Sunday, August 31, 2008


Obama Terror-Godfather Bill Ayers: "Keep up the good fight, fellas!"

I don't know about you guys, but I always like to have friends over for the Labor Day weekend, and I go out to stock up on slingshots, home-made shields, Molotov cocktails, tire-slashing devices, gas masks, and 5-gallon buckets of URINE. I mean, isn't that what everyone is into on Labor Day?

Well, that was a partial list of items seized from a gang of "welcoming" Dems in Minneapolis yesterday, in preparation for the Republican convention.

And these Bolshie goons have the chutzpah to complain that their "free speech" rights are being violated..."I gotcher free speech right here..."

A HEARTY "WELL-DONE!!" to Sheriff Bob Fletcher and the lads in the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office, we need more like them!

Here's the full list of the items seized from these despiccable Demo "activists"--ohh, and spare me the "Hey, they're anarchists, they hate the Dems as much as the GOP" rap--I was born at night, but not last night. These bastards are part of Hussein Obama's Chicago-style national operation, bet on it.

Thought you might like to see the full list of peaceful items seized from these peaceful Democrat operatives, from the Sheriff's press release:

Materials used in creating "sleeping dragons" (pvc pipe, chicken wire, duct tape)

Large amounts of urine (including 3 - 5 gallon buckets of urine)

Wrist Rockets

Assorted edged weapons including a machete, hatchet and several throwing knives

Gas mask and filter

Empty glass bottles


Flammable liquids

Homemade Caltrops (devises used to disable buses in roads)

Metal pipes


Bolt cutters

Sledge hammers

Old tires (for burning)

Repelling equipment

Kryptonite locks

Empty plastic buckets cut and made into shields

Material for protective padding

An army helmet

Hat-tip to ATLAS SHRUGS--and there is a fantastic slideshow of the raid items here.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


"You can tell from our faces how ecstatic we are about our convention bounce."

If the story of Odysseus teaches us anything, it is this: Never underestimate an old, experienced warrior.

John McCain did that lesson proud yesterday by choosing Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. Disbelieve any swipes you see in the lame-stream media, folks, this was a MASTER-STROKE. At once energizing the conservative base (that includes me!) and carrying out a massive poaching mission for Hillary voters and independent feminists...BRILLIANT!!

Check out the expressions (above) on Biden and Obama when they learned about the Palin choice at Monaca, PA... Priceless!! They each look as if they've been kicked in the stomach 3 or 4 times...Because Gov. Palin turns around all their stupid little slogans right back at them, except that she is a truly mature person who has served in executive positions (actually more than anyone on either ticket), and fought entrenched interests (from her own party!) successfully.

Oh, and did I mention that she CLINGS TO HER GUNS??!!

I've certainly fired plenty of shots at Sen. McCain here, and don't back down from any of them. But this pick answers the one question that bothered me more than any other: DOES MCCAIN REALLY WANT TO WIN THIS THING? As none other than Peggy Noonan noted a few months ago, it appeared that John McCain was really running to win the GOP nomination, and vindicate his loss in 2000...and then coast to a gracious loss to a "worthy" Democrat.

By picking Gov. Palin, John McCain has proved he really wants to win this thing.


UPDATE!!: Check out this awesome article from ""--HARDLY a right-wing source! And note the little line about "ELITE" REPUBLICAN CONSULTANTS BAD-MOUTHING PALIN!! Who are these morons? How much you want to bet they are the representative Republicans trotted out by the lame-stream media 9 times out of 10?

Palin electrifies conservative base
By: Jonathan Martin
August 31, 2008 11:00 AM EST

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate has electrified conservative activists, providing a boost of energy to the GOP nominee-in-waiting from a key constituency that had been previously had been lukewarm — at best — about him.

By tapping the anti-abortion and pro-gun Alaska governor just ahead of his convention, which is set to start here Monday, McCain hasn’t just won approval from a skeptical Republican base — he’s ignited a wave of elation and emotion that has led some grass-roots activists to weep with joy.

Serious questions remain about McCain’s pick — exactly how much he knows about her and her positions, past and present, on key issues. But for the worker bee core of the party that is essential to any Republican victory, there are no doubts.

“I woke up and my e-mail was just going crazy,” said Charmaine Yoest, head of the legislative arm of Americans United for Life and a former top official in Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign. “And then when it was announced — it was like you couldn’t breathe.”

The media elite — as well as elite members of the GOP consulting community — have all but mocked Palin as a former small-town mayor with zero Washington experience. But that view of her totally misses the cultural resonance she carries to crucial Republican power centers and could not be more at odds with the jubilation felt among true believers that one of their own is on the ticket.

Palin, say conservative activists, has instantly changed how they feel about McCain’s campaign and spurred them to go to work for the Republican ticket.

First, though, they’re expressing their newfound fondness for McCain with their checkbooks. Since tapping Palin, the campaign has raised nearly $7 million online, according to McCain aides."

Read the whole beautiful thing here.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Why couldn't this be Olmert?

