Sunday, March 30, 2008


Trust me on this one, folks...Hang with it to the end...:

Amazing how one Gen-Z'er with a webcam shows more insight, principles and creativity than the entire US State Department...or the entire continent of Europe, for that matter!

Monday, March 24, 2008


A belated "Happy Easter" to all our Christian readers--we hope you'll be inspired by this story as much as we were!:

March 24, 2008

God’s glory abounds at Camp Victory
By Pfc. Eric J. Glassey 13th Public Affairs Detachment Multi-National Corps – Iraq PAO

BAGHDAD – The sun rose behind the podium as hymns rose in the air. Christians of all denominations gathered at the temporary chapel at Al Faw Palace, Camp Victory, to celebrate the wonder of Easter.

“It is one of the premier worship services of the year,” said Army Maj. Lane Stockeland, officer in charge, Victory Chapel. “Traditionally, it is a milestone for believers, and probably one of the most important and significant worship services of the year.” Chap. (Col.) Pat Hash, command chaplain, Multi-National Corps – Iraq, gave the morning’s sermon.

Although the Sunrise Service was for all denominations, special care was taken by the chaplaincy to ensure all believers’ specific needs were catered to throughout the week.

“This whole week, we have special services for each religion,” Hash said. “We make sure these services are provided for them.”

The Sunrise Service was a taste of home for some Christians, Stockeland said.

The service in front of the palace was very similar to the Easter Sunrise Services held in cities all across America where people gather to greet the morning by giving praise to Jesus Christ, Stockleland explained.

“No matter where you are in the world, as a Christian you can celebrate Easter and especially Easter sunrise.”

The service also had another meaning to some. Holding a religious service in an area that once had no religious freedom is a milestone, Stockeland said. “I think it’s pretty significant to hold Easter sunrise in an area where folks didn’t have the freedom to do so.”

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Look how these filthy jihadis treat man's best friend. [WARNING--GRAPHIC]:

And here's one they posted last summer [WARNING--VERY GRAPHIC]:

These people are NOT like you, me, or other humans.

BTW, don't hold your breath waiting for our lefty "animal-rights activists" to condemn this.

Saturday, March 22, 2008






"We are the Ummah. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your people and property to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

Friday, March 21, 2008


Ohhhh, boyyy...Does Allah take it lightly when a Muslim "scholar" questions The Word of The Noble Q'uran? When he substitutes his own political preferences for The Word of The Book? Isn't that a form of blasphemy? Isn't the punishment for it DEATH?

Check out this evil swine at 2.30 (1:36 from the end):

We know of course the Q'uran NEVER refers to "Palestine." And it DOES refer to Israel MANY times...Even calls it "the land of promise."

So this little Shaitan's imp is rejecting the Q'uran's words (Israel/Promised Land), and inserting into it an alien word...PALESTINE.

And this is a "trained scholar"...He can't even claim ignorance!

Let the fatwas begin, heheh...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


More non-newsworthy, non-dramatic, non-heroic reports from Iraq...Our men tracking AlQaeda terrorists into their mountain hideouts and gunning them down wouldn't interest the average American, would it? "SO LET'S NOT REPORT IT!!"

But you can read it here! (and of course, here):

March 18, 2008

Seven killed, eight detained during Coalition operations targeting al-Qaeda

BAGHDAD – Coalition forces killed seven terrorists and detained eight suspects Monday during operations to disrupt al-Qaeda networks operating in central and northern Iraq.

During an operation north of al-Mansuriyah in the Hamrin Mountains, Coalition forces targeted alleged associates of a suicide bombing cell for al-Qaeda in Iraq operating in the Diyala River Valley. Reports indicate the individuals were associated with terrorists throughout the Hamrin Mountains region believed to be planning an upcoming suicide attack, and with terrorists killed during Coalition forces operations March 14 and 16.

Intelligence reports led Coalition forces to a location where the individuals were believed to be operating. The assault force observed five armed men who did not comply with directions or heed warnings. Perceiving hostile intent, Coalition forces engaged the armed men, killing them. Secondary explosions were observed inside their vehicle indicating explosive materials were likely inside.

