Tuesday, April 3, 2007


She's sure as hell not an intellect, but she spreads her swill across the airwaves 5 hours a week, 260 hours a year to millions of viewers...

Of course she endorsed the Islamofascist Beta Version of 9/11, wherein the US actually attacked itself in order to...something, I can never quite understand what. (The Alpha version, recall, had Bin Laden BOASTING about the attacks and how successful they were. The Alpha version stopped being spread about the time US Rangers landed in Tora Bora.) And now she has accused the Brits of deliberately getting their sailors taken hostage by the Iranians.

Franklin Roosevelt would have paraded Tokyo Rosie thru the streets in leg-irons, and then locked her up in a particularly nasty "internment camp."

This vile human life form deserves nothing more than a rough rope around her bloated neck, and a fast drop of the trapdoor. Hey, then she can REALLY hang upside down, like Mussolini! lol

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