Saturday, November 27, 2010


I can't tell you how long I've watched orthodox Muslims variously deny, co-opt, lie about, pervert, or make crooked out-of-context appeals to JEWISH HISTORY. It's almost like they're psychologically compensating for their own perceived inadequacies by attacking or stealing the one thing we always thought would belong to us: OUR HISTORY. "There may be a lot of misery and heartache there, but they can never take our history away from us." Think again, boychik!

OF COURSE this is preposterous to anyone with a brain and a soul but that doesn't mean these satanic savages won't TRY. The latest is from the "Palestinian undersecretary" Mutawakkil Taha, who released a report that claims, AGAIN, that the Western Wall of the Holy Temple has no connection to the Jewish faith, no, it's all just a charming but now-irritating Jewish myth in which those kindly Muslim rulers benevolently indulged us for centuries, but now we really are getting extreme...and that little Jooooooooo charade has got to end!! Let's call in the UN, too, so they can put the halal stamp on the so-called "Kotel!" (as the United Nothings recently did with the Tomb of Rachel, uhhhhh, pardon me, the "Bilal bin Rabbah Mosque.")

This so-perverted-it's-almost-humorous assault just needs to be added to all those other orthodox Muslim myths about Judaism (and Christianity), such as: Moses was really a Muslim, as were all the patriarchs including Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph (hmmmmmm, then why DESTROY HIS TOMB back in 2000, guys?); Abraham gave his blessing to Ishmael, not Isaac; the Torah was just a fraudulent koran; Jesus was muslim, Mary was muslim, muhammed actually arrived in Jerusalem on a flying horse from whence he took off to heaven from the Temple Mount, Rachel's Tomb is really a mosque, etc.

According to Muslims, this place has nothing to do with Judaism.

I watch these mega-swill fabrications launched day after day, year after year by these same smug, grinning pathological liars, and I always have the same urge: I feel like Charlton Heston caught by the apes--but with a slightly different shout for Mutawakkil Taha:

PS: Just in case this little item has got you down, my friends, take a few minutes to review this awesome video of the newly-restored Hurva Synagogue, and rest assured that Jewish history in Jerusalem is indeed alive, and well, and growing in spite the worst efforts of the Muslims--ENJOY!!

Friday, November 26, 2010


"You're not planning to use this money to provide Jew-free swimming
to Muslims, are you?"

The indispensable "AtlasShrugs" has yet another incredible story here about Muslim invaders lecturing the clueless dhimmi gringos at George Washington University on the need to be tolerant of their triumphalist ideology...but left unsaid is the even more incredible irony of this story:

The guy who donated $5.55 million to GWU to build this "Health and Wellness Center," after whom it is (but didn't we know this in our bones already?) of course, Jewish. Come on down and take a bow, THEODORE LERNER, an intensely private octogenarian real-estate billionaire whose official bio page gives a few of his credentials:

Theodore N. Lerner, who is a native Washingtonian, is the Founder and a Principal of Lerner Enterprises, He is also the Managing Principal Owner of the Washington Nationals Major League Baseball team. Mr. Lerner founded Lerner Enterprises, based in Rockville, Maryland, in 1952. He graduated from The George Washington University with an Associates of Arts degree and has an LLB from The George Washington University Law School. Ted Lerner has served on the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of The George Washington University, and is the largest private real estate developer in the Washington, D.C. area. His family dedicated the Annette and Theodore Lerner Family Health and Wellness Center and Theodore N. Lerner Hall at the University. The Annette M. and Theodore N. Lerner Family Foundation provides support to many organizations, including: Food and Friends; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Shady Grove Adventist Hospital; Hadley's Park; the Weizmann Institute of Science; the Scleroderma Foundation of Greater Washington; YouthAids; Junior Achievement of the Greater Washington Area; the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School; the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington; and Imagination Stage, among many others. Ted and his wife Annette are founding members of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

This is NOT meant to slam Ted Lerner, who is at worst guilty of cluelessness or lack of oversight of his gigantic donations to GWU. But it seems there is almost a pattern of jihadis seeking out well-known Jews or Jewish-affiliated institutions for their in-your-face activities (e.g., Imam Rauf's buying of Mayor Bloomberg in NYC; the al-Qaeda chemist who went to Brandeis). Surely philanthropic Jews like the Lerners don't make multi-million dollar donations expecting their money to be used to protect the shariah sensibilities of jihadi subversives, do they? What next, Muslim doctors at Beth Israel or Mount Sinai hospitals who refuse to treat Jewish patients?

Funny how the slimy jihadi lawyer defending this apartheid, Ayesha N. Khan, is hiding behind the notion that "because George Washington is a private university, there should be no constitutional issues with the swim hour"....Does that mean that if the private donor who funded the pool pressed to kick out, say, ohhhhhh, ARABS who wanted to swim there, that "Americans United for Separation of Church and State" wouldn't run screaming to court? "To ask the question is to answer it."

One can only hope that Mr. Lerner will lift a finger and dial up his groveling administrators at GWU.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Are these lunkheads really the best I could get for my $75 mil?

I was cleaning out the ol' e-mail recently, and came upon this golden oldie, from 3/31/10--ahhhh, it sure helps one's perspective to take a little trip down memory lane. And it is important to save these little nuggets from the memory-hole, if yaknowuttimeeeeeaaaan:

Dear MoveOn member,

With all the excitement around the passage of health care, you might have missed this: a big story in The New York Times showing how the bold leadership of progressives in Congress, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is a key reason health care reform is a reality today.

After the Massachusetts election, the article says, Democrats were in disarray. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was pushing a plan to severely scale back reform.

But led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, progressives stood up to fight. When MoveOn members looked to Democrats to "fight, not fold," Pelosi was right there with us.

