Friday, March 21, 2008


Ohhhh, boyyy...Does Allah take it lightly when a Muslim "scholar" questions The Word of The Noble Q'uran? When he substitutes his own political preferences for The Word of The Book? Isn't that a form of blasphemy? Isn't the punishment for it DEATH?

Check out this evil swine at 2.30 (1:36 from the end):

We know of course the Q'uran NEVER refers to "Palestine." And it DOES refer to Israel MANY times...Even calls it "the land of promise."

So this little Shaitan's imp is rejecting the Q'uran's words (Israel/Promised Land), and inserting into it an alien word...PALESTINE.

And this is a "trained scholar"...He can't even claim ignorance!

Let the fatwas begin, heheh...

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Anonymous said...

I never realized Jews could be so murderous and hate-filled...even about trivial things.. No wonder everyone (and I do mean everyone) hates you.