Saturday, March 1, 2008


Hillary Clinton starts running this spot heavily, and and Obamaniacs like Ann Althouse think they've caught her red-handed in a subliminal racist message, since if you tilt your head and squint really hard, you can almost see the letters "NIG" in the fold of one kid's what if the words read "GOOD NIGHT" in toto?

But Jewish Odysseus has seen a lot of smart political ads--and a lot of dumb ones,--crude as well as subtle, and this one edges towards the pretty crude, and desperate. No, it has nothing to do with the letters on the kid's PJs, or the eye on the seal of the dollar-bill, it has everything to do with fairly obvious, consistent, and non-coincidental factors of the ad. Let's start with the most obvious, first:

1) Out of 8 scenes in the ad, 2 thru 7 have an odd blue tint. The colors BLUE AND WHITE are dominant in these 6 scenes. What group of people are often associated with those colors?

2) The very first scene (.00 to .02) of the front of the house...check out the shape of the porch-lamp on the left...similar to a six-pointed star...Though maybe this is a bit of a stretch...BUT

3) The very next scene (.03 to .06), check out the shape of the snowflakes on the girl's PJ's...They ARE six-pointed stars.

4) Scene 6 (.17 to .19), look at the design of the sheets on the little boy's bed...HELLOOOO!!!! Do they remind you of anything familiar? Maybe 2 things?--a tallit and an Israeli flag! THIS one leaves nothing to the imagination--IT'S FREAKIN' BLATANT!! [BTW, has enyone out there EVER seen a child's bedsheet w/that design before? Did they have it custom designed for this ad?]

So it's just A TOTAL COINCIDENCE that Hellary is running this peculiar ad the very same week that she is stoking fears of the "honorary [Muslim] Somali" Obama... a non-Muslim Muslim whos views on Israel may just not be kosher enough for...well, you know who...Those wealthy, urban folks of a certain Mosaic persuasion who just happen to have a disproportionate influence inside the Dhimmicrat Party...


Could this ad be transmitting a subliminal fear out to this large, important, wealthy Dhim constituency? Hmmmmmm? NO DOUBT!!

But geniuses like Ann Althouse can't see the real subliminal messages for the illusionary ones.

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Nobody's Favorite said...

Could it be that Democratic Jews put this ad together?

I do see your point about the six pointed stars and the tallit.