Friday, October 7, 2011

Is Bloomberg Planning a Tienanmen Against That Slimy Rabble?

Wall Street's Future? We should be so lucky.

Well, just keep your eye on the stock exchanges...If they continue to tank, that soulless plutocrat will sweep those smelly punks off the streets like Chiang Kai-Shek wiped out the Communists in Shanghai in 1927. "Why should a few thousand snobby, doped-out losers cause billions of dollars of portfolio value to be wiped out? Off with their heads!"

Or, as so perfectly elucidated by Lucien Bodard in his awesome book about Vietnam, "The Quicksand War":

“If filial obedience no longer existed the whole of Vietnamese society must crumble. The time had come for the defense of the ancient ways.

The middle classes of Saigon, the governing bourgeoisie who had made advances to Nguyen Binh, suddenly realized that their own skins were at stake and wealth itself was threatened. As soon as they discovered this they grew very savage. There was no longer any question of the slightest “gentleness”; no question of the Vietminh’s nationalism. Now it was to be repression with blood and torture, a hundred times crueler than the French of earlier days.

It all developed very fast. Nguyen Phan-Long, that crooked genius who had shown himself such a simpleton as prime minister, was replaced by Father Huu, a veteran of the old school. And what came to power with Huu was money, the landowners, the confederation of the rich. Possessors who fear for their possessions are cruel, and nowhere are they crueler than in Manhattan Asia."

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