East of Samarra near Shuzayf, Coalition forces conducted an operation targeting an alleged AQI associate involved in foreign terrorist facilitation, and smuggling weapons and improvised explosive device materials into the Diyala River Valley. Reports indicate the targeted individual is also associated with terrorists killed during operations March 5 and 9.

[Hmmmmm, sounds like a lovely little intel chain...3 linked savages wiped out in 11 days, yeeaaahh! And let's hope the chain continues!!--J.O.]

Intelligence reports led Coalition forces to a location where the targeted individual was believed to be operating. Two armed individuals were observed in the target location. The armed men, one of whom was the targeted individual, ignored Coalition forces warnings and were subsequently engaged and killed. Upon securing the area, Coalition forces found two AK-47 machine guns, a pistol, hand grenades and IED making materials, which were destroyed on site to prevent future use for terrorist activity.

During an operation in Baghdad, Coalition forces captured a suspected terrorist believed to be a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device maker involved in the south Karkh network and an associate of senior terrorist leaders for the region. The suspect was allegedly responsible for attacks against Iraqi civilians and Coalition forces, including the VBIED attacks Feb. 11 on the Karada peninsula that killed 15 Iraqis and the March 10 suicide bomber attack in Mansour that killed five U.S. soldiers. Intelligence indicates the suspect was planning similar attacks in the future. During the operation, the wanted individual was wounded. He received medical care on site and was transferred to a military medical facility for further treatment prior to being detained.

[Just proving the Americans are the most humane, as well as toughest, force on earth!--J.O.]

In west Mosul, Coalition forces detained seven suspected terrorists believed to be associated with senior terrorist leaders and foreign terrorist facilitators in the region.

Monday, March 17, 2008


What do you think the tip will be?

Somehow I doubt there are any girlie mags in this Islamist barbershop...But they probably have several pre-teen female prisoners in cell in the back available for pleasuring these zealous heroes...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Couldn't have happened to a nastier guy!! A filthy, lying, vicious bullying egomaniac, he got a lot less than he deserved!!

Let's let the great Fred Dicker put the stake thru this slimy bastard's heart:


March 11, 2008 -- ALBANY - A disgraced Gov. Spitzer has been publicly and privately de scribed for more than a year by New York's top political figures as a ruth less, sanctimonious, amoral man whose righteous public persona was regularly contradicted by the realities of how he conducted his political life.
Talk about confirmation!

Whether it was Spitzer's involvement in the Dirty Tricks and Internal Revenue scandals that targeted Senate Republican Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, his threats against Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and other Assembly Democrats, his undermining through rumor and innuendo of Lt. Gov. David Paterson, or his seemingly paranoid hostilities to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Spitzer's style struck many as so far out of line with his public claims of righteousness that many started using the jargon of abnormal psychology to describe him.

When Spitzer described himself as a "f- - -ing steamroller" to Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco after less than a month in office, Tedisco - a muscular, one-time, star college athlete - confided to an associate, "This guy scares me."

"There's something wrong with Spitzer, something wrong in his head," Bruno, who was cleared by Cuomo of any misuse of the same state aircraft that Spitzer may have used for a liaison with a prostitute, has told friends.

"He's a liar, he's a hypocrite and he cannot ever been trusted," Bruno continued in a recent conversation.

Bruno, 79, who was allegedly called a "senile piece of s- - -" by the governor, has even claimed Spitzer threatened him physically.

While many in state government have been privately critical of Spitzer's behavior, few thought that an assessment as harsh as Bruno's could really be true. Until yesterday afternoon.

Even friends described Spitzer as a man whose mood can swing in seconds, as a once pleasant cast undergoes a frightening - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-like - transformation after a perceived personal slight or policy disagreement.

If you were his enemy, you were in danger.

One of the state's highest Democrats recently described how Spitzer had - ironically - had a hand in spreading sexual rumors about one of his well-known critics.

If you were his friend, you were in danger, too.

Spitzer was widely described - even at the highest levels of his own administration - as having thrown former top aide Darren Dopp to the law-enforcement wolves in an effort to make it appear that Dopp, and not Spitzer himself, was the moving force by the Dirty Tricks Scandal assault on Bruno.

Spitzer was often described as an Ivy League bully whose take-no-prisoners style was gussied up with $50 words and the affect of an accent.

But underneath lay a spoiled rich kid - his family is worth close to $1 billion - who wanted to run with the political toughs.