Speaker Pelosi's leadership was critical—and with the recent right-wing health care backlash, it's important that progressives show we've got her back. Can you add your name to our thank you card to Speaker Pelosi today? Click the link below to sign the card:

According to the Times article, after the Massachusetts Senate election, Emanuel was pushing to seriously scale back health care to more incremental reform. And many in Congress, scared by the election results, were ready to go along.

But Speaker Pelosi was having none of it—no "kiddie care," as she called it, for her. She and other progressives had been fighting since long before the inauguration to make real reform a priority, and they weren't about to back down now. She made clear to President Obama and Senate leadership that she was ready to fight—and that they better be too.

Her leadership in that critical moment, along with the powerful work of grassroots progressives like you and other MoveOn members, saved health care. And now that health care reform has passed, it's important to take a moment to thank Speaker Pelosi for being a true progressive leader—and for playing a key role in a new law that will make our country a better place.

Thanks for all you do.

–Kat, Carrie, Ilya, Michael, and the rest of the team

No, thank YOU for setting up our tsunami, you soulless neo-Bolsheviks!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


...and we all know what needs to be done with rabid dogs.

This Hitler-vs-Jessie-Owens attitude on display here may be related to a peculiar Persian-Islamic tradition, "najis," warning against coming into contact with the bodily fluids (or just the bodies, e.g., a sportsmanlike handshake) of Jooooooooos...

But in any case, it is just the latest in a long line of moral affronts by the mullahs' regime, who every day pile up more evidence why their pulverization is long overdue. Unlike the Arabs, they are not concerned to hide their barbaric nature. By the way, will our non-Muslim President, who notices every Jewish apartment built in Jerusalem, take it upon himself to comment on this Persian piss-on-the-grave of international norms? Don't hold your breath.

Too bad about the punished Persian athletics, reading between the lines it appears they may well indeed be passive-aggressive dissidents. Max Schmeling, after all, never hesitated to shake the hand of Joe Louis.

From Israel National News:

Iran Ends Athlete's Career for Standing Next to Israeli

Kislev 7, 5771, 14 November 10 04:29by Chana Ya'ar

( An Iranian athlete forced to stand next to Israel’s champion last month during the World Masters Weightlifting Championships in Poland has now forfeited his career, as has the head of his delegation.

The Iranian champion, Hossein Khodadadi, was the target of withering criticism from his own government authorities following the award ceremony for those in the 105 kilogram category for ages 35 to 39.

Khodadadi took his place as a silver medalist on the medals podium prior to the announcement that Israeli medalist Sergio Britva had won the gold. It was the first time since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran that an Iranian athlete had appeared beside an Israeli in an official championship.

The Iranian weightlifter said the team was not able to remove its flag from the hall, and that had he not attended the ceremony, the team would have been forced to return all the medals they had won on previous days. Furthermore, Iran would have been disqualified from future competitions.

To compensate, Khodadadi appeared in unofficial attire, and he declined to shake Britva’s hand when he extended it to his fellow athlete on the podium. Nevertheless, he stood respectfully during the playing of Israel’s national anthem, HaTikva.

According to numerous Iranian media reports, both Khodadadi and Mir Rasool Raisi, head of the Iranian Delegation’s Weightlifting Team have paid a high price for their professionalism, having subsequently been banned by the Iranian government from all sport activities for life.

The ban was announced by Jalal Yahya-Zadeh, head of the Physical Education Committee for Youth Committee.

Yahya-Zadeh told Iranian media, “The fact that an Iranian weightlifting veteran has competed against an Israeli during the worldwide competitions and has stood beside him during the distribution of medals is unjustifiable. Unfortunately, those who supposedly had the primary responsibility in this regard did not see any problem in this matter, however, and did not see it fit to be distributed within the public, which itself is an obvious mistake on their end.”

Raisi allegedly said in prior remarks that all photos and CDs of the event had been destroyed by the Iranian expeditionary team, which apparently did not expect publicity of the incident to get out.

The committee said the Cultural Commissioners had been informed and the president had been alerted to the matter. It was not clear whether there would be further government retribution against the two professional athletes.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Good-bye, Joe Sestak! Adios, Ted Strickland! Sayonara, Alex Giannoulias, and Free-Speech Thief Russ Feingold! So-long, Ron Klein, we're glad to see you go!

Speaking of Cong. Klein, and the thumping defeat inflicted on him by Genuine American Hero Allen West, it was awaaaayyyy back on August 24 that right here, I personally predicted a Florida landslide for the many of the establishment boys were whining that the primary victory of outsider RICK SCOTT for Governor would doom the GOP here in Florida. FEAR NOT, I wrote:

"The fact is, with the Scott victory, Florida is approaching a "perfect storm" favoring the GOP in November. The dynamic between Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, their energized conservative voters and the down-ballot races threatens to create an unprecedented statewide debacle for Florida dhimms!...You read it here first!"

Well, so what happened here in the Sunshine State? RICK SCOTT--WIN. MARCO RUBIO--LANDSLIDE. ALLEN WEST--BIG WIN. Plus, no less than 19 GOP wins in 25 Congressional seats. Plus, all Constitutional offices won by Repubs. Oh, and the biggest GOP majorities in the State House since the 19th century...

"Don't doubt me."

Monday, November 1, 2010

From Parachuting in to Pole-Vaulting Over to "Finding out what's in the bill" TOTAL DEFEAT.

Someone very close to me produced this little slideshow...Wonder how ABC's Charlie "Can I kiss your butt any more fulsomely, Mrs. Speaker?" Gibson is taking the news? "Charlie, I hear there is a sale on cyanide down at the 7-11..."