Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just a few little reasons not to abandon the Iraqis...

A beautiful video from a USMC Sgt…”Ohhh, the brutalityyyyy…”

Check out the faces of those kids…the people Benedict Harry wants to abandon to the headchoppers and terror-bombers.

He and his filthy Demo-krap komrades are too despiccable for words.

Monday, April 23, 2007



Boris Yeltsin was the right man, in the right place, at the right time.

A lot of people forget now that, as late as 1986, Communism looked as solidly set as ever in Russia. The Kremlin's forces were gaining on the ground in their new Afghan colony...The courageous "dissident movement" was seen as eliminated...And their mortal enemy, Ronald Reagan, had suffered an embarrassing national setback in America's 1986 elections.

Yeltsin quit the Politburo in 1987, with a dramatic "Up Yours!" speech to the Central Committee, and then proceeded to put on a clinic on "How to LEverage an Ounce of Freedom to Destroy a Ton of Tyranny." He ran in the semi-free Duma elections of 1989, and took a 97% victory against a candidate hand-picked by the Politburo. In the Duma he allied with prominent human rights activists like Andrei Sakharov, Marju Lauristyn, and Yuri Orlov, and with them created the "Interregional Group," to which he brought insider power. In 1990 he crushed another Kremlin candidate to become the first elected President of Russia. Yeltsin, a charismatic "Great Russian," went out of his way to defend the smaller, crushed nations of the USSR, like Georgia, the Baltics, and even the Jews--he personally ordered Passover services in Moscow to be broacast nationwide in 1990.

Yeltsin's years in power after the collapse of communism certainly had their share of errors, but we must never underestimate the challenge he confronted: changing a pot of fish soup that had boiled for 74 years BACK into an aquarium. He deliberately chose to abandon a rich and pampered career as a nomenklaturist in favor of confronting monolithic Soviet communism, and at every turn he made strategic choices that pushed the spear in deeper and deeper. All friends of freedom owe him a debt of gratitude--may his spirit inspire the people of Russia far into the future.

Friday, April 20, 2007


I'm having trouble keeping up with these despiccable Column 5's:

As a great caller told Rush Limbaugh today, Sen. Harry Reid and the other Dhimmicrats are stricken by "Iraqnophobia--the pathological disgust and FEAR of VICTORY IN IRAQ."

And all because our victory won't help the White Flag Dhimms. Disgusting.

Was there a single Republican who dared to mouth such "we've lost" enemy propaganda when Democrats JFK and LBJ were leading us the "quagmire" of Vietnam? No, of course not, because they knew it wd have had terrible effects on our morale, and therefore wd have the tendency of A SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY.

But at the end of the day, it WILL be Reid and the Dhimms who will be ground into the dust, like their jihadi allies, as our forces lead the forces of freedom to a total victory in the Land of Two Rivers.

This story about the VFW's response really says it all:

WASHINGTON, April 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Veterans of Foreign Wars Commander-in-Chief Gary Kurpius is urging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to stop his defeatist rhetoric because of the negative impact it is having on the morale of American forces and their families.

The senator declared April 2 in Las Vegas that the Iraq war was "a failure." He also announced he would submit legislation to end all funding for the war if President Bush made good on his promise to veto any funding bill that contained troop withdrawal timelines. The Senate version of the $123 billion emergency war supplemental contains language that would withdraw the bulk of the 145,000 American troops from Iraq by April 2008.

At a Capitol Hill press conference yesterday, Reid again said that "This war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything."

"Senator Reid claims to be a legislator who knows how to compromise, but his repeated comments are having an extremely negative impact on our troops, their families and our allies around the world," said Kurpius, a Vietnam veteran from Anchorage, Alaska.

"You can't support the troops without supporting what it is they do, which in a combat zone means the mission, the mission, the mission," he said.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Iraq's head-choppers and terror-bombers emphasize their admiration and respect for PELOSI AND CO.:

"The Islamic Army in Iraq is one of several nationalist groups which opposes hitting Iraqi civilians, but it has carried out high-profile attacks against multinational forces.

Al-Shammari said they would be willing to deal with the Americans if certain conditions are met.

"We, the Islamic Army in Iraq, are ready to negotiate, but only with the [Democratic]US congress.

"They are the representatives of the American people, and the Iraqi resistance represents the Iraqi people. We are ready to establish a dialogue with them, not with the arrogant US [Bush] administration."

