Friday, November 26, 2010


"You're not planning to use this money to provide Jew-free swimming
to Muslims, are you?"

The indispensable "AtlasShrugs" has yet another incredible story here about Muslim invaders lecturing the clueless dhimmi gringos at George Washington University on the need to be tolerant of their triumphalist ideology...but left unsaid is the even more incredible irony of this story:

The guy who donated $5.55 million to GWU to build this "Health and Wellness Center," after whom it is (but didn't we know this in our bones already?) of course, Jewish. Come on down and take a bow, THEODORE LERNER, an intensely private octogenarian real-estate billionaire whose official bio page gives a few of his credentials:

Theodore N. Lerner, who is a native Washingtonian, is the Founder and a Principal of Lerner Enterprises, He is also the Managing Principal Owner of the Washington Nationals Major League Baseball team. Mr. Lerner founded Lerner Enterprises, based in Rockville, Maryland, in 1952. He graduated from The George Washington University with an Associates of Arts degree and has an LLB from The George Washington University Law School. Ted Lerner has served on the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of The George Washington University, and is the largest private real estate developer in the Washington, D.C. area. His family dedicated the Annette and Theodore Lerner Family Health and Wellness Center and Theodore N. Lerner Hall at the University. The Annette M. and Theodore N. Lerner Family Foundation provides support to many organizations, including: Food and Friends; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Shady Grove Adventist Hospital; Hadley's Park; the Weizmann Institute of Science; the Scleroderma Foundation of Greater Washington; YouthAids; Junior Achievement of the Greater Washington Area; the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School; the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington; and Imagination Stage, among many others. Ted and his wife Annette are founding members of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

This is NOT meant to slam Ted Lerner, who is at worst guilty of cluelessness or lack of oversight of his gigantic donations to GWU. But it seems there is almost a pattern of jihadis seeking out well-known Jews or Jewish-affiliated institutions for their in-your-face activities (e.g., Imam Rauf's buying of Mayor Bloomberg in NYC; the al-Qaeda chemist who went to Brandeis). Surely philanthropic Jews like the Lerners don't make multi-million dollar donations expecting their money to be used to protect the shariah sensibilities of jihadi subversives, do they? What next, Muslim doctors at Beth Israel or Mount Sinai hospitals who refuse to treat Jewish patients?

Funny how the slimy jihadi lawyer defending this apartheid, Ayesha N. Khan, is hiding behind the notion that "because George Washington is a private university, there should be no constitutional issues with the swim hour"....Does that mean that if the private donor who funded the pool pressed to kick out, say, ohhhhhh, ARABS who wanted to swim there, that "Americans United for Separation of Church and State" wouldn't run screaming to court? "To ask the question is to answer it."

One can only hope that Mr. Lerner will lift a finger and dial up his groveling administrators at GWU.

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