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Can't disagree with a word she says.

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The same week Mitt Romney emphasizes his great respect for the Islamic faith and says he has never seen any evidence of American Muslims threatening our country, Newt Gingrich just wipes the floor with him on the issue of "Palestinian" legitimacy. Newt was absolutely 110% correct on the facts and the history, but Romney's patently weak, timid approach clearly demonstrated why he is NOT the man to lead our country. Here are Newt's key words, from 4:44 in the vid:

"This is a propaganda war, in which our side refuses to engage, and we refuse to tell the truth whiie the other side lies, and you’re not going to win in the long run if you’re afraid to stand firm and stand for the truth."

Maahh friends, a long time ago we elected a President whose enemies declared that he had a war-against-Russia agenda, and it was important that he not rock the boat and start a thermonuclear war. They said by merely questioning the legitimacy of the neo-Stalinist regime he was hurling us into the apocalypse. Now we know that, in private, when he was asked about his view of the Cold War, he said: "We win, they lose."

Go back and look at Newt's quote there. Did any other candidate jump up and agree that we are in a propaganda war in which our side refuses to engage? Can anyone deny it? But only Newt had the courage to stand for the truth, even Rick Santorum went all nervous-Nellie on us.

People, allow me to state the obvious: You cannot win a war if you don't realize you are in one. You cannot win a war by refusing to engage the enemy. And you cannot win a war if you're afraid to stand for the truth.


Well done, Mr. Speaker. And to think that some bloggers wrote you out of the race for that kissy-face with Al Sharpton and Arne Duncan!

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Herman Cain, in better times, at the top of his game--
CRUSHING David Gregory on Meet the Press.

Well, it's been an exciting and sad five weeks. I've been spending a lot of time over at the AceofSpades site, defending my man, Herman Cain, but in the end a subtle but important character flaw caught up with him. Here are a few posts I made, on 11/14, 11/17, and 11/28 at AoS, and another on TheOtherMcCain on 12/3, that illustrate what I think caused his campaign to fail:
As a Cain supporter since May, this is disappointing to see. I knew the new guy was rough, but over six months, you need to smooth over those rough edges. But it seems he isn't doing it. It's like a great athlete coming to a sport late, you make allowances for him to work his athleticism into the sport, but at some point he either gets it or he doesn't. Michael Jordan ultimately never made it in baseball, did he?

After 29 years of being the 2d biggest Newt fan on earth (2d only to Newt himself), I gave up on the guy back in May due to his Ryan backstab. But is Cain now stabbing Gov. Walker? Uggghhhh.

Cain's campaign actually was a textbook unorthodox campaign, but they needed to develop/grow once they actually made it into the top tier (which was a huge and amazing accomplishment for them). It seems that the limiting factor on their development since then (mid-Sept.) has been...THE CANDIDATE HIMSELF, unfortunately.

And I really question Newt, too. Does he have any ground game? Does he inspire any loyalty from any person other than his [current] wife? Can he avoid torching himself just as he gains traction now? I just don't know. Ugggghhhhh.

One thing I'd strongly urge everyone. Support or oppose the candidates based on your own priorities--NOT based on what you imagine the lamestream media morons and the "independents" will do or not do. That is a fool's game, just ask the McLame supporters from 2008. The most "out of the mainstream" candidate we've ever run ended up patenting the over-the-aisle recruiting--remember those "Reagan Democrats?!" And first 44, then 49 states.

Actually, I've never been a bitter-clinger for Herman Cain. If he's way down, and a more conservative candidate has a shot, I'd of course support the other conservative vs. Romney. It's kind of a fancy formula: The Other Conservative must be at least 5 points above Cain, and within at least 5 points of Romney (or above him). Then I'll vote strategically. Of course.
Herman Cain has confirmed a suspicion I've had since the sex allegations broke.

It's good to be confident. It's bad to be over-confident or...proud?

At the time of those sex allegations, the guy immediately charged out and answered the questions without any preparation. There is something admirable about this (esp. if you think he was innocent), but there was also something very questionable: even the smartest, most innocent, well-informed person can be confused by hostile and unfair questions, and therefore look...BAD. As he did, early that week.

He was TOO confident in his own abilities, and too naive that his own innocence wd speak for itself. That is a dangerous fault. I don't want to call it arrogance or pride, but maybe...overweening cockiness?

Anyway, that tendency was on even more gruesome display in the Milwaukee interview. He either needed to be prepared (incl. some rest) or DON'T DO THE EFFING INTERVIEW. This is NOT rocket science, in politics, business, sports, court, or any other field. Period.

He's been campaigning seriously for 6+ months. He's needed to improve his command of the issues over that time--but he has not, at least so's it's noticeable.

When you're a newcomer, you DO need to prove yourself vs. the establishment. He's had a golden opportunity the past 6 weeks, with the spotlight on him--but he has failed that test. You just can't repeatedly flub basic questions with dare I say stuttering answers, period. If we need to absorb so many gaffes, we might as well go with someone with executive experience and history fighting liberals while in office.

Short of repeated performances that rival Newt Gingrich in knowledge, then I don't see any reason for him to continue. And I don't see that happening.

It's a real shame, because he has many gifts, and such a beautiful family, but we can't duck reality. Oh, and I never doubted his commitment to conservative principles, even if he might have never written a NRO essay about them. And SURELY there's an easier, less humiliating way to sell a few books, right? Do you people seriously think THAT'S why he's gone thru this? A millionaire 65-year-old cancer survivor? To sell some books?

No, he WANTED to be President. He thought he had the tools. He actually ran an amazingly successful campaign, and got "to be a position to win," as the late great Jim Valvano put it. But in the end, it was the candidate himself, and his over-confidence, that were the limiting factors. It hurts like hell to admit it, but I have to, after being as fair and patient with Herman Cain as I'd be with any candidate that ran as a conservative.

