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Iraqi Kids Frolic in Historic Pool on Thursday dirty kaffirs like Capt. Sean O'Brien and Sgt. Ray Allen impose their evil and arrogant designs on Muslim victims:

(Oh, don't hold your breath waiting to see this story in the lamestream media...)

Aug. 9, 2008
Historic Mesbah pool reopens in Karadah (Baghdad)
Multi-National Division – Baghdad

BAGHDAD – Children and young adults alike donned swimming trunks to take the plunge or a dive after the re-opening of the Mesbah Pool in the Karadah district of southeast Baghdad, Aug. 7.

Iraqi officials, contractors and Soldiers from 5th Battalion, 25th Field Artillery, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light), worked together to bring this historic pool back to the people of Iraq.

The Mesbah Pool is an Olympic-sized pool that has been around for quite a long time, since 1927, according to Nibras, the project manager for the Mesbah Pool. He said it was the first pool built in Iraq.

“A lot of the people in high-level government positions … remember swimming in this pool when they were children,” said Capt. Sean O’Brien, effects coordinator for 5th Bn., 25th FA. “There is a lot of pride associated with it in the community.”

Unfortunately, the pool fell into disrepair over the years. When the time came to fix it, some wanted to just tear the whole thing down and start from scratch, said Sgt. 1st Class Raymond Allen, a non-commissioned officer assigned to 5th Bn. 25th FA’s effects cell.

It took a great deal of hard work in a short amount of time to renovate Mesbah pool. Some people wanted to tear it down and start from scratch, but that wasn’t necessary.

“We did our best to finish it in one month and it is a great job,” he said..

Contractors worked day and night to complete the pool upgrades in time to allow children to swim there before school starts. The renovation also brought back memories for those who swam there when they were children.

The pool is a particular favorite of older Iraqis who have memories of swimming there during their youth, Nibras said. It is like a dream for them. The restoration of the pool holds a lot of symbolism.

“There were a lot of people in the beginning who had doubts about the restoration of this historic landmark,” he said. “But they were proven wrong today.”

Sallama Albaldway, a nearby resident, said she was very pleased to see the pool re-open and to see children given an opportunity to enjoy the pool, as she had when she was child.

One of the contractors who worked on the project had a close bond with the pool; his father swam in the pool before it fell into disrepair O’Brien said. Such a strong personal tie gave the contractor great enthusiasm for the project.

“So the son wanted to do a very good job for his father, and make sure it was absolutely perfect,” he added.

Iraqi government officials, civilians, contractors and Coalition Forces all worked together to complete this project, said Sgt. 1st Class Raymond Allen, a non-commissioned officer assigned to 5th Bn., 25th FA’s effects cell.

In addition to the historical value of restoring Iraq’s oldest pool, it also provides a fun and safe environment for youth.

“The pool is for the children of Iraq,” O’Brien said

In spite of all the difficulties children in Iraq face, it is good to be able to provide them a safe and fun environment, O’Brien said. It is a good place for youth to go to play away from threats and dangers of improvised explosive devices.

Usef, a 9-year-old Iraqi boy, was happy to be there for the opening, and he was sure he would enjoy swimming there, saying it was a very good day to go swimming and there aren’t many places to go to swim.

“This is a great indication of security, the beginnings of liberty (and) all of those good things that are needed in order for a true society to begin again,” said O’Brien, adding that the reopening is another step toward a return to normalcy in Iraq.

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Nancy Coppock said...

Looks like life in post Sadaam Iraq is moving into high enjoyment factor thanks to the hard work of Americans. How wonderful to see this age of freedom grow as it reconnects the past good times with the future good times. Somebody teach the kids how to do a "can opener"! Or is that instinctive in the boy gene?