Sunday, September 11, 2011


I've had a hard time understanding my unease, perhaps dread, at this 10th anniversary of 9/11. Although our intelligence agencies and military have performed heroically since then, to the point of essentially atomizing AlQaeda and killing Bin Laden, our country...our society...hell, our CIVILIZATION has never been weaker or more compromised versus The Jihad. This conviction was crystallized this morning, as I watched the NYC proceedings begin with the disgraceful Mike Bloomberg. In a healthy society, one that had learned its lessons from 9/11, the Mayor of the main target city would never have even considered accepting a victory mosque at Ground Zero...or if he had, the indignant citizens would have righteously tarred and feathered him, and impeached him.

I guess the main problem we have is that our leadership has dealt tactically with the problem of jihad, as opposed to strategically. And our tactical responses have further been compromised by idiotic alliances and delusions pursued in the Moslem world. I've seen some very smart people today basically cheerleading the fact that AQ is all but gone, as if they consider it irrelevant that The Jihad has gained control of two of the largest Middle East countries in the past 10 years (Turkey and Egypt), PLUS Lebanon, PLUS Gaza, PLUS Tunisia, and is on the verge of seizing oil-rich Libya. If this is victory, I'd hate to see "losing ground."

I was all set to analyze this in some depth, but the phenomenal Caroline Glick has just done such a masterful job on this very topic that there's really no point in trying to add to it. Take it away, Dr. Glick!

Finally, my favorite Presidential candidate, Herman Cain, has posted a beautiful 9/11 tribute. I loved Mr. Cain, even before he was the only Prez candidate to attend the historic Glenn Beck rally in Yerushalayim last month. I hope you'll enjoy this tribute, too:


john joseph jay said...


militarily and intelligence (-wise) the gubment hasn't done too badly.

the failure is at the level of values, felt and believed, by both the gubment, and quite frankly, we as a society.

their would be no stealth jihad if we were a people devout in our christian and jewish faiths -- no inroads would be occurring there.

and, the gubment would not be making the bonehead moves it is making, were the people who are running also possessed of morals and faith.

it is not a matter of smarts.

it is a matter of value, and the lack of faith, to the extent that people have no grounding in the civilization which we seem to be losing the tether to, nor any adherence or understanding of the free market, speaking in terms both of economics and intellectual issues.

too damned many leftist, too many people who pay attention to the hanky wringers.

john jay

john joseph jay said...


"there would be no stealth jihad ..."

Jewish Odysseus said...

John, you know we don't quibble over spelling here! ;- )

Yes, the spiritual rot is antecedent to the intellectual rot...But I am sure there is a hefty amount of intellectual rot, as well. I do believe GWBush is quite a moral, self-critical man...yet he made several gross strategic blunders, as did his generally very decent staff.

It is important to note that it took us ~31 years before we decided the USSR was actually an enemy, it seems we are about on that same agonizingly slow path before we recognize jihad--if not Islam--in the same way. It seems we are just no made to solve these problems without a lag-time of "getting up to speed."

In the meantime, the mountain of bodies grows higher...

Robert said...

Probably one of the biggest strategic mistakes was permitting Mecca and Medina to survive to see September 12, 2001. Had President Bush fully known the beliefs and superstitions of the Islamic enemy, he could have turned both sites into giant, smoking, radioactive craters that nobody would be able to approach and survive without a radiation suit, for thousands of years. Gone would be all opportunity for followers of Islam to make their Hajj - a pilgrimage to Mecca - as one of those five pillars of Islam. And from what I have read, Islam makes no allowance to its followers of a pillar of Islam being impossible to complete - those who don't perform all five are doomed to Hell, according to their superstitions. And who's going to stay with a "religion" which effectively tells its followers that you are doomed to Hell no matter what? Had Bush known to annihilate Islam's holy cities, he could have dealt a death blow to that evil ideology of predatory war, conquest, enslavement, and dehumanization right then and there, and the menace would most likely be nothing more than a bad memory by now. Of course, that goes back to the lack of values and morality by those in government.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Robert, I think there are plenty of lesser steps that could be taken that would be equally or more effective, and less risky. Also, we can't condone nuclear weapons targeted on a civilian population without a far greater provocation. (Maybe if we concluded that the govt of Saudia had planned and executed 9/11, for example).