Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I didn't blog about the Weiner scandal here, but at Ace of Spades I pointed out early why it was so important to use this scandal to bludgeon the Dems with this awaaaayyyyy back on May 31--here was a longish post to Ace (comment #61):


These Beltway Repubs have been so castrated over the years, they've forgotten how to destroy real enemies of America. And why it is...A GOOD THING.

A little math:

1) There are ~195 Democrats in the US House.

2) There are ~45 House Dems who made made the ADA's "Heroes" list in 2010.

3) There are less than 10 House Dems who are "Golden Boys" who are being sought out for much higher office, and shoved UP the ladder, and who's over-the-top partisan mouth-running gives all true-red Democrats, uhhhh...bulging underpants?

4) There is only 1 Golden Boy who is married to a notorious Rodham girlfraaayyynd, and who's fine/loyal services as a reverse beard are exactly WHY he is such a favorite. This scandal has the powder to blow Weiner AND RODHAM'S careers to smithereens! (Also is why "Mrs. Weiner" will never denounce him--she NEEDS him for cover!)

People, THIS IS A BIG FISH ACE HAS HOOKED!! WTF is the matter with these smart, eloquent, anesthetized conservatives??!! We need to be gaffing and blugeoning and slashing that m@therf@cker until it is senseless, red, and dead, dead, DEAD!! Once this fish is massacred, it will send a message to all future Weiners that there is a COST to being a vicious lefty partisan. As there MUST be.

The New York Post needs to get its collective head out of its collective @ss and release the hounds of scandal!! And the House Repubs need to immediately file ethics charges against Member Weiner: if it was against the honor of the House for Newt Gingrich to teach some college course, how the f@ck does Weiner get a pass by publishing photos of his privates?! A married man to a college girl??!! As Rush put it today, Larry Craig got drummed out for tapping his foot in a restroom, fahcrissake.

Keep up the Weiner fight, Ace!

Posted by: jewishodysseus at May 31, 2011 09:11 PM

Heheh, was Ace (and I) vindicated or what?!

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