Monday, May 2, 2011


This one is getting a LOT of play:

All the big shot bureaucrats and phony security tough guys (look at Clapper and Brennan, I HAVE to laff), looking so CONCERNED and INTENSE...My gaawwwwd, they practically killed Bin Laden themselves with their stares!!

Recall all the big events of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars when Bush was President... VOLUMES of video, satellite photos, all kinds of photography SHOWING THE HEROISM OF OUR TROOPS...Did we ever see a shot of the Prez and his advisers monitoring the monitors?

And notice how seamlessly this "we can't reveal operational secrets" bullsh!t enables them to pretend their spotlight-hogging shows they care even MORE about the success of our troops.

Obama has had these images for more than 36 hours, have we even seen a single redacted photo of the real heroes in action? A few seconds of shadowy vid? Of course not.

Because Obama is a clinical narcissistic egomaniac. If young American Navy Seals are hogging the air-time, the Messiah looks less like a hero. Hence those surreal photos like the one above, where we're supposed to be inspired by our peerless leaders intently watching TV screens during a time of war.

FOLLOW-UP: Knesset member Katz, I like the way you're thinkin'!

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