Thursday, September 19, 2013

WANTED: GOP STREET-FIGHTERS (or Human Targets, same thing)

This is what the D-Rats seek for us Republicans.
Surely the world will be a much better place if we put THEM there instead.
The great website Ace of Spades hit the nail on the head recently, focusing on the "morale" of the Republican Party.  Morale is everything.  EVERYTHING.

What is morale?  It is NOT the belief you are destined to is the belief YOU DESERVE TO WIN.  That you are FIGHTING ON THE SIDE OF GOOD & MORALITY.

The D-Rats have demoralized every single Republican leader in modern times, with the exception of Reagan (D-Rat his whole life until he was 52) and Newt Gingrich.  Notice that they were the only Repubs who got any significant victories vs. the Progressives.  And notice that they were the 2 Repubs targeted more than any other.

Speaking of TomDeLay & his successful appeal today: The D-Rats HATED that guy.  He was arguably the #4 target for the D-Rats all-time (Nixon was #3, due to his Communist-fighting).  Delay was an aggressive conservative Repub first elected in TX in 1978...when that state was still D-Rat majority.  He was a real working-class guy (exterminator), and he then got elected to the House in 1984.  DeLay became a leading conservative there, and we all know he was able to preserve Repub win after win in the House w/a razor-thin majority for years..  How? Because HE WANTED TO WIN, and he believed HE DESERVED TO WIN.

Boehner has led the House for 2.5 years w/a much bigger many wins has he had? Because he has no MORALE.  Because he has, yes,  a LOSING attitude.  Because he really, in his heart of hearts, doesn't WANT to win. 

Why?  Hard to say.  Probably doesn't want to be a target (like Delay & Gingrich were), and actually enjoys the lack of accountability & responsibility that comes with being a powerless minority. 

The Roves & the Boehners & the Kantors & the Grahams & the McLames...Sheesh, if they'd have just turned their formidable assets to  work WITH the conservatives the past 6 months, can you imagine how much stronger our position wd be?  But they really are demoralized, and they really feel more comfortable with the D-Rats who patronize them as they buy them off, rather than the boisterous TeaParty conservatives who actually are the only hope for our country.

Years ago I used walk every day past a D-Rat campaign office of a prominent local Mass. D-Rat pol (in Mass., 90% of elected legislators are D-Rats).  They had a sign in the window: "MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN."  You ever play sports?  Every good coach tells his players the same thing.  It means, OF COURSE, you as a player can't win the game on any given play, but it signifies that you ARE THINKING about winning, ALL THE TIME, and you are thinking on every single play how you can hurt your opponent and help your team. 

This D-Rat douche was running in a district where D-Rats had a 10-1 voter registration advantage, but they were still encouraging their people to "make things happen," and crush the [pathetic] Republican enemy.  They were...NOT DEMORALIZED.  Evil, yes, but not demoralized.

We Conservatives see that Sens Cruz, Paul & Lee are truly trying to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN.  Maybe it won't work, but it has the benefit of not being D-Rat pre-approved.  The Establishment Repubs allow filthy and evil D-Rat traitors like Schumer, Reid, Obama & Pelosi to set the parameters of "acceptable opposition." Is that a winning strategy? Is that even SANE? 

BTW, part of D-Rat demoralization strategy is of course to get us fighting amongst ourselves, but only if it's a horse-race, unprincipled fight.  They do NOT want us to fight about principles, which is actually a rather appealing, dramatic scene.  Notice guys like Rove & Reince never argue about principles, just tactics. 

BTW, when was the last time KarlRove won an important, uphill victory, anyway?  WhyTF shd we take his approach?  So he can do for us what he did for GWBush's social security reform? 

Just before I wrote this, I saw a new ad from Boehner, attacking Obama for negotiating w/Putin, but not Repubs.  It's a lot weaker than we need, but it's SOMETHING.  Again, such a shame that he's had a position of so much influence and power for 2.5 years and been so pitifully passive & gun-shy about exercising it.

I also have a sneaky suspicion that a lot of these 50+-something Repub leaders are just allergic to criticizing a [(half)black man, a perfect example of what GWBush called the soft-bigotry of low expectations.  So I guess they are proving themselves to be soft bigots?  Well, what do you think a Gingrich/DeLay House majority wd have done if a WHITE President had asked a Russian official for breathing room until after the election, when he cd show "more flexibility"?  They'd have had non-stop hearings for a month!  And unless the Prez promptly groveled and apologized, they'd have commenced impeachment hearings for treason!  With Boehner, the issue...was never even an issue.  Can't be questioning the integrity and patriotism of our first black President...Who to this day has never had to answer for it.

If the Establishment Repubs are demoralized by a communistic black Prez, we can only imagine how lovey-dovey they'll be with a pant-suited old harpy.  Ugh.

As Ace put it so beautifully in another essay, the purpose of a political party is NOT just to win, but to advance a certain set of ideas and principles that (in theory) the party is supposed to represent.  NOT sell out those principles to achieve a 10% watered down version of the enemy's policy, and certainly not to build up the world's biggest and most profitable donor database.

The historical principles of the Republican Party ARE good and moral.  The D-Rat Party has been pursuing pure evil for at least 20 years.  There is no reason to cross the aisle to these scum, and our party's leaders need to get this throu

Fighting the D-Rats in ways that they DON'T approve of is a start.  Let's get out there and MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!

gh their heads, ASAP.  Else they will be tossed aside like snot-rags, and deservedly so.