Spitzer's hypocrisy became apparent to many in state government years before he took office.

In 1994, fresh from the office of Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, Spitzer apparently violated state election law by failing to disclose huge sums lent by his megamillionaire father - who was said to be bent on seeing his son become the first Jewish president - to his initial unsuccessful campaign for attorney general. He then repeatedly lied about the loans when he ran successfully for the post in 1998.

Spitzer, as attorney general, was repeatedly accused of improperly threatening Wall Street investment bankers - not to mention their firms and other related businesses, such as insurance - with legal actions if they didn't admit to alleged wrongdoings and pony up hundreds of millions of dollars in fines.

While few initially doubted the legitimacy of Spitzer's charges, serious questions began to be raised after John Whitehead, the highly regarded former head of Goldman Sachs, wrote an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal describing a harrowing confrontation with a menacing attorney general.

Author Charles Gasparino, in "King of the Club," gave additional insight into Spitzer's hard-ball tactics.

He described interviewing Spitzer about an investigation of a well-known Wall Street executive and having Dopp interrupt him to say the individual "was boning" his secretary.

Gasparino responded, "Where's the evidence, and why does it matter?" He noted that Spitzer "just sat there before changing the subject."

The alacrity with which Spitzer turned on scandal-scarred state Comptroller Alan Hevesi, a friend whom he called "spectacular" even after it was revealed that Hevesi had misused his office, left many scratching their heads weeks before the governor took office.

Spitzer's claim last year that he was selflessly setting an example by voluntarily limiting his campaign contributions, even while setting up back-door channels so that those limits could be easily circumvented, proved too much for even his much-beloved - and almost always apologetic - New York Times, which delivered a sharp rebuke.

Powerful union leaders have been openly bragging about their growing special influence with Spitzer.

Spitzer's hypocrisy took more minor forms as well.

He regularly claimed to have been "raised in The Bronx," when in fact he was the product of the rarified wealthy world of Scarsdale, elite private elementary schools, Princeton and Harvard.

The governor also claimed to be a regular-guy-type NASCAR racing fan, but one associate privately claimed that Spitzer would spend more time watching his BlackBerry than he would watching the races.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


"Three Hillary volunteers, older women from Boston...said that they used to like Obama, but now they can't stand him because they think he has been cocky and disrespectful to Hillary."--Maureen Dowd, 3/6/08

Monday, March 3, 2008


Hillary Back in Happier Times--Oct. 15, 2007, when her nomination was still "inevitable." See how happy she looked?

I know there's an argument to be made for keeping Hillary Clinton in the game to "bloody up" the "charismatic" Obama. But people, that is being too clever by a half. We need to see this bitch put down, now. Let me tell you why.

About a million years ago, we had a country where certain ideas and principles were drummed into every kid every day:
"Honesty is the best policy."
"Take responsibility for your actions."
"Stick up for your friends when things are tough for them."
"Don't be a bully, and stand up to bullies."
"When things go bad for you, don't complain, just work harder."
"Say what you mean and mean what you say."
"Be a good sport."
"Be a team player."

...and a boatload of other homey sayings. Remember?

We had a big scare back in 1977. That year, the Philadelphia 76ers put together a team that seemed to be ready to roll to the NBA title. The Sixers had a squad that contained some of the greatest one-on-one athletes ever to squeeze the air out of a basketball, including "Dr. J" Erving, George McGinnis, Lloyd Free, Darrell Dawkins and Doug Collins. But, as Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe pointed out as the final series began, with the 76ers confronting the Portland Trailblazers: "Every coach in the country is terrified that the 76ers will win the championship, since it will disprove every lesson they've ever given their players on the right way to play, and the right way to conduct yourself."

Well, after destroying the Trailblazers the first 2 games, the 76ers melted down the next 4 straight. And every coach in America breathed a sigh of relief. The old lessons had held fast.

Until 1992.

That year a draft-dodging pathological liar and quasi-rapist defeated a fumble-mouthed war hero for the presidency...and then in 1996, the same man defeated another war-hero and veteran legislator.

The old rules had been trashed, as Prez. Flim-Flam and his wife-accomplice cobbled together a coalition of enough moochers, leftists, bureaucrats and race-baiters to enable wickedness to triumph over decency.

