Sunday, May 31, 2009


Read the whole disgusting story about the planned destruction of a small, 100% LEGAL village of Jews...oh, sorry, a SETTLEMENT, here at the great Muqata site.

Can you look at this photo and believe we are living in the year 2009? DISGRACEFUL.

Oh, well, I told you folks that Planet Obama wd be a very strange, alien place.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Funny how every single Euro-Muslim demonstration quickly blossoms into an orgy of arson, assault, theft and general mayhem, after which the media does its best to minimize the chaos caused by the "Asian youths"...But a rather low key affair with one (1) broken window is described as follows by the supposedly respectable Daily Mail:

Nine arrested after masked mob's march against Muslim extremists turns violent
Last updated at 4:29 PM on 25th May 2009

Nine people have been arrested after hundreds of anti-Islamist protesters clashed with police yesterday.

The streets of Luton descended into violence after demonstrators, many hiding their faces behind balaclavas, brandished England flags and chanted at officers.

A group called March for England was said to have organised the rally as a peaceful protest against Muslim extremists. They were joined by a local group United People of Luton.

Two of those arrested have been charged: one man for possessing an offensive weapon after stones were found in his pockets, and a woman was charged with breaching an anti-social behaviour order.

Another man was fined £80 for a public order offence.
[compare these offenses with the mass destruction that routinely attends Euro-Muslim demonstrations--J.O.]

The other six people, all men, have been bailed without charge pending further inquiries. [IOW, 9 arrests, 3 petty charges for the whole "mob"--J.O.]

During the protest, the mob, which included teenagers and women, held banners with slogans such as 'No Sharia Law in the UK' and 'Respect our Troops'. [PRETTY SCARY!!]

After looking at the 2 new vids, what do you think? I doubt as much as 1% of the crowd has "masks," but that's what the Mail focused on. Hmmmmmmmmmm...

Sunday, May 24, 2009


On this strange Memorial Day 2009, with the first truly anti-American President as Commander-in-Chief, it helps to review a little history to keep things in perspective. Those are of course the US Marines on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima, the first time an invader had ever raised its flag over Japanese soil.

These men, and those who cherish their memories, understood that our liberty was, and is, a precious, divine gift that we need to protect, with utmost violence, if necessary. And no foreign monster, nor his domestic fellow-traveller in the Oval Office, will ever be able to confuse us about that.

Thanks to all our soldiers, sailors and airmen and women who have and continue to protect our freedoms against all threats, foreign and domestic.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


The AP story says it all:

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka -- A massive barrage of artillery in Sri Lanka's northern war zone killed at least 378 civilians and wounded 1,100 overnight, a government doctor said Sunday, calling it the bloodiest day he had seen in the government's offensive against the Tamil Tiger rebels.

V. Shanmugarajah, a physician working in the war zone, said he feared many more may have been killed since some bodies were being buried on the spot without being brought to the makeshift hospital he runs.

"We are doing what is possible. The situation is overwhelming; nothing is within our control," he said.

Mr. Shanmugarajah described seeing shells fly through the air, with some falling close to the hospital, sending many to take shelter in bunkers.

The rebel-linked TamilNet Web site accused Sri Lankan forces of launching the attack, a charge the military denied.

Military spokesman Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara said it was only using small arms in its effort to wipe out the Tamil Tiger rebel group and that there "is no shelling taking place."

The government vowed two weeks ago to cease firing heavy weapons into the tiny coastal strip that remained under rebel control in an effort to avoid civilian casualties. However, medical officials in the area have reported that airstrikes and artillery attacks have continued unabated, despite the presence of an estimated 50,000 ethnic Tamil civilians in the tiny conflict zone.

Reports of the fighting are difficult to verify because the government bars journalists and aid workers from the war zone.

U.N. figures compiled last month showed that nearly 6,500 civilians had been killed early this year as the government renewed its efforts to end its 25-year civil war with the rebels.

The government has brushed off international calls for a humanitarian cease-fire, saying the beleaguered rebels would use any pause in fighting to regroup.

It has accused the rebels of using civilians in the north as human shields, and Brig. Nanayakkara said the insurgents shot families who tried to escape the war zone Saturday, killing nine people.

The rebels have been fighting since 1983 for a separate state for minority Tamils, who have suffered decades of marginalization at the hands of governments controlled by the Sinhalese majority.

[A nasty series of photos that would make Pallywood blush here.]

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


"Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.
- Jerusalem Talmud, Sanhedrin 4:8 (37a)

You gotta love this story out of Israel, what with the Druze Likudnik heartily endorsing the great works of the Efrat organization.

I don't know why it took me so long to blog about them, but Efrat is really doing the Lord's work in Israel, as you can see. I have donated to them a few times, I think it is for the best of causes!

On the darker side of this story...Can you imagine that 40,000 babies a year are aborted in Israel? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE? Don't they know that their enemies openly plan a "population bomb" war against them, and this just plays into their hands? Not to mention the MORAL issue here--let's put it this way, if you want God to look favorably on your nation, do you think aborting your infants is a good way to go about it?

Anyway, blessings and prayers for Efrat, and all their great work!

From Arutz Sheva:

Druze Deputy Minister Offers to Help Jewish Pro-Life Group
Iyar 11, 5769, 05 May 09 02:51by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz (
Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara (Likud), a Druze Israeli, declared his intention to do whatever he could to assist the pro-life Efrat organization. He made the commitment following a personal tour of the organization's Jerusalem facilities on Sunday.

