Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jewish "Benyadict Arnolds," Then and Now...

Soros, Always Well-Dressed...

Direct from our “You Can’t Make This Sh!t up Dept.” (or is it from our “History Repeats Itself Dept.”?):

“Like every underground, however, we had a traitor. [Simon] Tsorros was never a member of the Irgun. For a time he worked for the fund from which the Irgun received financial aid. This brought him in touch with a number of people active in the Irgun and a number of others whom he believed to be active. It is hard to say when exactly he established contact with the special police, and became their agent. Tsorros was a gambler, and liked to dress well. He was short of money and, it seems, he was also a coward…[First] he denounced the radio transmitter at the Raziel home…Several weeks later he handed to Catling, the Head of the Jewish Department of the British C.I.D., a list of names, descriptions, and addresses.
…Meanwhile we considered what to do with Tsorros. My comrades demanded his execution. By the laws of the underground their demand was justified…Nevertheless I opposed the execution of Tsorros. I feared the possibility of error. I demanded full proof. I could not believe that a Jew could sink so low. I was mistaken. In the course of time I learnt the truth and admitted my mistake.

Tsorros informed on me personally. He came to our house.

Time has passed. I see before me all the boys, the heroic, the saintly, the pure. And I know that if a man rises above himself there is no limit to his ascent.
And on the other hand I see Tsorros. He stands by my son’s crib.
The child laughs at both of us. Tsorros smiles at father and son. All the time he is thinking his thoughts. And again I know, if a man falls there is no limit to his descent.”

--Menachem Begin, "The Revolt," pp. 101-103

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GM Roper said...

The names, the names... Soros is not interested in anything that doesn't allow him raw naked power behind words that can be mellifluous because they sound so wonderful and uplifting.

But when the power is attained, the reality smells like a sewer.

Wake up people, this man does not have your interests at heart.