He cd make a great Sec of Commerce, tho!
The Milwaukee interview was the last straw for this Cainiac. All along (since May for me), I just wanted the guy to get a real shot at making his case, he actually had his shot, but he just hasn't developed as a new guy needs to develop. "Weighed in the balance and found wanting."

Since then, I'm split about 40/30/30, Perry/Newt/Bachmann. It just depends who's in the best position to beat Romney when the FL primary comes along.

But all along I presumed Cain was a decent man and husband. This latest claim shd be easy to prove, if it is true. 13 years without a photo/video or receipt is not possible. If it turns out to be just another Demo-smear, where will HC got to get his reputation back? (And will AoS apologize? /sarc off.)
I fear Herman Cain has a problematic lack of humility. It may be arrogance. He has never recognized his shortcomings as a candidate, and therefore refused to address them or minimize them. He is confident, and that is a great and necessary quality for success, but it is hard to avoid the conclusion that he has fallen prey to OVER-confidence, or a higher regard for his own abilities than was warranted.

There were two ways to handle this, each acceptable: one was to carefully control his exposure in public venues and interviews so as to minimize his opportunities for "gaffes," the other was to get him some steady but intensive issues-tutoring so he cd turn weakness into strength:"OMG, that was a fantastic answer to an obscure question, this guy is awesome!" (BTW, Ron Reagan was a sharp and knowledgeable guy, but even his campaign recognized his tendency to shoot from the lip, and always kept careful control over his exposure.)

But, my friends, he has done neither. And it has HURT him, and after ~7 months of hard campaigning, it doesn't look like he will EVER get that he needs (needed) to do this.

The single thread running through all his blowups the past month or so has been his refusal to recognize his own weaknesses or vulnerabilities at the moment, and prudently either address them or minimize them. I sense that, at the end of the day, his (rather noble) instinct is: "Hey, just give me the ball again, fellas, I'm gonna pull this game out of the fire yet again." But when the other side has stolen your playbook and knows exactly what you're gonna do, that just is NOT the best way to win.
It is an interesting reflection on the media stereotype of Republicans that, in the 2 weeks following serial allegations of sexual harassment by this black man against white women, that he enjoyed the best fund raising of his campaign. Those waaaascawy, wacist, Wepubwicans...

Oh, and one tiny, little bizarre tipoff that Herman Cain was not the man for this job. Remember the little one-on-one non-debate he had with Newt on November 5? Someone asked him what was his biggest surprise as a candidate. Cain responded: "The nit-pickiness of the news media!" Huh? Did he really expect them to be fair and reasonable to a conservative, esp. a black conservative?! At least Newt knows in his bones that the Enemy Media is, well...OUR ENEMY. Man, was THAT ever a study in naivete'.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


And you'll recall, only one GOP candidate
dared to join Glenn Beck in Jerusalem

Ya gotta love that dead-on crack about the "so-called Palestinians," heh. And I KNOW there is a Hebrew word for "choke," so I can only imagine his sly grin as he gave THAT answer. From his recent interview w/Israel Hayom:

What is your position on the Obama administration's Middle East policy?

I believe that his lack of a firm stand regarding Israel has emboldened Israel’s enemies, and America's enemies. When I was in Israel in August, I met with the deputy prime minister and he said that this was one of the biggest concerns that they had. Because he threw Israel under the bus with the statement about the 1967 borders. He just threw them under the bus. He threw Prime Minister Netanyahu under the bus prior to his visit to America. In a Cain administration there would be no question in the minds of the world and the American people that we would stand with Israel. No question. It wasn’t the president's right to suggest that they change those borders and I didn’t agree with that. For example, I think that the so-called Palestinian people have this urge for unilateral recognition because they see this president as weak. I haven’t seen all the facts but I think this whole assassination attempt [alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington] was another example of seeing this president as weak, in that regard. So, weakness invites attack and I think that he has projected a sense of weakness.

Would you transfer your embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

I would.

What do you think of the Obama administration's handling of Iran and what would you do differently, if anything?

I don’t know if this is going to translate well in your language: Choke. Choke them economically. Here’s what I mean by that and I know that that’s not politically correct to say but here’s the idea: It costs them $70 a barrel to break even on their oil. It costs Saudi Arabia $30. We’re going to develop an energy-independent strategy. We will move toward energy independence in the Cain administration. We’ve got the resources to do it, we need the will, the leadership and we get some of these unnecessary regulations out of the way. We will impact the world price of oil. We get the price of oil down to $70 or below, and the Iranians won’t have enough money to build a nuclear program. They’re going to have to worry about feeding their people instead.

Second thing that we would do is that I would invest in our fleet of aegis-ballistic missile defense systems. We have the biggest fleet with that capability in the world. We need to upgrade it such that the ballistic-missile defense systems' sea base would have the ability to detect threats for a longer period of time; strategically place some of those ships in that part of the world then let the Iranians know that we have that capability stationed there and let them know that if they wanted to attack our friends, attack Israel or the United States, that we won’t hesitate to retaliate.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Has everyone forgot this idiotic initiative from May 2009? Yeah, we want a President who thinks Gloomberg, Sharpton, and Arne Duncan (Obama's Education Secretary) are fonts of wisdom:

Sorry, Newt, but "good judgment" MUST be a quality of a successful President, and it's something you've never had.

Now we know just how much we have lost.

"And nothing was left of it at all. Where has that life gone? And what has become of all that awful torment and torture? Can it really be that nothing at all is left of it? Can it really be that no one will answer for everything that happened? That it will all be forgotten without even any words to commemorate it? That the grass has grown over it?

So I ask you: How can all this be?"

--Vassily Grossman

We'll never forget her.

