Saturday, November 28, 2009


Or at least make it into an deadly, uninhabitable no-man's land.

Here is the latest casus belli from Egypt, which has made it a national mission for nearly 30 years to negate and nullify a solemn treaty which gained them 22,000 square miles of territory, Israel-developed oil-assets, and critical strategic grounds. Not to mention Mount Sinai, a locale of considerable significance to a certain group of people.

Often forgotten is a key provision of the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Agreement ("Camp David Accords") that encourages, how shall we say..."neighborliness" between the parties. To be specific, here is Annex III, Article V (according to the text posted at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website):

Article V
Cooperation for Development and Good Neighborly Relations

  • The Parties recognize a mutuality of interest in good neighborly relations and agree to consider means to promote such relations.

  • The Parties will cooperate in promoting peace, stability and development in their region. Each agrees to consider proposals the other may wish to make to this end.

  • The Parties shall seek to foster mutual understanding and tolerance and will, accordingly, abstain from hostile propaganda against each other.

    How, then, does this despiccable and revolting video, broadcast on Egyptian television, constitute anything but a gross and inflammatory violation of the Agreement?

    Of course this is not the only such violation by the Mizraihim, but it may be the most over-the-top. It's like they're trying to see how far they can kick Da Joooooooooooooos before they will let out a yelp of complaint.

    We all know that spinelessness breeds contempt. If only the Israeli Cabinet understood this.

    [BTW, props AGAIN to the awesome watchers of MEMRI, who really should have won the last, ohhh, 9 or 10 Nobel Peace Prizes. He who watches over Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers, and it appears MEMRI doesn't, either.]

    Monday, November 23, 2009



    Twenty-eight months ago a determined climatologist named Steve McIntyre unearthed a huge, and hugely embarassing "error" by global warming guru Jim Hansen. Hansen had to go back and adjust his data, that suddenly pointed to a whole lot LESS global warming.

    We all assumed at the time it was an "error." But now we have this leviathan fraud story coming from the Climate Research Unit in the UK...It is obvious that the global warming hacks have been cooking their books, models, and data since at least 1996, while scandalously suppressing honest scientists who disagreed with them. Oh, and also conspiring to destroy the data their projections were based on [actually NOT based on].

    So how sure are we that James Hansen's 2007 "error" was just an "error?" And not a...FRAUD.

    I said it here back nearly 3 years ago, and I'll say it again: Global warming isn't a hoax...It is a FRAUD.

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009


    Consider these photos of two different snakes, which share a common territory and habitat. They look similar, but are 2 species-is it important to identify which is which?

    Well, one of them is utterly harmless, even beneficial as a predator of rodents. The other one is very dangerous, with an exceedingly deadly venom.

    Is it important to identify which is which?

    If we are going to kill any snake we come upon, identification is not important. But if we hope to live and let live, we had better be able to identify them accurately.

    In the wake of the Fort Hood jihadi massacre. our military and security authorities would do well to at least TRY to identify hostile or unreliable individuals amongst their personnel. This is obviously made more difficult considering the position of our elected Traitor-in-Chief, but these people have human lives in their hands, and need to think about protecting loyal Americans from jihadi "colleagues." And damn the careerist consequences.

    A good place to start is just one little question: How many uauthorized e-mails is acceptable for a US Army major to exchange with an al-Qaeda-affiliated imam in Yemen?

    Sunday, November 1, 2009

    Jewish "Benyadict Arnolds," Then and Now...

    Soros, Always Well-Dressed...

    Direct from our “You Can’t Make This Sh!t up Dept.” (or is it from our “History Repeats Itself Dept.”?):

    “Like every underground, however, we had a traitor. [Simon] Tsorros was never a member of the Irgun. For a time he worked for the fund from which the Irgun received financial aid. This brought him in touch with a number of people active in the Irgun and a number of others whom he believed to be active. It is hard to say when exactly he established contact with the special police, and became their agent. Tsorros was a gambler, and liked to dress well. He was short of money and, it seems, he was also a coward…[First] he denounced the radio transmitter at the Raziel home…Several weeks later he handed to Catling, the Head of the Jewish Department of the British C.I.D., a list of names, descriptions, and addresses.
    …Meanwhile we considered what to do with Tsorros. My comrades demanded his execution. By the laws of the underground their demand was justified…Nevertheless I opposed the execution of Tsorros. I feared the possibility of error. I demanded full proof. I could not believe that a Jew could sink so low. I was mistaken. In the course of time I learnt the truth and admitted my mistake.

    Tsorros informed on me personally. He came to our house.

    Time has passed. I see before me all the boys, the heroic, the saintly, the pure. And I know that if a man rises above himself there is no limit to his ascent.
    And on the other hand I see Tsorros. He stands by my son’s crib.
    The child laughs at both of us. Tsorros smiles at father and son. All the time he is thinking his thoughts. And again I know, if a man falls there is no limit to his descent.”

    --Menachem Begin, "The Revolt," pp. 101-103