Sunday, November 21, 2010


Are these lunkheads really the best I could get for my $75 mil?

I was cleaning out the ol' e-mail recently, and came upon this golden oldie, from 3/31/10--ahhhh, it sure helps one's perspective to take a little trip down memory lane. And it is important to save these little nuggets from the memory-hole, if yaknowuttimeeeeeaaaan:

Dear MoveOn member,

With all the excitement around the passage of health care, you might have missed this: a big story in The New York Times showing how the bold leadership of progressives in Congress, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is a key reason health care reform is a reality today.

After the Massachusetts election, the article says, Democrats were in disarray. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was pushing a plan to severely scale back reform.

But led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, progressives stood up to fight. When MoveOn members looked to Democrats to "fight, not fold," Pelosi was right there with us.

Speaker Pelosi's leadership was critical—and with the recent right-wing health care backlash, it's important that progressives show we've got her back. Can you add your name to our thank you card to Speaker Pelosi today? Click the link below to sign the card:

According to the Times article, after the Massachusetts Senate election, Emanuel was pushing to seriously scale back health care to more incremental reform. And many in Congress, scared by the election results, were ready to go along.

But Speaker Pelosi was having none of it—no "kiddie care," as she called it, for her. She and other progressives had been fighting since long before the inauguration to make real reform a priority, and they weren't about to back down now. She made clear to President Obama and Senate leadership that she was ready to fight—and that they better be too.

Her leadership in that critical moment, along with the powerful work of grassroots progressives like you and other MoveOn members, saved health care. And now that health care reform has passed, it's important to take a moment to thank Speaker Pelosi for being a true progressive leader—and for playing a key role in a new law that will make our country a better place.

Thanks for all you do.

–Kat, Carrie, Ilya, Michael, and the rest of the team

No, thank YOU for setting up our tsunami, you soulless neo-Bolsheviks!

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GM Roper said...

"No, thank YOU for setting up our tsunami, you soulless neo-Bolsheviks!"

One of the great lines of the decade.