Monday, October 24, 2011


For the past few weeks, I've had a recurring suspicion that the several gaffes of Herman Cain are in fact "gaffes." As in intentional. Deliberate. Planned.

Allow me to explain.

21 years ago, I watched closely as a complete political neophyte announced his intention to run as governor of Massachusetts. He was John Silber, president of Boston University. Silber was a staunch Reaganite, a native TEXAN, a blunt-spoken anti-activist authoritarian university president, a big-business booster, and a Democrat. And he was running to be nominated by the Massachusetts Democratic Party. What chance, huh?

Well, to make matters "worse," Silber started his campaign with a series of shocking "gaffes." From disparaging gay rights to attacking feminism and peaceniks to questioning why "immigrants from tropical climates" move to the wintry Bay State (of course for it's generous welfare benefits), Silber missed no opportunity to defame the hideous ideology that dominated the Democratic Party of Massachusetts.

Of course the house organ of that hideous ideology, the Boston Glob, responded with off-the-charts venom to these "Silber shockers," as the candidate himself dubbed them. For about 9 months he was lampooned as a joke...until the primary approached...Because Silber was polling about 25% in a 3 way race. Even the NYT noticed in July: "Despite waging an unusual, provocative campaign that has broken many of the rules of politics and offended some women, blacks and the elderly, John R. Silber is running more strongly than expected in the Massachusetts race for governor and could be in position to win the Democratic nomination in September."

The pattern of the "Silber shockers" was firmly established: Silber would make his comment in an interview or debate; the comment would be the focus of attention for 2-5 days; Silber would be righteously questioned and re-questioned about the comment, which he would then repeat in slightly less inflammatory terms, but still defend it; and interested voters would have heard Silber make and repeat his point about 5 times more than if he hadn't made the "gaffe."

But in September he was still down by ~15 points to the front-runner, a career hack named Frank Bellotti, when about a week before the primary, the other establshment candidate, Evelyn Murphy (Dukakis' lt. governor) fell on her sword to "guarantee" the win for Bellotti. "We can't allow even the chance of John Silber winning the nomination." And how did our famous "newspaper of record" report this development? "Ms. Murphy's action therefore appeared likely to deal a further blow to Mr. Silber, a political maverick whose public standing has been slipping in the past few weeks after he made barbed comments that have alienated many voters."

With Murphy out, Bellotti's lead jumped to 23 points in the polls. Those wonderful, wonderful polls. Keep watching those polls, people. The polls are everything, don't you know? How can an old pro like Frank Bellotti blow a 23 point lead in 5 days?

Five days later, Silber beat Bellotti by 10 points, a 33-point swing. The absurdly politically incorrect Reaganite Texan became the nominee for governor of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. And the old grey lady sobbed into her gin-drenched cornflakes: "In a stunning display of voter discontent, John R. Silber, the president of Boston University who peppered his campaign with provocative remarks, scored a major upset tonight over over Francis X. Bellotti, a former State Attorney General in the Democratic primary for governor."

Which is a long way of explaining why my spidey senses are tingling these days when so many people are saying Herman Cain's gaffes are proof his candidacy is doomed. The latest is this extremely unusual--I'll refrain from saying "strange"--ad that just aired during the World Series [embedded above]. OMG, a campaign staffer blowing smoke at the camera?! Can anyone else remember the last TV ad that showed a non-evil character just...smoking...a cigarette? It's just a...SHOCKER!

Mr. Cain is nothing if not a skilled communicator. Yet it seems that, as soon as more eyes than ever are turned on him, that he becomes a fumblemouth. And wasting huge, scarce campaign dollars on a bizarre ad. Even Brit Hume has written him off.

Mr. Cain has come from nowhere, with almost no money, and no political experience, to the top of the polls. Now he's being dismissed as a gaffe machine. But I'm telling you, he's as dumb as a fox.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Is Bloomberg Planning a Tienanmen Against That Slimy Rabble?

Wall Street's Future? We should be so lucky.

Well, just keep your eye on the stock exchanges...If they continue to tank, that soulless plutocrat will sweep those smelly punks off the streets like Chiang Kai-Shek wiped out the Communists in Shanghai in 1927. "Why should a few thousand snobby, doped-out losers cause billions of dollars of portfolio value to be wiped out? Off with their heads!"

Or, as so perfectly elucidated by Lucien Bodard in his awesome book about Vietnam, "The Quicksand War":

“If filial obedience no longer existed the whole of Vietnamese society must crumble. The time had come for the defense of the ancient ways.

The middle classes of Saigon, the governing bourgeoisie who had made advances to Nguyen Binh, suddenly realized that their own skins were at stake and wealth itself was threatened. As soon as they discovered this they grew very savage. There was no longer any question of the slightest “gentleness”; no question of the Vietminh’s nationalism. Now it was to be repression with blood and torture, a hundred times crueler than the French of earlier days.

It all developed very fast. Nguyen Phan-Long, that crooked genius who had shown himself such a simpleton as prime minister, was replaced by Father Huu, a veteran of the old school. And what came to power with Huu was money, the landowners, the confederation of the rich. Possessors who fear for their possessions are cruel, and nowhere are they crueler than in Manhattan Asia."

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Drilling for Natural Gas in New York, 2011: Ron would be pleased.

