and others watching the slaughter--on the Gaza beach. Sure, sea-turtle blood just might be a great cure for asthma, and the Zionist blockade has rendered these strangely plump folks desperately hungry, but didn't they seem just a bit too gleeful at the misery of this dumb creature?

Compare and contrast with the scene at Jisr al-Zarka yesterday, on Israel's northern coast, as a group of Israeli Jewish and Arab kids got together to celebrate a release of several rehabilitated sea turtles:

Listen to the voices, the clapping, the cheers. Look at the faces of THESE kids.

Which of these two scenes more closely approximates how God wants human beings to behave? Yet which culture is openly determined to annihilate the other, "in the name of Allaaahhh"?

It is not often appreciated, but in Biblical days the Sabbath day of rest was extended to beasts of burden--God wanted the dumb animals to have a day of rest from their labors, too.

Interesting contrast.

[And a good print story on the turtle release from Ha'aretz here.]

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Words To Live By (I): "MEN OF THE IRGUN!"

Jewish Odysseus hereby inaugurates a regular (we hope) feature, "Words To Live By." Given these dark days of Western self-deception and cowardice in the face of this same "cruel enemy," it seems appropriate to begin with this address--we can all benefit from the powerful clarity, determination, and courage of this man, who escaped both the Holocaust and the Gulag to become one of the great heroes of the 20th century:

"Men of the Irgun! We are going out to conquer Jaffa. We are going into one of the decisive battles for the independence of Israel. Know who is before you, and remember whom you are leaving behind you. Before you is a cruel enemy who has risen to destroy us. Behind you are parents, brothers, children. Smite the enemy hard. Aim true. Save your ammunition. In battle, show no more mercy to the enemy than he shows mercy to our people. But spare women and children. Whoever raises his hands in surrender has saved his life. You will not harm him. You will be led in the attack by Lieutenant Gideon. You have only one direction: forward."

--Irgun commander Menachem Begin, addressing his forces on April 25, 1948

Thursday, June 5, 2008


More than a ton of ordinance captured in Karbala Province on May 28

Major-Generals Bergner and Atta provided an informative press-conference in Iraq on June 4, and it featured a series of stunning slides of captured jihadi weapons caches (sorry, they're only in PDF, here). Notice well the first slides from Mosul, staggering masses of weapons seized in just a week or so in just one city.

And notice the importance of the US-trained Iraqi forces taking the initiative in these operations. Those forces who have grown from 400,000 to 559,000 in just a year. And who, just two months ago, liquidated the pro-Iranian terror groups in Basra and Baghdad.

But, hey, there's nothing newsworthy in these battlefield successes, is there? That's the only reason you haven't seen anything about them in our lamestream media, right? Has nothing to do with bias, nooooooo.

No, but CBSNews will put up a headline on 6/4, "Baghdad Truck Bomb Kills 18/A Truck Loaded With Rockets Explodes Near Iraqi Police General's Home." Even though the "truck bomb" turned out to be a now-routine jihadi f@ck-up, an accidental premature detonation that succeeded only in killing a bunch of pedestrians in the hood.

Enjoy the press conference.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"I do not view Islam as a religion – according to my notion of religion. Islam is a political doctrine, which imposes itself by force. "

This woman is really brilliant. Notice particularly her focus on the demented and archaic aspects of Islam and its language.

She is a one-woman army who is steadily pulverizing the jihadis. GO, WAFA!!