Oh, brother, that was bad.

But not as bad as Round 2 would be.

Here, the sleazy candidate Hillary doesn't even earn the credit of being self-created...It's strictly a "because it's her turn" thing. She has pulled back around her the same nasty gang of low retreads that we endured from 1992-2000.

It is SOOOOOO important that this cabal be crushed, ASAP. As a lesson for...THE CHILDREN. Bad enough that wickedness triumphed twice...BUT FOUR TIMES?!

And it is so delicious that the agent of her destruction is a feathery lightweight Chicago non-Muslim/Muslim crook...She daren't REALLY attack him, and her vague insinuations get no traction at all. Funniest, the clueless media leftists don't understand that Barry is A MUCH WEAKER CANDIDATE. So they tilt against her. HAAAAAAWWWWW!!!

The dog is frothing at the mouth...She can't drink...She's vicious and confused...The time has come...Sonny, go into the shed and get my shotgun...


Sunday, March 2, 2008


Even as the IDF starts to shake itself out of a solid 5-year-slumber, Hamas is telling "the outside world" that the poor "Balestinian beeeeeble" are once again being victimized by another Joooooo-inflicted genocide, morgues full, children dead, WOE IS US...

Yet, on their own official website, in Arabic, what is Hamas telling their own people, those pooooooor Balestinian victims? THEY ARE BRAGGING ABOUT THE DESTRUCTION THEY ARE INFLICTING ON JEWISH CIVILIANS!! Check out their cute little slide show here--all photos of real victims, Jewish civilians in Sderot.

And look at their nice inspirational poster they have a little down the page:

And look at the sick agit-prop Hamas is posting at the English side of the site [h/t to the lovely AtlasShrugs]:

So, Fascistinians are hiding behind their own civilians, using them as human sandbags [One little fact: you know this is a "grave" WAR-CRIME? I mean, the media has always pointed that out, haven't they?] as they fire rockets at Jooooooish schoolkids...Some of those civilians are getting kilt when Israel shoots back at the rocketmen...Jeeeez, I'm all broke up about that, aren't you?

Saturday, March 1, 2008


One of our greatest and most courageous analysts of the Mideast and the Muslim world, and a fabulous writer, it is an opportune time to quote FOUAD AJAMI on the attitude of Muslims toward America, even when our forces are rescuing them from perdition:

There are no angels in the Balkans, and the Albanian inheritors of Kosovo who were forged by a bitter military struggle against the Serbs will have to tread carefully. They will have to show qualities of mercy and moderation that have not been in ample supply on the Balkan soil. Too much history, too little geography, it has been said of the Balkan Peninsula and its terrible wars.

And in Muslim lands? There has been silence about American deeds in the Balkans.

The drums of anti-Americanism are steady, and no one has stepped forth to acknowledge American mercy and American protection. Precious few, even in "moderate" Muslim lands, own up to the fact that Islam survived in Sarajevo only because American power rescued it from the Serbo-Croat campaign of the 1990s.

And yet today, in this tale of Kosovo, the willfulness in Muslim lands is easy to see. Whether Muslims acknowledge it or not, whether Americans themselves admit it or not, the Pax Americana is the provider of order of last resort in the lands of Islam.

In less than two decades, there have been American campaigns of rescue in Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. Two of these American wars, the ones in the Balkans, were on behalf of Muslims stranded in a hostile European landscape. In its refusal to acknowledge the debt owed American power, Muslim society tells us a good deal about its modern condition, and about that false, mindless anti-Americanism on the loose in Muslim lands.



March 1, 2008
UPDATE: Coalition forces identify AQI leader, associate killed in Mosul raid

BAGHDAD, Iraq – The terrorists killed during an operation Wednesday in Mosul have been positively identified as Jar Allah, also known as Abu Yasir al-Saudi, and Hamdan.

Abu Yasir al-Saudi was the Southeast Mosul Emir for al-Qaeda in Iraq and led a foreign terrorist facilitation network in the city. He conducted numerous attacks against Iraqi and Coalition forces, including the improvised explosive device attack Jan. 28 that killed five Coalition soldiers. Within the Mosul AQI network, Abu Yasir al-Saudi worked for an alleged AQI military leader detained by Coalition forces Feb. 18, who had reportedly moved north from his role in the Bayji network to help rebuild leadership in Mosul.