So Obama claims he’s the new Reagan? Step into my parlor, little fly. Let’s talk ENERGY:

Governor Ronald Reagan, League of Women Voters Presidential Debate, Cleveland, Ohio, October 28, 1980, in response to a question from Harry Ellis, national correspondent from the Christian Science Monitor:

“I do believe that this Nation has been portrayed for too long a time to the people as being energy-poor when it is energy-rich. The coal that the President mentioned: Yes, we have it, and yet one-eighth of our total coal resources is not being utilized at all right now. The mines are closed down; there are 22,000 miners out of work. Most of this is due to regulations which either interfere with the mining of it or prevent the burning of it. With our modern technology, yes, we can burn our coal within the limits of the Clean Air Act. I think, as technology improves, we'll be able to do even better with that.
The other thing is that we have only leased out and begun to explore 2 percent of our Outer Continental Shelf for oil, where it is believed by everyone familiar with that fuel and that source of energy that there are vast supplies yet to be found. Our Government has, in the last year or so, taken out of multiple use millions of acres of public lands that once were — well, they were public lands subject to multiple-use exploration for minerals and so forth. It is believed that probably 70 percent of the potential oil in the United States is probably hidden in those lands, and no one is allowed to even go and explore to find out if it is there. This is particularly true of the recent efforts to shut down part of Alaska.
Nuclear power: There were 36 powerplants planned in this country — and let me add the word "safety;" it must be done with the utmost of safety. But 32 of those have given up and canceled their plans to build, and again, because Government regulations and permits and so forth make it take more than twice as long to build a nuclear plant in the United States as it does to build one in Japan or in Western Europe.
We have the sources here. We are energy-rich, and coal is one of the great potentials we have."


Senator Barrack Hussein Obama, January 17, 2008, Interview with San Francisco Chronicle:

"Let me sort of describe my overall policy.
What I've said is that we would put a cap and trade system in place that is as aggressive, if not more aggressive, than anybody else's out there.
I was the first to call for a 100% auction on the cap and trade system, which means that every unit of carbon or greenhouse gases emitted would be charged to the polluter. That will create a market in which whatever technologies are out there that are being presented, whatever power plants that are being built, that they would have to meet the rigors of that market and the ratcheted down caps that are being placed, imposed every year.
So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted.
That will also generate billions of dollars that we can invest in solar, wind, biodiesel [Ed.: See Solyndra] and other alternative energy approaches.
The only thing I've said with respect to coal, I haven't been some coal booster. What I have said is that for us to take coal off the table as a (sic) ideological matter as opposed to saying if technology allows us to use coal in a clean way, we should pursue it.
So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can.
It's just that it will bankrupt them.


Results? Well...., let's just examine the price per barrel of crude oil during the Reagan and Obama Presidencies:


January 1981: $38.00 per barrel.
January 1989: $18.50

Oil Price Change: Price DROPPED by 51%, over 8 years. And the average for the year 1983 (Reagan's 3d year, comparable to 2011 for Obama) was $29/barrel. A drop of 23%.


January 2009: $33.07
October 6, 2011: $82.35

Oil Price Change: Price JUMPED by 148% (ONE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT PERCENT), in just 2 2/3 years. We can only imagine where it will be in January 2013.

(Oh, and remember that oil-biz/Halliburton-controlled puppet George W. Bush? When he took office in January 2001, the price per barrel was $28.66…In October 2003 it was $27.07, down 6%.)


For Obama to compare himself to Ronald Reagan is like a tumor comparing itself to your brain.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Obama blatantly telegraphed his plan for class-warfare more than 3 years ago--notice how he defends raising tax rates on the wealthy WHILE AGREEING with the premise that it would reduce revenues...So it's the PRINCIPLE of punishing success that appeals to him:

I noticed that a lot of people were impressed by the great Herman Cain's answer to a question about health care and his own struggle against cancer in tonight's debate. But if this short vid from Mr. Cain doesn't by-gawd stir your soul, you haven't got one:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I didn't blog about the Weiner scandal here, but at Ace of Spades I pointed out early why it was so important to use this scandal to bludgeon the Dems with this awaaaayyyyy back on May 31--here was a longish post to Ace (comment #61):


These Beltway Repubs have been so castrated over the years, they've forgotten how to destroy real enemies of America. And why it is...A GOOD THING.

A little math:

1) There are ~195 Democrats in the US House.

2) There are ~45 House Dems who made made the ADA's "Heroes" list in 2010.

3) There are less than 10 House Dems who are "Golden Boys" who are being sought out for much higher office, and shoved UP the ladder, and who's over-the-top partisan mouth-running gives all true-red Democrats, uhhhh...bulging underpants?

4) There is only 1 Golden Boy who is married to a notorious Rodham girlfraaayyynd, and who's fine/loyal services as a reverse beard are exactly WHY he is such a favorite. This scandal has the powder to blow Weiner AND RODHAM'S careers to smithereens! (Also is why "Mrs. Weiner" will never denounce him--she NEEDS him for cover!)

People, THIS IS A BIG FISH ACE HAS HOOKED!! WTF is the matter with these smart, eloquent, anesthetized conservatives??!! We need to be gaffing and blugeoning and slashing that m@therf@cker until it is senseless, red, and dead, dead, DEAD!! Once this fish is massacred, it will send a message to all future Weiners that there is a COST to being a vicious lefty partisan. As there MUST be.

The New York Post needs to get its collective head out of its collective @ss and release the hounds of scandal!! And the House Repubs need to immediately file ethics charges against Member Weiner: if it was against the honor of the House for Newt Gingrich to teach some college course, how the f@ck does Weiner get a pass by publishing photos of his privates?! A married man to a college girl??!! As Rush put it today, Larry Craig got drummed out for tapping his foot in a restroom, fahcrissake.

Keep up the Weiner fight, Ace!

Posted by: jewishodysseus at May 31, 2011 09:11 PM

Heheh, was Ace (and I) vindicated or what?!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I've had a hard time understanding my unease, perhaps dread, at this 10th anniversary of 9/11. Although our intelligence agencies and military have performed heroically since then, to the point of essentially atomizing AlQaeda and killing Bin Laden, our country...our society...hell, our CIVILIZATION has never been weaker or more compromised versus The Jihad. This conviction was crystallized this morning, as I watched the NYC proceedings begin with the disgraceful Mike Bloomberg. In a healthy society, one that had learned its lessons from 9/11, the Mayor of the main target city would never have even considered accepting a victory mosque at Ground Zero...or if he had, the indignant citizens would have righteously tarred and feathered him, and impeached him.

