Tuesday, March 18, 2008


More non-newsworthy, non-dramatic, non-heroic reports from Iraq...Our men tracking AlQaeda terrorists into their mountain hideouts and gunning them down wouldn't interest the average American, would it? "SO LET'S NOT REPORT IT!!"

But you can read it here! (and of course, here):

March 18, 2008

Seven killed, eight detained during Coalition operations targeting al-Qaeda

BAGHDAD – Coalition forces killed seven terrorists and detained eight suspects Monday during operations to disrupt al-Qaeda networks operating in central and northern Iraq.

During an operation north of al-Mansuriyah in the Hamrin Mountains, Coalition forces targeted alleged associates of a suicide bombing cell for al-Qaeda in Iraq operating in the Diyala River Valley. Reports indicate the individuals were associated with terrorists throughout the Hamrin Mountains region believed to be planning an upcoming suicide attack, and with terrorists killed during Coalition forces operations March 14 and 16.

Intelligence reports led Coalition forces to a location where the individuals were believed to be operating. The assault force observed five armed men who did not comply with directions or heed warnings. Perceiving hostile intent, Coalition forces engaged the armed men, killing them. Secondary explosions were observed inside their vehicle indicating explosive materials were likely inside.

East of Samarra near Shuzayf, Coalition forces conducted an operation targeting an alleged AQI associate involved in foreign terrorist facilitation, and smuggling weapons and improvised explosive device materials into the Diyala River Valley. Reports indicate the targeted individual is also associated with terrorists killed during operations March 5 and 9.

[Hmmmmm, sounds like a lovely little intel chain...3 linked savages wiped out in 11 days, yeeaaahh! And let's hope the chain continues!!--J.O.]

Intelligence reports led Coalition forces to a location where the targeted individual was believed to be operating. Two armed individuals were observed in the target location. The armed men, one of whom was the targeted individual, ignored Coalition forces warnings and were subsequently engaged and killed. Upon securing the area, Coalition forces found two AK-47 machine guns, a pistol, hand grenades and IED making materials, which were destroyed on site to prevent future use for terrorist activity.

During an operation in Baghdad, Coalition forces captured a suspected terrorist believed to be a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device maker involved in the south Karkh network and an associate of senior terrorist leaders for the region. The suspect was allegedly responsible for attacks against Iraqi civilians and Coalition forces, including the VBIED attacks Feb. 11 on the Karada peninsula that killed 15 Iraqis and the March 10 suicide bomber attack in Mansour that killed five U.S. soldiers. Intelligence indicates the suspect was planning similar attacks in the future. During the operation, the wanted individual was wounded. He received medical care on site and was transferred to a military medical facility for further treatment prior to being detained.

[Just proving the Americans are the most humane, as well as toughest, force on earth!--J.O.]

In west Mosul, Coalition forces detained seven suspected terrorists believed to be associated with senior terrorist leaders and foreign terrorist facilitators in the region.

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