Sunday, March 2, 2008


Even as the IDF starts to shake itself out of a solid 5-year-slumber, Hamas is telling "the outside world" that the poor "Balestinian beeeeeble" are once again being victimized by another Joooooo-inflicted genocide, morgues full, children dead, WOE IS US...

Yet, on their own official website, in Arabic, what is Hamas telling their own people, those pooooooor Balestinian victims? THEY ARE BRAGGING ABOUT THE DESTRUCTION THEY ARE INFLICTING ON JEWISH CIVILIANS!! Check out their cute little slide show here--all photos of real victims, Jewish civilians in Sderot.

And look at their nice inspirational poster they have a little down the page:

And look at the sick agit-prop Hamas is posting at the English side of the site [h/t to the lovely AtlasShrugs]:

So, Fascistinians are hiding behind their own civilians, using them as human sandbags [One little fact: you know this is a "grave" WAR-CRIME? I mean, the media has always pointed that out, haven't they?] as they fire rockets at Jooooooish schoolkids...Some of those civilians are getting kilt when Israel shoots back at the rocketmen...Jeeeez, I'm all broke up about that, aren't you?

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