I guess the main problem we have is that our leadership has dealt tactically with the problem of jihad, as opposed to strategically. And our tactical responses have further been compromised by idiotic alliances and delusions pursued in the Moslem world. I've seen some very smart people today basically cheerleading the fact that AQ is all but gone, as if they consider it irrelevant that The Jihad has gained control of two of the largest Middle East countries in the past 10 years (Turkey and Egypt), PLUS Lebanon, PLUS Gaza, PLUS Tunisia, and is on the verge of seizing oil-rich Libya. If this is victory, I'd hate to see "losing ground."

I was all set to analyze this in some depth, but the phenomenal Caroline Glick has just done such a masterful job on this very topic that there's really no point in trying to add to it. Take it away, Dr. Glick!

Finally, my favorite Presidential candidate, Herman Cain, has posted a beautiful 9/11 tribute. I loved Mr. Cain, even before he was the only Prez candidate to attend the historic Glenn Beck rally in Yerushalayim last month. I hope you'll enjoy this tribute, too:

Sunday, August 7, 2011


A whole lotta wisdom here!

Monday, August 1, 2011


"Judea capta": Would she really still be sitting there weeping if
she knew Israel had re-captured the Temple Mount?

Since I began this blog back in 2006, I've been trying to add my small voice to those who think the Jewish people need a new way of looking at this world. Or maybe not a new NEW way, but a very OLD way. "Everything old is new again."

To be crass and crude, I thought (and think) Jews need to stop being afraid of WINNING their conflicts, especially in our unwanted (but unavoidable) encounter with The Jihad. That we need to WANT to win, and we need to PLAN to win, and finally we need to EXECUTE THE PLAN AND WIN.

To make a long story short, I believe that Judaism has a host of great and redeeming qualities and blessings, not just for Jews but for mankind. Since I believe that, I HAVE TO fiercely oppose any ideology that seeks to eliminate Judaism, or render it into a craven, slave-like dhimmified status. (Dhimmitude is not normal, natural, nor dignified for any of us made in God's image.) Such a fate would obviously extinguish or choke off to near-extinction those blessings of Judaism. How would that make the world a better place?

If you doubt Judaism's gifts, consider a few Gentiles in recent history who have befriended the Jewish people: George Washington, Winston Churchill, Konrad Adenauer, Martin Luther King Jr...Now consider those who have attacked the Jews: Adolph Hitler, Iosif Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini... Whose society better approaches what God wants for us here on earth?

I chose the title of "Odysseus" for this blog because there was a man who was not afraid of winning. Indeed, his entire (legendary) existence was devoted to 2 objectives: winning the war, and returning home to regain his lost homeland. Anyone who is familiar with those Homeric masterpieces knows that there is not a shred of ambivalent consideration in Odysseus's heart: he MUST win, his enemies must be destroyed, and the only question is how best to make the victory as complete and one-sided as possible.

So how to explain why so, SOOOOOOO many Jewish people seem afraid of winning? Or, even worse, who seem so devoted to helping our soulless and transparently demonic enemies to DEFEAT US?! How to explain the mentality that has been beautifully exemplified by Pam Geller's pet-phrase, "Jewicidal?" How did this happen to the Jewish people, who staggered out of the death-camps of Europe to liberate and rebuild our homeland in the teeth of 7 bloodthirsty Arab armies? What is going on here?

My favorite rabbi, the visionary Rabbi Chaim Richman, has produced a new, powerful and brilliant explanation. Interestingly, it hearkens back to an ancient pagan cult, the Babylonian Tammuz, which was adapted by the Greeks for their tragic plays. I cannot do the Rabbi's essay justice here--and why should I, when you can hear the pearl-like words of the man himself--but suffice it to say that, when a peculiar behavior appears over and over in history without any apparent explanation, then you can be sure there is a profound historical reason for that behavior; it is no accident nor anomaly. And to the extent the ingrained behavior is in fact detrimental or self-defeating, the identification of its root cause is a huge step in curing it. A necessary step, in fact.

Rabbi Richman explains that the Jews have positively avoided victory (and redemption, in spiritual terms) because they have been entranced by the romance of tragedy, and loss, and mourning. And their attraction to the Tammuz cult was noted by the Prophet Ezekiel (Chapter 8) as far back as the time of the First Temple.

Suddenly, a lot of staggering questions are answerable:
Why would Jews revive the dying PLO? A desire to mourn.
Why would Jews support Barack Obama? A need for despair.
Why would Israel refuse to rebuild the Holy Temple, the site of which is firmly in her hands? A craving for loss, and weeping.

Thank you, Rabbi Richman, for helping to diagnose a deadly, ancient malady that has surely kept the Jews locked in self-made chains for at least 44 years.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Welcome to the Department of Remembering, Norway Division.

Funny how these same weeping Fjordish Quislings couldn't see why the savages who butchered the sleeping Fogel children in Israel would be called "terrorists":

For Dagbladet, Fogel family slaughter is apparent “terrorism”
March 13, 2011
By McGonagall.
It must be really tough for Dagbladet to cover stories of cold blooded mass-murders carried out by knife wielding terrorists. So hard in fact that they appear unable to come up with an independent line of thinking, but copy wholesale from other news outlets, including offending inverted commas and suggestions that it is only Israelis who would call this a terror attack:
I Israelske medier blir drapsmennene omtalt som «terrorister» og opinionen beskylder palestinere for å stå bak.

Israeli media call the murderers “terrorists”, and public opinion accuse Palestinians to be behind the attack.
Good to know where Dagbladet stands on terrorism. I wonder how they would have reacted to a slaughter like this in Norway. Yellow journalism springs to mind….