"I cannot believe what I see here," Kara enthusiastically said after hearing about Efrat and its activities combating what the organization sees as unnecessary abortions. "There is no other organization of this high caliber in the country. They are literally saving lives here and, in that, assisting the nation in confronting the demographic problem," he added.

"I will assist you in every possible way that I can," Kara told Efrat Chairman Dr. Eli Schussheim. "You will yet hear from me. The whole country needs to know about the great and unbelievable thing that you are doing. I am really moved by what I see here."

Efrat was established in 1977 by Dr. Schussheim, an Argentinian immigrant who served as senior surgeon in Jerusalem's Shaarei Tzedek Hospital during the Six Day War. The organization provides information on abortion that might not otherwise be seen by pregnant women, as well as financial and emotional assistance to expecting mothers who are considering terminating their pregnancies for reasons other than medical necessity.

In his presentation to Deputy Minister Kara, Dr. Shussheim discussed the database of over 4,000 Israeli women currently receiving financial aid from Efrat. The meaning of that figure, Shussheim said, is that the organization is saving the lives of over 4,000 children annually by means of economic assistance alone.

MK Ayoub Kara--NOT "Jewicidal"!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I just heard about the death of Cong. Jack Kemp. Jack was a staunch warrior for the Reagan Revolution (and the Reagan campaign from the get-go), and was a free-market trailblazer in the Congress while the Carter Administration was apparently wrecking capitalism. When Jack got into Congress, the top marginal tax rate was 70%. When he left, it was 28%.

I'll never forget his sweet retort in the Congress to those Demo-Marxist attacks on Ron Reagan's first big tax-cut legislation in 1981: "These people want capitalism without capitalists, and wealth without the wealthy!" YEEHAAAAAAHHH!! I gotta say, the guy had more charisma and wit than the top 10 GOP leaders today, all put together.

Jack was a ferocious and eloquent anti-communist, and Israel never had a better friend. He was pro-life, pro-family, and pro-gun. He also had a sorely-missed common touch and concern for non-typical GOP voters (e.g., blacks, Hispanics, and blue-collar workers) that would go a long way today.

Many of us were very disappointed by Jack's poor performance in the 1996 campaign, but that shouldn't make us forget his many outstanding accomplishments, and contributions to a string of conservative successes. His biggest failing was that he was just a little TOO positive for his own political good--he was a GOP "happy warrior," but needed a little bit of meanness to deal with his domestic enemies.

Mais c'est l'histoire. We are all a little poorer today for the loss of this man, who provided so much wisdom and inspiration for our country. Prayers for his family.

[Oh, and did I mention the man was pro football (AFL) champion and all-star?]



A very good blogger, Rusty at MyPetJawa, has waded into the controversy between the now-off-the-rails-lunatic Charles Johnson of LittleGreenFootballs and us sane people. Rusty has adopted the Rodney King “Can’t we all just get along?” argument, but it simply will not do at this time.

I felt I needed to address Rusty, so I have. As follows:

Perhaps an elderly warrior here can help to clarify things...

It appears to me that Rusty, as good-hearted and sincere as he is, does not understand the historical context behind the modern European restrictions on "free speech." This context is extremely important to keep in mind. The Europeans have exactly the same understanding of free speech as we do, but real-world politics has forced them to adapt. Ahem:

After World War II, the free Western Europe countries began to rebuild after the devastation. They had some very good people there, and most of the countries (incl. Germany) had significant experience w/democracy, BUT they also had millions of people who had been Nazi/Fascist officials, quislings, bureaucrats, collaborators, soldiers, militiamen, torturers, suppliers, etc. Got that? MILLIONS.

What to do, what to do?

The Allied [Western] big-shots consciously decided AGAINST the idea of "mass accountability," which at a bare minimum would have required millions of death sentences for murder, torture, crimes against humanity, etc. [just a few of the tippy-top people were hanged or shot] But this ensured that all these bad apples, most of whom were able-bodied and vigorous, were alive to make their ways within the New Europe.

In order to ensure that these nasty Nazis never even dreamed of rearing their ugly heads to try to restore the Reich, the new democratic regimes put in place very specific restrictions against very specific activities that wd be logical first steps to reviving it. Thus it became a crime in these countries to utter such words as "Hitler was a great leader" We need another Hitler," "The Jews got what they deserved," etc. Of course enforcement was spotty, but actually the Europeans were quite rigid in censoring any printed material justifying the Nazis, and remain so.

But after ~40 years, a strange coalition of leftists, Islamists, and crypto-Nazis banded together to "expand the notion of hate-speech," so that those very specific restrictions were ballooned OUT OF THEIR HISTORIC CONTEXT and applied to certain minorities as if Moslems, Turks, or Arabs had beenthe ones victimized by the Nazis in Europe. A more logical step wd have been to simply reduce/eliminate the old bans, since the passage of time had made those Nazi bad apples virtually irrelevant. Of course, European bureaucracies are even more notorious than our own for being against reducing restrictions. And, as Bat Ye'or has documented, those Eurocracies may well have been on the take, bribed by Arabian billionaires.

Into this modern crazed context, Geert Wilders has simply stepped up and pointed out that those new expanded anti-hate-speech laws now make the Koran effectively a contraband document. As a lawmaker, shouldn't he be in favor of enforcing the law? Shouldn't we all?

To call Geert Wilders a fascist is to defame him, pure and simple. He is targeted every day of his life, by REAL fascists, possessing guns, bombs, acids, knives, and their other favored tools of grisly mayhem. And eager to use them.

Rusty, with an open heart, I beg of you to keep this history in mind, and be very, very careful and cautious before you apply the label "fascist," to Geert Wilders. Or anyone else.

--An old soldier in this war,
Jewish Odysseus