Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Own Little Vozhd...

And we thought this type of bureaucratic abuse and tyranny was long dead...

So now we learn that the thugette Obama has appointed as head of the IRS ObamaCare Enforcement Division (the force charged with documenting every detail of our private lives so we can all get far crappier healthcare) has been groomed for that role by running the tax-exempt division as it repressed the Tea Parties.

Folks, this is a deadly serious exposure of how modern totalitarians use a purportedly neutral bureaucracy to annihilate political enemies. The keys are:

[1] Position reliable agents in key posts inside the bureaucracy, where they
[2] "Neutrally" use their official powers to destroy enemies and help allies/sponsors, and
[3] are NEVER genuinely punished for their difficult-to-prove crimes.

[3] is KEY, since if they are actually punished the reliable agents will be less reliable, require more definitive, explicit instructions, and the whole magically-functioning KafkaPenalColony loses its magic.

The first expert at this wicked model was Iosif Stalin, who used his own reliable agents within the supposedly solidaristic Communist bureaucracy to consecutively crush Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Bukharin, and hundreds of other giants of the October Revolution who couldn't acknowledge his godlike awesomeness. How much easier is it for a progressive America-hater like Obama to use his anonymous bureaucracies to relentlessly choke the life out of the American citizenry?

On a more local level, just remember the famous words of Boston Democrat machine-pol Martin Lomasney from the last century:  "Never write if you can spoeak.  Never speak if you can nod.  Never nod if you can wink."

These filthy gangsters that Obama salted through the IRS (and the State Dept; and Justice, and the EPA; and...) barely needed a wink..But they expected, and expect, that their fanatical loyalty will be rewarded by protection from punishment.

So Obama will not punish them.  Unless his hand is absolutely forced.