No need to wonder any longer--just continue to blame the people resisting the jihad.

Yeah, I'm all broke up about the little intramural tragedy at their little camp, full of Aryan youth planning to help more Jooooooos die. You sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind.

Karma is a bitch, beeeyotches.

PS: Another bit of remembering--Nowegian Deputy Foreign Minister Johansen is first Western diplomat to recognize genocidal Joooooo-hating Hamas regime, 2007.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Restating the Obvious.

I always hesitate to protest the refereeing at a rigged fight, but seeing the stupendously gross groin kicks and salt-gouged-into-the-eyes moves of the lamestream media since the killings by the Oslo "militant" [heheh, how does it feel, morons?], I guess I must point out the obvious:

The counter-jihad is OF COURSE the peaceful option. We are for peace, and freedom, too, into the bargain. Our enemies have chosen to plan and create a world of perpetual violence and intimidation and horror--much like George Orwell wrote about in 1984, but much worse: "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever."

Imagine a woman getting lashed in a public square, next to a man getting beheaded, while a mob screams "Death to da Joooooooos!!," while a greasy caliph humps one of his 250 concubines, while his trusted bodyguards plan his assassination--forever.

The counter-jihad rejects this future, the jihad is using every filthy trick in its arsenal--direct violence, bone-chilling intimidation, bribery, and of course lies--to carry it out.

I suppose I could repeat these few words about a thousand times, but there is no need. Either you get it, you understand it, and you agree with it, or you're a lost cause.

"Zilla of the Resistance" has a great piece on this here, and I am honored to join that United Front blogroll!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Whatta lovely July 4th weekend. The Anti-Jihad blogosphere has been at daggers drawn about a who-said-what-when debate, based on the need/lack of need to purge the English Defence League of anti-Jewish elements...Like the gigantic bulk of those elements aren't already happily working for/with the jihad already.

If anyone should care, I had a clear idea early on who was more sinned against than sinning in this recent unpleasantness, but felt the difference was relatively petty, and therefore neccessitated no real comment. I did put up identical cautionary posts on both AtlasShrugs and GatesofVienna, but they were ignored, in spite of my excellent advice:

A useful, please pardon my French, French expression, which has never got a lot of support in the blogosphere:
"Words are silver, but silence is gold."

Another, this one from Oliver Cromwell: "I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken."

Another, from Boston pol Martin Lomasney: "Never write if you can speak. Never speak if you can nod. Never nod if you can wink."

What is not said need not be explained, or explained away.

Also: Today's burning news is tomorrow's fishwrap.

Remember that one beautiful, cardinal word, my CounterJihad comrades, one single, precious word: Solidarnosc.

A little while later, a correspondent whom I'll call the Atlas Mega Fan (AMF) emailed me to urge me to support her. I think my responses to AMF, with appropriately redacted portions for AMF, will give a fairly good idea of my perspective:

AMF, I can do no better than Henrik Clausen at EuropeNews:
In recent days, the situation in the EDL has drawn a bit of commotion in the blogosphere. The latter of these articles is woefully uninformed, as the concerns raised there have been addressed a year ago, including on this video The John Snowy Shaw Show. Some of these articles are superficial, some are an avalanche of details of questionable relevance. One can pore over these for hours, trying to figure out who did Right and who did Wrong. But quite honestly:
Why waste your time nit-picking when the house is on fire? For as Reagan is often quoted for:
The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20 percent traitor.
The bottom line: The English Defence League is the most broadest and most effective anti-Jihad and anti-Sharia movement on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. It has achieved much in a mere two years, and continues to operate in spite of government harassment and systematic slander from the establishment. The EDL deserves emulation – the highest form of flattery - not vilification.

As bad as it is here, in Europa the house truly is on fire. We need to be very careful with our criticisms so as to not give aid & comfort to the enemies.

Then, a little while later:

AMF, last night a poster wrote about "sand niggers" on Pam's blog--I called him on it. It is still there today.

Does that mean Pam condones it? No, nor does it mean AS2K is racist. The Net is an incredibly fluid, uncontrolled place, esp in the big, active sites.

I think both sites over-reacted, and Pam over-reacted without adequate evidence. GoV over-reacted by going public, in a confrontational way. Oh, well, Pam will get over it, she's a big girl with a big site.

I don't have time nor inclination to get outraged over such nits, indeed like firefighters screaming at each other over who overcooked the casserole while the house is burning down. It boggles my mind to see such time/energy put into it.

AMF: "then, call for a cessation of hostilities."

I thought I VERY clearly did that, from Day 1.

AMF:"... without adequate evidence ... ." [Edited riposte referring to T. Robinson's confirmation of problems in the EDL]

I think her concerns could & shd have been made much less counterproductively than they were by publishing this:

"Now that the person whom I most trusted in the EDL, Roberta Moore, has resigned, as she was increasingly uncomfortable with the neo-fascists that had infiltrated the administration of the group, I too am withdrawing my support from the EDL. I hope that genuine anti-jihadists in Britain will also leave the EDL and work with Roberta on starting a new group that will resist definitively and firmly all attempts to divert it from its mission of fighting against jihad and for human rights."

AMF: "Pam thought the situation amenable, capable of being rectified, so, she addressed the issue. Tommy Robinson replied, substantiating her concerns."

Again, a grossly counterproductive way of "addressing the issue." How hard wd a private inquiring email to TR have been? As it is, her friends at LGF (and more important media) have a lovely idiotic set of statements to throw at anyone who cares to defend the EDL in the future.

Pam has a tendency to shoot from the lip, as they said about Reagan, she even publicly accused me of denying the Armenian genocide [!!]. Nobody's perfect. But because she has such a large, influential blog, I think she needs to think twice, nay, thrice before calling on people to abandon one of the few active CJ orgs across the pond. Ned May didn't make her do that.

