Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just a few little reasons not to abandon the Iraqis...

A beautiful video from a USMC Sgt…”Ohhh, the brutalityyyyy…”

Check out the faces of those kids…the people Benedict Harry wants to abandon to the headchoppers and terror-bombers.

He and his filthy Demo-krap komrades are too despiccable for words.


Anonymous said...

So those are the America-hating Iraqis and brutal American soldiers clashing and suffering because of each other???
Gee, I'm really starting to consider opening my own blog/newspaper to distribute some of the reality Iraq and spread the word about the great things that take place in Iraq.
The media has been doing the propaganda work for Islamists and Al-Qaida for too long now.

Jewish Odysseus said...


Your own blog? "Come on in, the water's fine!"

Anonymous said...


I was thinking of something more along the lines "My crazy view of the world" - it would save me a lot of problems from people who deeply disagree with me but aren't capable of discussing other people's ideas and are only interested in expounding their own.
On the other hand might no one take me seriously with such a blog-name.

Anonymous said...

I just loved to see the kids and the GI having so much fun. Awesome.

Have you seen this one phil:

chase :)

Jewish Odysseus said...

Yes, Chase, I sure did see those Boy Scouts...beautiful!

I pray that that will be the rule in Iraq, not the exception, in the not-so-distant future--all kids deserve a NORMAL LIFE, as the Boy Scouts so nobly represent!