Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Genesis 12:3:"And I will bless those who bless you, 

And the one who curses you I will curse."
A lot of people, Jews and Christians, place great weight on those words from the Torah.  And whether you are a person of faith or just one who has studied history, it's hard to deny that those places where Jews were persecuted soon suffered catastrophe, while those where Jews were welcomed appeared to go on to historical success.

Maybe we're just confusing cause with effect?  Maybe a country that feels self-confident enough to welcome a persecuted minority has sufficient strengths and talents that it would prosper regardless of its welcoming attitude?  Hmmmmm...

Well, whether it's God's plan, or inherent qualities within the society...in a way it's irrelevant.  What counts is the society's BLESSING or CURSING of Israel.

The American President has now spent several months openly cursing Israel.  Plotting to weaken Israel. Strengthening Israel's foulest enemies.  Barack Hussein Obama pretended to be offended by Netanyahu's Congressional speech.  What a transparent liar, it's been Obama's relentless conspiring with Iran to help it destroy Israel that gave Bibi no choice. 

Our country has 3 branches of Government.  The Judicial branch obviously has no public say on this question.  The Executive branch has cursed Israel for many months.  But John Boehner, in a rather shockingly bold stroke, may have saved us all by piping up from the Legislative branch to bless Israel.

It is now a matter of accepted historical fact that Bibi's speech has been a burning poker up Obama's ass since he delivered it.  First he pretended he didn't watch it, then sent his worst political assassins to Israel to ensure Bibi's election defeat.

Epic fail, that.

Then Obama bizarrely started whining about Bibi's election rhetoric, suddenly discovering that "words matter."  (Unless the words are "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor," I guess.)  He attacked Bibi as...a racist! A two-state solution rejector! (no responsibility from Hamas or the Abbasniks, of course) Just today...a SPYER!! (guess Israel shouldn't ever try to get intel on Iran, huh?)

This is his second epic fail--Obama's curses against Israel are resulting in the assassination of his own Presidency.  Even Democrats are fast-walking to the exits as his bizarre rants are more and more cognizable as unadorned anti-Semitism, Farrakhan-style.

And what is John Boehner's significance?  Well, as the Speaker of the House, he is the one man more responsible than any other for our Legislative branch.  Boehner of course INVITED Bibi to address the Congress.  He also STOOD SOLID for his speech against serious and nasty Obamunist pressure (a firmness that shocked many of us long-time Boehner watchers), and he produced a grand, telegenic welcome for Bibi.  Now he has revealed that he will be visiting Israel soon.  

In short: John Boehner, acting in a real sense as a representative of the American people, unambiguously BLESSED Israel.

Those of us that are worried about Obama's cursing of Israel can at least find some consolation that he may have been neutralized by a blessing for Israel from a co-equal branch of government, made possible by a rare month of courage and clarity from Speaker John Boehner.  Considering America's founding history as an aspirational New Jerusalem, we can have some optimism that these blessings will outweigh the curses.  And America can rise up out of the filth and muck in which we've been mired under the Obama regime.