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga has revealed that Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro had a secret deal with PLO terrorists in the 1970s to allow them to use Italian territory for training and transit "in exchange for immunity from attacks in Italy." 

President Cossiga wrote in a letter to Rome newspaper Corriere della Serra that "it was Moro himself who designed the terms of the agreement with the foreign Arab terrorists...'"The terms of the agreement were that the Palestinian organizations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country, and they had freedom of entry and exit without being subject to normal police controls, because they were 'handled' by the secret services," Cossiga explained.

Arutz Sheva reported: "As Interior Minister, Cossiga said that he learned PLO members in Italy had diplomatic immunity as representatives of the Arab League. When he became alarmed by the heavy weapons defenses installed around the homes of PLO members living in Rome, the guards were persuaded to switch to light arms."

As my Grandma used to say: "Very attractive."

Moro thought his slimy arrangement was pretty clever, until the Italian terror group, The Red Brigades--allied with the PLO--kidnapped Moro on March 16, 1978, murdered him, and left his body stuffed in the trunk of a Fiat parked on a Rome street. (see above photo)...And now Israel has a PM who's so much cleverer than anyone else, and spends 24 hours a day thinking of ways he can appease Israel's ruthless enemies.  If only...

Sunday, August 17, 2008


What more can be said about Olmert, this utterly depraved, grasping hypocrite? Just when you think he can't get any lower...He does. Check out this latest outrage, blocking aliyah from Ethiopia, here and here.

Oh, and it's just come out that Olmert's even-worse Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, has just helped PLO bigshot Ahmed Qureia get Israeli citizenship for his daughter...Citizenship for Israel's Arab enemies, but not for African Jews. How nice.

Ehud, Gannif-in-Chief, listen to these people and GET OUT NOW!!

Friday, August 15, 2008



"I've found a moderate Muslim, one who loves his religion and sincerely believes and steadfastly writes about his dreams for respect and understanding amongst all the great religions of the world. His name is Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. He may well be executed for those beliefs soon.
This Bangladeshi Muslim journalist dares to defy the party line of hatred towards Israel and contempt for all religions other than Islam. Not only does he write about the need for communication and understanding among Muslims, Christians and Jews in his newspaper The Weekly Blitz, but he dared to accept an invitation to attend and speak at a writers' conference in Israel. The topic of the conference was "Education Towards a Culture of Peace." On November 29, 2003, as he was about to board the plane in Dhaka on his way to that conference, Shoaib was dragged from the tarmac and arrested."
--Ruth Lowenthal Marcus, at

I've been following with horror and admiration the story of Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury for more than three years now. When I began, he was on the verge of being released from prison in his native Bangladesh, and it appeared the preposterous "spying for Israel" charges would be dropped against him.

Well, that just shows how dumb an optimist I was. The good Bengali Muslims are still pushing for Mr. Choudhoury's death, and his trial is on-going this week...And to call it a kangaroo court would be an insult to kangaroos.

There has been a small but stubborn movement of people trying to get attention for Mr. Choudhoury's plight. For those of us who used to support the "dissidents" within the USSR, Mr. Choudhoury resembles no-one so much as Andrei Sakharov or Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, risking his life in a very public struggle against barbarians who have repeatedly proven they have no problem murdering innocents.

This drama has been going on for three years, and now the man's life hangs in the balance. Not to mention the quite significant concept that a Muslim inside a large, quasi-democratic Muslim country can publicly and legally advocate for peace and normal relations with Israel and the Jews.

All human beings of goodwill owe Mr. Choudhoury a debt of thanks and a salute of the highest honor.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NAKED JUDEOPHOBIA--Even "Moderate" Arabs are Hopelessly Primitive


"I can well imagine the international outcry if Islamic tourists were to encounter such restrictions on their entry into Israel."

EXACTLY--the world would be shaking!

Jordan bars Jews with religious items
Aug. 14, 2008
Jordanian border officials refused to allow a group of Israeli tourists carrying religious objects such as talitot and tefillin to enter their country on Tuesday, saying it was "a safety measure" to avoid potential terror threats.

Thirty-six Israeli tourists on their way to Amman for a three-day tour were detained at the Sheikh Ali Hussein Crossing near Beit She'an at 6:30 a.m. and notified of a new regulation that prohibits entry into Jordan with tefillin, talitot, prayer books, Bibles or the Talmud.

"Our group was presented with two options," said Alan Novetsky, a recent immigrant from New York who was accompanied on the tour by his wife. "Either enter Jordan without religious objects or go back to Israel."

Novetsky said the group's suitcases were thoroughly searched for religious items. "They seemed to know exactly what they were looking for.

"It was very demeaning to have such a negative experience in what is billed as a friendly country. People in the group, including the tour guides, were quite shocked. No one had ever heard that Jordan imposed religious restrictions," he said.

"What made it worse was that the whole thing seemed to be directed solely at Jews. I saw Christians walking through into Jordan openly wearing crosses. Apparently, Christian religious symbols did not seem to be a problem for the Jordanians. I can well imagine the international outcry if Islamic tourists were to encounter such restrictions on their entry into Israel."

