Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This Man Inspires Confidence


The man who is rapidly distinguishing himself as head and shoulders above 99% of the Jews in Israel just delivered a long-overdue poke in the eye to Our First Muslim President, peace be upon him. The great Ayoub Kara seems to divide his time between encouraging more Jewish babies to be born in Israel and standing up for the rights of all Jews to live in Israel. Whattaguy!!

Deputy Minister: If US Balks at Veto, Shun 'Hussein Obama'
Nisan 15, 5770, 30 March 10 10:10
by Gil Ronen

(Israelnationalnews.com) Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara reacted acerbically to a BBC report that the United States may abstain from using its veto power if the UN Security Council votes to condemn Israeli building for Jews in eastern Jerusalem.

"If Israel does not receive backing from the United States in the Security Council and the US does not veto a resolution of condemnation,” said the Deputy Minister for Development of the Negev and Galilee, “we should cut off all contacts with Hussein Obama and call upon the American people to raise a cry of dissent against the belligerent policy that has been implemented of late – first and foremost by the president of the US.”

Enough 'abuse'
The “abuse” and “aggression” toward the prime minister is abuse of each and every Israeli, he said, in a reference to the humiliations Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has undergone in his visits to the White House.

Kara intentionally used Obama's Muslim middle name, leaving out his first name, which is also of Muslim origin.

Kara said Netanyahu should receive maximum backing within Israel, and particularly inside the Likud party.

Dep.-Min. Kara was hosted for the Passover seder at Pisgat Ze'ev, along with dozens of Christian Zionists who came from the US to celebrate Passover in Israel.

Dep.-Min. Kara, a Druze, is one of the most proudly and aggressively Zionist members of the current coalition. He has compared his connection to the Jewish people to that of Yitro (Jethro) and Moses. The Druze see Yitro – whom they call Shuaib – as their greatest prophet.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Jacob's dream on Mount Moriah: Does this heritage really mean nothing?

It looks as if the Jerusalem Police have again chose to grovel to Moslem hate-mongers, and will refuse to allow the planned ascent of the Temple Mount on March 16, Rosh Chodesh Nisan. Can't let wild-eyed Jooooooo-hating jihadis get upset by the ohhh-so-offensive spectacle of Jews praying on the Temple Mount, can we? IN PUBLIC, no less!

Rabbi Richman has responded with a riveting essay that invites comparison to Mordechai's "loud and bitter cry" in the Book of Esther (4:1). In it he demands:

Isn't it time we take a look at who we are, where we come from, and where we are going? How long can we continue to abandon the holiest place we have? How long will we allow others to tell us that our intention to build a house in Jerusalem, or to claim our forefather's tombs as our own, or to pray on the Temple Mount, is extremism? If our presence, our history, and our prayers are all obstacles to peace, what have we to look forward to?

For such a smart man, Bibi Netanyahu and his advisers are doing something very foolish. Let's pray they change their minds by tomorrow.

Monday, March 8, 2010


If you needed any more reason to support this great cause, just look at the barbaric (and I use the word advisedly) treatment by the Muslim officials on the Temple Mount of these ancient Temple timbers from Biblical days. In any civilized country these artifacts would be lovingly restored, studied, and preserved, but with the fury of the jihad facing them, Israel's dhimmified
leadership stands dumb and allows them to be gloatingly incinerated:

It is unclear from these photographs just what the Moslem Wakf may be building on the Temple Mount, but it is abundantly clear just what they are destroying. Among the large timbers seen stacked up and being used for firewood are timbers that have been carbon-dated as three thousand years old. These massive wooden beams are the cedars of Lebanon described in the Book of Kings, which were specially ordered by King Solomon for the construction of the Holy Temple. Today, these ancient witnesses to the Divine service of the first Holy Temple, are being used for firewood.

Where is the moral outrage? Where is the sensitivity and respect for the religious beliefs of others? Where is the academic concern for the preservation of ancient history? Where is the respect for one of the great achievements of mankind?

Ancient Temple Timbers Piled Before Burning by the Wakf

Eddie Murphy might have called this: "Buying a ticket to hell."

KUDOS to Rabbi Chaim Richman and his comrades in this effort! And notice this is an INTERNATIONAL day of awareness--all people around the globe who truly believe in God should make it a point to observe this March 16 in the most emphatic, of course LEGAL way they can.

"So [Solomon] built the house, and finished it; and he covered the house with beams and planks of cedar. He built the stories against all the house, each five cubits high: and they rested on the house with timber of cedar." 1 Kings, 6:9, 10