Monday, March 24, 2008


A belated "Happy Easter" to all our Christian readers--we hope you'll be inspired by this story as much as we were!:

March 24, 2008

God’s glory abounds at Camp Victory
By Pfc. Eric J. Glassey 13th Public Affairs Detachment Multi-National Corps – Iraq PAO

BAGHDAD – The sun rose behind the podium as hymns rose in the air. Christians of all denominations gathered at the temporary chapel at Al Faw Palace, Camp Victory, to celebrate the wonder of Easter.

“It is one of the premier worship services of the year,” said Army Maj. Lane Stockeland, officer in charge, Victory Chapel. “Traditionally, it is a milestone for believers, and probably one of the most important and significant worship services of the year.” Chap. (Col.) Pat Hash, command chaplain, Multi-National Corps – Iraq, gave the morning’s sermon.

Although the Sunrise Service was for all denominations, special care was taken by the chaplaincy to ensure all believers’ specific needs were catered to throughout the week.

“This whole week, we have special services for each religion,” Hash said. “We make sure these services are provided for them.”

The Sunrise Service was a taste of home for some Christians, Stockeland said.

The service in front of the palace was very similar to the Easter Sunrise Services held in cities all across America where people gather to greet the morning by giving praise to Jesus Christ, Stockleland explained.

“No matter where you are in the world, as a Christian you can celebrate Easter and especially Easter sunrise.”

The service also had another meaning to some. Holding a religious service in an area that once had no religious freedom is a milestone, Stockeland said. “I think it’s pretty significant to hold Easter sunrise in an area where folks didn’t have the freedom to do so.”


Nancy Coppock said...

Thanks for the notice!

Christians, at least Evangelicals, know we are just grafted in to the root of Abraham. Praise You merciful Father!

In other words, I am a mere adopted child, while you are chosen. After reading and studying the beauty of the scripture, I have come to understand my place as a gentile in His plan. The plan is a beautiful puzzle that fits together like a disco mirror ball, that shines like glory. Each facet reveals but a small part of this wonderful sublimeness, and the totality of it is beyond our comprehension in its fiery light.
We are family and love one another as families are prone (supposed - ha!) to do.

Evangelicals love Israel and her people, so thank you for loving us.

Jewish Odysseus said...

What a beautiful view of our faiths, Nancy, you are a true Christian in the best sense of the word!

Thank you, amiga!

Anonymous said...
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