A Jordanian security official said the decision was taken only for "security reasons."

The official said that the decision had been in effect for a long time and Israeli authorities were aware of it.

"The Jordanian security authorities are responsible for the safety of all visitors to the kingdom and it is our duty to take all measures required in this regard," the official explained. He expressed regret that the tourists had been offended by the measure.

Novetsky said that at first the the guides tried to bargain with the Jordanian officials, promising to keep the religious items hidden and to pray inside the hotel. But the suggestions were rejected.

"The vast majority of the group decided that as proud Israelis, we were either going to be allowed to walk into Jordan holding our religious objects or we would not go in at all."

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Iraqi Kids Frolic in Historic Pool on Thursday dirty kaffirs like Capt. Sean O'Brien and Sgt. Ray Allen impose their evil and arrogant designs on Muslim victims:

(Oh, don't hold your breath waiting to see this story in the lamestream media...)

Aug. 9, 2008
Historic Mesbah pool reopens in Karadah (Baghdad)
Multi-National Division – Baghdad

BAGHDAD – Children and young adults alike donned swimming trunks to take the plunge or a dive after the re-opening of the Mesbah Pool in the Karadah district of southeast Baghdad, Aug. 7.

Iraqi officials, contractors and Soldiers from 5th Battalion, 25th Field Artillery, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light), worked together to bring this historic pool back to the people of Iraq.

The Mesbah Pool is an Olympic-sized pool that has been around for quite a long time, since 1927, according to Nibras, the project manager for the Mesbah Pool. He said it was the first pool built in Iraq.

“A lot of the people in high-level government positions … remember swimming in this pool when they were children,” said Capt. Sean O’Brien, effects coordinator for 5th Bn., 25th FA. “There is a lot of pride associated with it in the community.”

Unfortunately, the pool fell into disrepair over the years. When the time came to fix it, some wanted to just tear the whole thing down and start from scratch, said Sgt. 1st Class Raymond Allen, a non-commissioned officer assigned to 5th Bn. 25th FA’s effects cell.

It took a great deal of hard work in a short amount of time to renovate Mesbah pool. Some people wanted to tear it down and start from scratch, but that wasn’t necessary.

“We did our best to finish it in one month and it is a great job,” he said..

Contractors worked day and night to complete the pool upgrades in time to allow children to swim there before school starts. The renovation also brought back memories for those who swam there when they were children.

The pool is a particular favorite of older Iraqis who have memories of swimming there during their youth, Nibras said. It is like a dream for them. The restoration of the pool holds a lot of symbolism.

“There were a lot of people in the beginning who had doubts about the restoration of this historic landmark,” he said. “But they were proven wrong today.”

Sallama Albaldway, a nearby resident, said she was very pleased to see the pool re-open and to see children given an opportunity to enjoy the pool, as she had when she was child.

One of the contractors who worked on the project had a close bond with the pool; his father swam in the pool before it fell into disrepair O’Brien said. Such a strong personal tie gave the contractor great enthusiasm for the project.

“So the son wanted to do a very good job for his father, and make sure it was absolutely perfect,” he added.

Iraqi government officials, civilians, contractors and Coalition Forces all worked together to complete this project, said Sgt. 1st Class Raymond Allen, a non-commissioned officer assigned to 5th Bn., 25th FA’s effects cell.

In addition to the historical value of restoring Iraq’s oldest pool, it also provides a fun and safe environment for youth.

“The pool is for the children of Iraq,” O’Brien said

In spite of all the difficulties children in Iraq face, it is good to be able to provide them a safe and fun environment, O’Brien said. It is a good place for youth to go to play away from threats and dangers of improvised explosive devices.

Usef, a 9-year-old Iraqi boy, was happy to be there for the opening, and he was sure he would enjoy swimming there, saying it was a very good day to go swimming and there aren’t many places to go to swim.

“This is a great indication of security, the beginnings of liberty (and) all of those good things that are needed in order for a true society to begin again,” said O’Brien, adding that the reopening is another step toward a return to normalcy in Iraq.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


...And Libya has developed so nicely without people like this, no?

[Link is here, too:

This adorable "sabra" (born in Israel) reminds me of a girl I went to high school with.

I cannot recommend highly enough, it's amazing how ~7 minutes a day of truthful pro-Israel reporting --esp. these man/woman on the street profiles-- serves to wash away all the demented Orwellian war-is-peace, ignorance-is-strength swill that the lamestream media morons pour over us every day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Let's keep in mind the type of Satanic filth our boys are stomping into the dirt these days--they braggingly posted this on YouTube just today, though it's probably at least 2 years old:

Friday, August 1, 2008


And I do mean chicken-feed (check it out at 0.42). And I do mean losers...As in "Reebok and Adidas, Satan's latest kebabs."

You say you're a little down, Bunky? You say that the lamestream media morons set new Olympic records for denial and fantasy in reporting from Iraq? Well, let's just see who is getting fed to the chickens, and who is re-enlisting for combat by the thousands. This:

vs. this: