Saturday, March 22, 2008






"We are the Ummah. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your people and property to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."


Nancy Coppock said...

Great analogy. That series on Star Trek unnerved me the most. Intense evil.


I have believed for a long time that the muddled voice of the U.S. due to the Democratic Party has allowed nasties all over the globe to proliferate. It's like the sound of the watchman's trumpet in Isaiah; if it is clear then all heed it's call, but if the trumpet is not clear, then confusion and the people perish.

So, do you think that if the trumpet of the Voice of Freedom becomes clear,Israel will profit because the distinction between good and evil will be clear? Do you see where I'm going with this?

I'm working on a post to answer your Operation Chaos question. Stay tuned.

Jewish Odysseus said...

"So, do you think that if the trumpet of the Voice of Freedom becomes clear,Israel will profit because the distinction between good and evil will be clear?"

I'm ashamed to say, Nancy, that my brethren have been so confused by socialism and intimidated by Jew-hating Muslims and Europeans, that those in Israel who are BEST POSITIONED TO BLOW THAT TRUMPET are remaining sadly silent.

As our friend Atlas puts it, they are set on "Jewicide." When someone is determined to kill themselves, even the best friend in the world can't save them.

The late great Eric Hoffer said: "If Israel fails, then history can have no meaning." We all know this in our hearts, but today's "leaders" of the children of Israel have forgotten.

Anonymous said...

You idiots, what a bunch of childish yet child murdering ignoramuses you are! May the fate of those you help oppress befall you! Chosen people my ass, chosen for misery and violence perhaps!

Turning the Promised Land into the land of broken promises. At least Hitler didn't keep it up 60 years you ashkeNAZI UberNazis. Dear zionist rats, why don't you save the world the trouble and take a dive into the Med??? The 19 million lot of you vs THOUSANDS of MILLIONS, what do you suppose the outcome will be of the cancerous apartheid state of israhell? Don't you think indonesians will be attacking you if you send the middle east into a nuclear winter? You gonna kill ALL muslims?? LOL watch it, with your pitiful numbers they could eradicate you using mere intercourse, i mean how long can j-date sustain your inbreeding right?
Petter H.

Jewish Odysseus said...

19 million Jooooooos? Thanks for the promotion.

Congrats on your crystal ball, that enables you to foretell that the Muslims will wipe out the Jooooooos. Where was that crystal ball in 1945, when the Jooooooos were being wiped out in the death camps...? Yet 3 years later they were obliterating the combined armies of the Arab warriors and their foreign advisers. Did your crystal ball predict that?

Hey, your Hamas heroes are some reaaaaally brave fighters, their performance in Gaza was really impressive. Were they trained by Saddam's officers?