Thursday, June 9, 2011


Now THAT'S true grit!:

Yeah, what the Repubs need is to run a nominee who is extra-mouthy and takes lots and lots of vacations.

A blessing in disguise...maybe not so disguised?

You heard it here first: HERMAN CAIN IS A MAN OF DESTINY, MY FRIENDS!! [more on the Herminator soon!]

Sunday, June 5, 2011


There’s a great movie from 1985, “Brazil,” by Terry Gilliam. In a particularly memorable scene, the hero is sitting there in a ritzy restaurant with his absurdly-narcissistic mom and her absurdly-narcissistic friends, when a bomb goes off. All of the patrons who aren’t mortally wounded put on a brave face, go back to their soufflés and canapés and snobby talk, and the orchestra strikes up a cheerful tune.

It may be normality, interrupted by barbarism…Or is it barbarism, interrupted by normality? And how do those patrons actually feel when the bombs go off?

Now I know. Sort of.

…So there I am, waiting in the checkout line of Marshall’s, using my amaaazing new 4G HTC Inspire phone, checking out my Web homie AceofSpades—chillin’ on-line while in-line, so to speak—when a bomb goes off.

Well, not exactly a bomb, but let’s say a time-twisting machine: as I’m using this stunning 3d millennium technology, it displays for my wondering eyes an image straight from the darkest days of the 2d millennium, to wit: Aryan cartoons portraying Jooooooos as demons…but these cartoons were published in 2011. Check ‘em out:

[And manythanks to PJM for publishing a story that the lamestream media has, OF COURSE, attempted to hide]

Oh, and these aren’t just some twisted “underground” freak productions, these cartoons are being openly used to drum up suuport for an anti-circumcision measure in…the…most…PROGRESSIVE CITY IN THE LAND, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.

It was a very strange sensation. Here I was, in my familiar clothes, in my familiar store, surrounded by my familiar fellow citizens of my beloved America…while a few miles away, supposedly edumacated, artistic Americans are gleefully reprinting—no, CREATING-- images that would have made Julius Streicher jump for joy.

See any resemblances?:

Well, I did predict 3 years ago that, if Haman Obama won, life on Planet Obama would be “a very alien place indeed.” But even I didn’t imagine we’d all be teleported to the 3d Reich, 934th year of the 2d millennium, digital version.

A very strange feeling, in what has become a very strange country.

Oh, you didn't think I'd let you go without showing that clip from "Brazil," did you? It's at 5:45 of this vid. And you may sense a faint but definite familiarity in that cheerful little tune the orchestra strikes up after the bomb goes off. Ohhh, yes, you are right. OF COURSE you know that song. In this movie made in 1985...Of course. It could only be THAT one.

Hava nagila.