After spending time fighting in Afghanistan, Abu Yasir al-Saudi arrived in Mosul in August 2007, assuming a position as an AQI cell leader in the southeast region of the city. He had arrived with a group of foreign terrorists. He was then appointed as a key operational leader responsible for orchestrating, as well as participating in, attacks conducted by his AQI foreign terrorist network throughout the city. Operating from east Mosul, Abu Yasir al-Saudi was also believed to be responsible for attempted attacks against security checkpoints, including reports of a 5,000-lb vehicle-based improvised explosive device that, if detonated, would have resulted in the death of hundreds of Iraqi civilians.

Abu Yasir al-Saudi, a Saudi Arabian national, was a close associate of numerous terrorist leaders, to include the AQI senior leader for the northern Iraq networks and the overall AQI senior leader, Abu Ayyub al-Masri.

“Abu Yasir al-Saudi’s death is a significant setback to al-Qaeda in Iraq’s efforts in Mosul,” said Navy Capt. Vic Beck, MNF-I spokesman. “Iraqi and Coalition force operations are degrading the AQI networks in Mosul where we have captured or killed 142 al-Qaeda terrorists since January.”

During the operation, intelligence reports led Coalition forces to an area where the wanted terrorists were believed to be operating. Coalition forces confirmed their location and directed a precision helicopter strike, killing the two terrorists and destroying their vehicle. Once the area was secure, the ground force confirmed that Abu Yasir al-Saudi and another wanted terrorist, Hamdan, were killed during the strike.

Hamdan, also a Saudi Arabian national, was a close associate of al-Saudi and part of his network of foreign terrorists in Mosul. Hamdan was involved in coordinating the movement of foreign terrorists into Mosul, and led a regional anti-aircraft ring.

“Jar Allah and Hamdan were barbaric terrorists who will never again threaten innocent Iraqi civilians with their indiscriminate violence,” said Beck. “Iraqi and Coalition forces will continue operations to hunt down al-Qaeda leaders and operatives, disrupting their operations and improving security across Iraq.”



Hillary Clinton starts running this spot heavily, and and Obamaniacs like Ann Althouse think they've caught her red-handed in a subliminal racist message, since if you tilt your head and squint really hard, you can almost see the letters "NIG" in the fold of one kid's what if the words read "GOOD NIGHT" in toto?

But Jewish Odysseus has seen a lot of smart political ads--and a lot of dumb ones,--crude as well as subtle, and this one edges towards the pretty crude, and desperate. No, it has nothing to do with the letters on the kid's PJs, or the eye on the seal of the dollar-bill, it has everything to do with fairly obvious, consistent, and non-coincidental factors of the ad. Let's start with the most obvious, first:

1) Out of 8 scenes in the ad, 2 thru 7 have an odd blue tint. The colors BLUE AND WHITE are dominant in these 6 scenes. What group of people are often associated with those colors?

2) The very first scene (.00 to .02) of the front of the house...check out the shape of the porch-lamp on the left...similar to a six-pointed star...Though maybe this is a bit of a stretch...BUT

3) The very next scene (.03 to .06), check out the shape of the snowflakes on the girl's PJ's...They ARE six-pointed stars.

4) Scene 6 (.17 to .19), look at the design of the sheets on the little boy's bed...HELLOOOO!!!! Do they remind you of anything familiar? Maybe 2 things?--a tallit and an Israeli flag! THIS one leaves nothing to the imagination--IT'S FREAKIN' BLATANT!! [BTW, has enyone out there EVER seen a child's bedsheet w/that design before? Did they have it custom designed for this ad?]

So it's just A TOTAL COINCIDENCE that Hellary is running this peculiar ad the very same week that she is stoking fears of the "honorary [Muslim] Somali" Obama... a non-Muslim Muslim whos views on Israel may just not be kosher enough for...well, you know who...Those wealthy, urban folks of a certain Mosaic persuasion who just happen to have a disproportionate influence inside the Dhimmicrat Party...


Could this ad be transmitting a subliminal fear out to this large, important, wealthy Dhim constituency? Hmmmmmm? NO DOUBT!!

But geniuses like Ann Althouse can't see the real subliminal messages for the illusionary ones.