[end correspondence]

I'd like to elaborate a bit here on my critique of GoV and the petition. First, there is absolutely no doubt they had ample cause for such a response--Pam's knee-jerk call for good people to leave the EDL was off-the-charts irresponsible. But anyone who seeks to actually come to an acceptable accommodation with a woman with a strong personality surely knows that the LAST way to get that result is to "INSIST on an APOLOGY." It doesn't matter whether an apology was merited or reasonable--women with strong personalities just do not function that way, even the more so when they are clearly in the wrong! (As Pamela Geller was in this case.) I can hardly imagine that the petitioners were innocently unaware of that apology poison-pill. And surely Pam's strong support of the European resistance over the years was worth a little forebearance--she should have been given the benefit of the doubt. Wouldn't "a prompt correction" have sufficed?

This little bottom-feeding blog has been overwhelmingly supportive of Pamela Geller since 2007--in fact, I wrote what was probably the single most complimentary serious analysis ever of her efforts here. But on those rare occasions when I disagreed with her (for example, I've defended Zuhdi Jasser, and Rifka Bary's attorneys, when Pam attacked them), she indeed resorted to ad hominem attacks that were unworthy of her and her talent. She did the same thing to GoV last year. And now look at the comments she is making about people like Fjordman, Tundra Tabloids, Diana West, and the eeeeeevil Baron at GoV:
**the motives of the people in question are so nefarious...
**the Machiavellian plotter behind this attack on me...
**He has posted scurrilous attacks on me and Robert Spencer...
**Perhaps because he has accomplished little, he seeks to attain some sort of notoriety by destroying elements of the counterjihad movement that are more effective than he is...
**Gates of Vienna has become a home for many anti-Semitic rants that are deeply disturbing; not only are these sanctioned by the proprietors, but they’ve added to the chorus...
**Now the “Baron” is urging other bloggers to join him in this campaign of destruction...
**Why would they knowingly propagate falsehoods? What’s their real agenda?...
**are being strong-armed into signing this statement...
**these bloggers are sanctioning this vile racism...
**the signers of this Open Letter are trying to destroy those of us who seek to maintain the proper focus of our mission and the EDL’s mission, which is fighting for freedom...
**the blogwar against Atlas that is being waged by vultures with an altogether nefarious agenda...
**these bottomfeeders just bang keyboards and jockey for position on the bottom of the food chain...
**This campaign to gang up on Geller by small "counter-jihadists" trying to make a name for themselves clearly is motivated by something enitrely different. Something very ugly and transparent...
**I am not sure who he is working for or why, but it's not kosher...

Good grief. This is an unfortunate and self-limiting habit, and she would do well to refrain from it in the future, at least when she is arguing with people who are fighting the counterjihad fight with the sincerity, if not the effect, she has.

Diana West came out with a great book a few years ago, "The Death of the Grown Up." I gotta say, the internet is conducive to certain habits of writing and thinking that effectively overrun or obliterate sober and mature discussion. Oh, well, if we truly seek to move beyond a marginal effectiveness based only in cyberspace, we need to clearly remember to behave, both online and off, like grown-ups.

And NEVER--EVER--forget that one beautiful, precious word we all learned from Lech Walesa: solidarnosc.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Now THAT'S true grit!:

Yeah, what the Repubs need is to run a nominee who is extra-mouthy and takes lots and lots of vacations.

A blessing in disguise...maybe not so disguised?

You heard it here first: HERMAN CAIN IS A MAN OF DESTINY, MY FRIENDS!! [more on the Herminator soon!]

Sunday, June 5, 2011


There’s a great movie from 1985, “Brazil,” by Terry Gilliam. In a particularly memorable scene, the hero is sitting there in a ritzy restaurant with his absurdly-narcissistic mom and her absurdly-narcissistic friends, when a bomb goes off. All of the patrons who aren’t mortally wounded put on a brave face, go back to their soufflés and canapés and snobby talk, and the orchestra strikes up a cheerful tune.

It may be normality, interrupted by barbarism…Or is it barbarism, interrupted by normality? And how do those patrons actually feel when the bombs go off?

Now I know. Sort of.

…So there I am, waiting in the checkout line of Marshall’s, using my amaaazing new 4G HTC Inspire phone, checking out my Web homie AceofSpades—chillin’ on-line while in-line, so to speak—when a bomb goes off.

Well, not exactly a bomb, but let’s say a time-twisting machine: as I’m using this stunning 3d millennium technology, it displays for my wondering eyes an image straight from the darkest days of the 2d millennium, to wit: Aryan cartoons portraying Jooooooos as demons…but these cartoons were published in 2011. Check ‘em out:

[And manythanks to PJM for publishing a story that the lamestream media has, OF COURSE, attempted to hide]

Oh, and these aren’t just some twisted “underground” freak productions, these cartoons are being openly used to drum up suuport for an anti-circumcision measure in…the…most…PROGRESSIVE CITY IN THE LAND, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.

It was a very strange sensation. Here I was, in my familiar clothes, in my familiar store, surrounded by my familiar fellow citizens of my beloved America…while a few miles away, supposedly edumacated, artistic Americans are gleefully reprinting—no, CREATING-- images that would have made Julius Streicher jump for joy.

See any resemblances?:

Well, I did predict 3 years ago that, if Haman Obama won, life on Planet Obama would be “a very alien place indeed.” But even I didn’t imagine we’d all be teleported to the 3d Reich, 934th year of the 2d millennium, digital version.

A very strange feeling, in what has become a very strange country.