From al-Jazeera:

Sunday, April 8, 2007


WINNERS: Russell and Auerbach

WINNERS: Russell, Auerbach and Havlicek

WINNERS: Russell and Auerbach

These men contended in a game, not a life-and-death struggle like WW IV, but their successes have many instructive lessons for us. FIRST--

1)**Like General MacArthur, they knew THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR TOTAL VICTORY. They subordinated every individual ambition or distraction to the overwhelming objective of DEFEATING THE OPPONENT. They thought ceaselessly and creatively how to attack the enemy's weak points; how to maximize their own strengths; and how to minimize their own weaknesses. The results speak for themselves: Bill Russell and Red Auerbach were together with the Boston Celtics for 13 years, and they won 11 World Championships...and one of the 2 they didn't win, Bill Russell was injured in the Playoff Finals and couldn't play (1958).

2)**They never got complacent. They understood that, human nature being what it is, when you are #1, your competitors don't stand around and gaze at you in respectful admiration...THEY REDOUBLE THEIR EFFORTS TO SMASH YOU. So the Celtics tried to come up with something or someone new every year, so their opponents would always be kept off-balance.

3)**THEY PRESSURED THEIR OPPONENTS WITHOUT LETUP. Under both Auerbach and Russell, the Celtics were a defensive-oriented team, whose offense actually sprang from their defense: their defenders relentlessly pressured the opponent into bad shots or turnovers, and then the Celtics roared into the fast-break, forcing them back on their heels. This unsparing pressure required great stamina, but the team trained and practiced for it, and were notoriously the best-trained athletes in a league of superbly-trained athletes. As Bill Russell later wrote in the Wall Street Journal:

"Great defense attacks an opponent's offense vs. reacting to it...From high school to the NBA, I played 21 years of organized basketball and won 18 championships, including the record 11 NBA titles, by focusing on our being the better defensive team...Blocking shots, stealing passes and causing turnovers all distract [the opponent's] concentration. Team defense is as much a psychological strategy as it is a tactical weapon.
In the end, an offense feeds off of its defense. And effective offenses begin with effective defense."

4)**They practiced psychological warfare. In Russell's great autobiography, "Go Up for Glory," he describes how, after carefully studying the opponent, the Celtics would deliberately provoke certain players to make them angry: these players performed worse when angry. On the other hand, some opponents performed better when angry. The Celtics would carefully refrain from antagonizing them.

5)**They never backed down from intimidation. The Celtics and Auerbach relished it when their opponents attempted to turn the contest into a brawl. The team regularly included at least one prime "hatchet-man," whose main function was to serve as a physical enforcer against other teams. The Celtic enforcers would cancel out any brawlers on the opposition, forcing the game into a talent-vs.-talent contest. Which is what the Celtics always wanted.

#5 is very important, because our Caliphate enemies ultimately rely on intimidation/extortion as their weapon of choice at every level. Their message always boils down to: "Do what we want or we will kill you." And every day they kill people, up close and personal, who did not do what they wanted. African tribesmen, video sellers, barbers, peaceful clerics of all faiths, women without veils, interpreters, generals, parliamentarians, writers, "disrespectful" filmmakers, elementary-school teachers, and of course cartoonists.

Our appropriate response to any such effort at intimidation must be to instantly identify it as such, and ruthlessly maul the offender to the maximum extent allowed by law. The harsher our response, the less likely these little subversives will be to try to enforce their shariah lunacy here in the free world.

I've written a lot here about winners and winning, and how important it is for us to maintain the will-to-win. But in a basketball game, victory is easy to define: scoring at least 1 point more than the opponent. How do we define victory in World War IV?


Wednesday, April 4, 2007


OF COURSE the MSM didn't air this for us to see..."No, we can't let the American people see our heroes as heroes, nosirrrreeeeeeee..."

Watch for the incredible moment at 1:35...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


She's sure as hell not an intellect, but she spreads her swill across the airwaves 5 hours a week, 260 hours a year to millions of viewers...

Of course she endorsed the Islamofascist Beta Version of 9/11, wherein the US actually attacked itself in order to...something, I can never quite understand what. (The Alpha version, recall, had Bin Laden BOASTING about the attacks and how successful they were. The Alpha version stopped being spread about the time US Rangers landed in Tora Bora.) And now she has accused the Brits of deliberately getting their sailors taken hostage by the Iranians.

Franklin Roosevelt would have paraded Tokyo Rosie thru the streets in leg-irons, and then locked her up in a particularly nasty "internment camp."

This vile human life form deserves nothing more than a rough rope around her bloated neck, and a fast drop of the trapdoor. Hey, then she can REALLY hang upside down, like Mussolini! lol