Friday, August 1, 2008


And I do mean chicken-feed (check it out at 0.42). And I do mean losers...As in "Reebok and Adidas, Satan's latest kebabs."

You say you're a little down, Bunky? You say that the lamestream media morons set new Olympic records for denial and fantasy in reporting from Iraq? Well, let's just see who is getting fed to the chickens, and who is re-enlisting for combat by the thousands. This:

vs. this:


Anonymous said...

Remind me not to eat any chickens from Iraq!

Nancy Coppock said...

May G-d have mercy upon their souls. It grieves my heart to know that these men believed in a lie and then died for that lie. The wicked call evil good and good evil. I pray for the wisdom to know the difference. G-d bless our troops and keep them safe and we pray for our enemies that their hearts might be changed.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Nancy, thank you for your truly-Christian-in-the-best-sense-of-the-word comments. This posting may indeed appear callous to some, but I think we need to be reminded constantly of the depravity and psychotic zeal of our enemies, and the incredible bravery and EFFECTIVENESS of our warriors who are routing these rabid jackals.

I have commented many times that we should have some institution to seek to salvage those jihadis who've been brainwashed their whole lives, so they never really had a chance to learn what is truly good, or evil. If their souls cannot be salvaged, we of course pray for them.

Anonymous said...

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Jewish Odysseus said...

Thanks for your kind comment, amigo.

Alex Malejewicz said...

:-D Best thing I've seen for a while. You made my day!