Monday, May 30, 2011


Obama is stomped into the mud, where he belongs.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Thank you! Shared.

real deal said...

while it is good to see richman 'stand up to obutt-head, many have serious problems with richman's going against the torah sages of the generation in encouraging people to ascend the temple mount. this is a serious problem. he misrepresents the torah he claims to value so much. and he misrepresents the jewish people of israel. he misleads people in a bad way and this is terrible sin in the torah.
rabbi richman: if you really want to stand up to o-butthead, then you need to respect the torah sages of the generation and stop encouraging people to ascend the temple mount. it is dangerous for you and for our people.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Come on, rd, this stale old argument has been demolished by Rabbi Richman many times! He did a whole series of shows in late 2009/2010 specifically on the topic--here is just one of them:

This has been a huge error on the part of so many rabbis, but many more are seeing this reluctance is just a cruel relic of the exile/ghetto thinking.

Do you really think Hashem put the Mount into the hands of Israel so they cd hand it over to the sons of Ishmael?!