Monday, March 3, 2008


Hillary Back in Happier Times--Oct. 15, 2007, when her nomination was still "inevitable." See how happy she looked?

I know there's an argument to be made for keeping Hillary Clinton in the game to "bloody up" the "charismatic" Obama. But people, that is being too clever by a half. We need to see this bitch put down, now. Let me tell you why.

About a million years ago, we had a country where certain ideas and principles were drummed into every kid every day:
"Honesty is the best policy."
"Take responsibility for your actions."
"Stick up for your friends when things are tough for them."
"Don't be a bully, and stand up to bullies."
"When things go bad for you, don't complain, just work harder."
"Say what you mean and mean what you say."
"Be a good sport."
"Be a team player."

...and a boatload of other homey sayings. Remember?

We had a big scare back in 1977. That year, the Philadelphia 76ers put together a team that seemed to be ready to roll to the NBA title. The Sixers had a squad that contained some of the greatest one-on-one athletes ever to squeeze the air out of a basketball, including "Dr. J" Erving, George McGinnis, Lloyd Free, Darrell Dawkins and Doug Collins. But, as Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe pointed out as the final series began, with the 76ers confronting the Portland Trailblazers: "Every coach in the country is terrified that the 76ers will win the championship, since it will disprove every lesson they've ever given their players on the right way to play, and the right way to conduct yourself."

Well, after destroying the Trailblazers the first 2 games, the 76ers melted down the next 4 straight. And every coach in America breathed a sigh of relief. The old lessons had held fast.

Until 1992.

That year a draft-dodging pathological liar and quasi-rapist defeated a fumble-mouthed war hero for the presidency...and then in 1996, the same man defeated another war-hero and veteran legislator.

The old rules had been trashed, as Prez. Flim-Flam and his wife-accomplice cobbled together a coalition of enough moochers, leftists, bureaucrats and race-baiters to enable wickedness to triumph over decency.

Oh, brother, that was bad.

But not as bad as Round 2 would be.

Here, the sleazy candidate Hillary doesn't even earn the credit of being self-created...It's strictly a "because it's her turn" thing. She has pulled back around her the same nasty gang of low retreads that we endured from 1992-2000.

It is SOOOOOO important that this cabal be crushed, ASAP. As a lesson for...THE CHILDREN. Bad enough that wickedness triumphed twice...BUT FOUR TIMES?!

And it is so delicious that the agent of her destruction is a feathery lightweight Chicago non-Muslim/Muslim crook...She daren't REALLY attack him, and her vague insinuations get no traction at all. Funniest, the clueless media leftists don't understand that Barry is A MUCH WEAKER CANDIDATE. So they tilt against her. HAAAAAAWWWWW!!!

The dog is frothing at the mouth...She can't drink...She's vicious and confused...The time has come...Sonny, go into the shed and get my shotgun...



Nancy Coppock said...

Wow, Atticus (Finch), you are sure wound up about that rabid dog in the street. It is entirely racially insensitive to contemplate the viciousness of the rabid hildebeast attacking her own party and the nameless B-O and I confess my sin and am flogging myself even as I write.

But, do you remember back when the now rabid hildebeast first brought out her Health Care Plan which resulted in a massive sweep out of Democrats in the Congress? A caller to Rush postulated that the hildebeast was really a Republican mole in the Democrat Party destroying it from within. Shouldn't we let this rabid mole do what she does best?

We all know that the Democratic Party has nothing to offer except tyranny and oppression. Allowing this rabid animal to do what she does best - destroy her own party- could be a method toward sticking a fork in the entire body of the political pig.

Then let the Republican Party split and I'm going with the team that will butt out of my life the quickest.

Sound like a plan?

Jewish Odysseus said...

"Rabid mole," HILLARY-ous!!

I just see this as sort of a cosmic comeuppance for the Klintons, and the more crushing and decisive the defeat, the better for universal karma, and us.

And the Klintons are at their best in the tight clinches, when bullying, blackmail [ooops, sorry for the racial insensitivity], bribery and lying are most I think she COULD pull this out and emerge as "the Comeback Battleaxe." That would lead to a "natural" succession of Barry as VP or heir-apparent, smoothed-over feelings w/the Obamaniacs, and a truly energized Dhim party for November.

If BHO wins, the Klintonites become cosmic losers, many will lash out at BHO...that would be best!!

"The shotgun, please."

Nancy Coppock said...

illary will not win in Texas, but she will be very close. Close but no cigar. Tension is high in the Democratic Party. Note the 2 incidents of violence between civilian Clintonistas and the B-O Kool-Aide drinkers. While rough and rowdy to onlookers it foretells a sweet doom. Let the rabid mole do what she does best.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Close but still a Texas loser? WORKS FOR ME!! ;- )

A toast to your Texan prescience, Nancy!

Marzouq the Redneck Muslim said...


Looks like Hillary won TX & OH! This is how it stands at this time of the day.

Have to agree if the US electorate falls for the impending Clinton-Obama/Obama-Clinton ticket, it shows those old lessons have been forgotten.

Just look how much is forgotten by those who teach our children in public schools. Look how the Deomcrats/Socialists are indoctrinating America's youth. This is the grand conspiracy between the Dem/Soc's, "Teacher's" Unions and Govt. Employees Unions abetted by the MSM.

It is so ironic being called a racist for my belief in the Republic (as stated in the Constitution of the United States) by a bunch of ignorant fools who regularly vote for the Dem/Soc cabal. They don't know the Law of the Land although they claim they do. They believe there is a Constitutional right to vote in federal elections. That is not true because they have an imaginary constitution based on what they are told by the aforementioned cabal. They are too lazy and stupid to see for themselves and refuse to believe even if you show them in the Constitution!

This November we shall see how stupid America is collectively. Who knows, it may go like McGovern in '72! How heartening that would be!

Salaam eleikum Y'all!

Jewish Odysseus said...

That'll teach me to bet the mortgage $$ based on the predictions of a...NATIVE TEXAN!!

Thanks a lot, Nancy...NOT!!

We let proven evil get up off the mat in the name of political tactics...Did you hear Hill's little jibe at Rush today?: "Be careful what you wish for!"

I guess my preference for BHO can be based on 1 little word: CLARITY. Hillary has been faking as a moderate for ~12 years...She's persuaded a lot of dumb voters, whereas Obama has no such teflon for the general election.

I hope I'm wrong.

Marzouq the Redneck Muslim said...

Don't be surprised at a C/O or O/C ticket. It seem the only way to avert something similar to 1968.

Rumours are flying on Left blogs about militant plans.

Let's hope the election goes like 1868.

Salaam Y'all!