Oh, you didn't think I'd let you go without showing that clip from "Brazil," did you? It's at 5:45 of this vid. And you may sense a faint but definite familiarity in that cheerful little tune the orchestra strikes up after the bomb goes off. Ohhh, yes, you are right. OF COURSE you know that song. In this movie made in 1985...Of course. It could only be THAT one.

Hava nagila.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Obama is stomped into the mud, where he belongs.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I am humbled every time I think of men like this.

The American soldier has brought more liberty, morality, and progress to our country, and to the world, than any other institution in all of human history.

May God bless them and keep them all.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011



We really get down to the nitty-gritty at 16:18: "Obama, first of all, seriously, excuse me, pardon me, represents -- now we all know it -— absolutely unbridled evil. Really, really, let’s stop fooling around, I mean the man is absolutely evil."

Monday, May 2, 2011


This one is getting a LOT of play:

All the big shot bureaucrats and phony security tough guys (look at Clapper and Brennan, I HAVE to laff), looking so CONCERNED and INTENSE...My gaawwwwd, they practically killed Bin Laden themselves with their stares!!

Recall all the big events of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars when Bush was President... VOLUMES of video, satellite photos, all kinds of photography SHOWING THE HEROISM OF OUR TROOPS...Did we ever see a shot of the Prez and his advisers monitoring the monitors?

And notice how seamlessly this "we can't reveal operational secrets" bullsh!t enables them to pretend their spotlight-hogging shows they care even MORE about the success of our troops.

Obama has had these images for more than 36 hours, have we even seen a single redacted photo of the real heroes in action? A few seconds of shadowy vid? Of course not.

Because Obama is a clinical narcissistic egomaniac. If young American Navy Seals are hogging the air-time, the Messiah looks less like a hero. Hence those surreal photos like the one above, where we're supposed to be inspired by our peerless leaders intently watching TV screens during a time of war.

FOLLOW-UP: Knesset member Katz, I like the way you're thinkin'!

Sunday, May 1, 2011



Monday, April 25, 2011


The Muqata again posts breaking vid, this time of peace-loving religion of peaceniks incinerating Kever Yosef (Joseph's Tomb)--now at the direction of friendly Abbas, not scary Arafat.

"Me recognize that smoke, Keemosabee: it say 'Come all ye brave Muslims, precious Torah scrolls burn better than Georgia fatwood.'"

UPDATE: Yidwithlid has a great post here.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Mutual Admiration back then...
Mutual Annihilation today.

Start with a baseline foreign policy dedicated to harming American interests.

Throw in a generally competent, well-equipped, but excessively timid and politicized military.

Add a half-cup passive-destructive political rival in charge of foreign policy.

Season with a tablespoon of incompetent-to-da-bone foreign intelligence apparatus.

And stir in a cup each of concentrated I-walk-on-water, don’t confuse me with the facts hubris; genuine terror of recent and future political defeats; and inbred solicitude to the grievances of Sunni potentates.

And what do you have?

VOILA! An utterly amoral realpolitik that ruthlessly drives en entire small Muslim nation to bludgeon and massacre itself in what I like to call “the Muslim meatgrinder.” In other words, a smashing and self-sustaining voreign bolizy success story!

It’s really uncanny, it’s a lot like the Simpson’s episode where Mr. Burns learned that he had every disease known to medicine…but because he had so many of them, they perfectly balanced out each other inside his physiology, so he remained apparently “healthy.” (See clip here). Or it’s like John McLaughlin used to say: Obama has “swerved into success!”

For once I can stand tall and send a big THANK YOU to our alien president for an unqualified policy success.

Of course, in the good old days, when US politics stopped at the water’s edge, both Republican and Democrat Presidents could rely on their opponents to keep supporting them so long as our foreign enemies were being crushed. But once the Left turned in favor of the deranged Asiatic butcher Ho Chi Minh over the simple corrupt Texas hack LBJ, we’ve been on a nasty one-way ratchet whereby Republicans tried to stop Democrat Presidents from giving away the country, and Democrats tried to force Republican Presidents to give away the country.

Therefore, if even a Kissinger had created a similar Libyan policy, the Left would be jumping to sabotage it, and no doubt in weeks it would be abandoned.

Many of my good brethren have recently posted about Gadhafi’s troops being beheaded by rebel mobs, with the implication that this proves we should not oppose Gadhafi. Do we really give a rat’s @ss about those thugs? Do we really give a rat’s @ss if Gadhafi saturates rebel areas with cluster bombs? I sure don’t. The only thing we need to worry about is: 1) make sure the bloodshed lasts as long and is widespread as possible; 2) make sure another wave of Islamic refugees doesn't use this as an opportunity to invade Europa; and 3) make sure that the ultimate winner is the least anti-American side. As for Libya’s oil industry…well, both sides know that the oil is their only hope for any future, so there is little chance of it being seriously damaged. Recall that during the 8 years of the Iran-Iraq War, the real price of oil plummeted.

One thing needs to be recalled here: these Islamic regimes that are tottering were the unworthy recipients of unbelievable amounts of transferred technology, money, medicine, food, and technical assistance for the past ~100 years, and now their unsustainablity has become manifest. Had the West not intervened and propped up these regimes and their predecessors for the past century, tens of millions of their subjects (no, NOT "citizens") would have suffered slow and grisly deaths from famine, pestilence, and traditional scorched earth village exterminations. You know how the Muslims (including Gadhafi) have loved to brag that the future belongs to them due to their population growth and larger families? Well, it is only Western technology and medicine that has made that growth possible, and now that it is being slowly cut off, those teeming slums will soon turn into charnel houses. And, sacre bleu, those population growth rates will plummet to historical ranges. As in zero.

Maahhhhh friends, let’s keep a cool head, pass the popcorn, and enjoy this little freakshow, and encourage our Muslim African president to keep assisting his Muslim African friends to keep maiming and killing each other [WARNING: Graphic vid.]