Friday, June 4, 2010


God only knows how many innocent American lives were saved
when this young wretch was rubbed out.

Ohhhh, booo-hooo-hooooooo, a 19-year-old Turkish-American jihadi, Furkan Dogan was sent directly from the good ship Mavi Marmara to hell the other night by an Israeli naval hero. "Ohhhhhh, the humanity, such a future he had, such potential!" He was going to be a doctor (just like the Glasgow airport firebomber Bilal Abdullah in 2007.) Spare me that bullsh!t, please. Like we should have mourned the death of some sensitive HitlerJugend back in 1936?

We've had an epidemic in our country of "sudden jihadi syndrome," where fine upstanding young Muslim-Americans emerge as vicious mass-murderers of poor unsuspecting naive Yanks. Now this clown Dogan does us the favor of outing himself 9,000 miles away on the high seas, but bad luck for him a well-armed kaffir was present before he could give full rein to his homicidal lusts. Bad luck for him, but fantastic good fortune for the rest of us, who now have one less bloodthirsty jihadi maniac to worry about.

I can just see the interview we've now been permanently spared: "He was always polite, but very quiet. I never knew he had an interest in explosives. I still can't really believe he's done this, all these people dead."

Here are a few of the home-raised jihadis that we were NOT fortunate enough to see eliminated by a courageous foreign commando:

Sulejman Talovic--murdered 5 at Salt Lake City mall (Bosnia)

Naveed Haq--Shot 6 women at Seattle Jewish Community Center, life in prison (Pakistan)

Serdar Tatar--one of Fort Dix Six--33 years prison (Turkey)

Mohamad Shnewer--one of Fort Dix Six--life plus 33 years prison (Jordan)

Hysen Sharifi--Raleigh, NC jihadi (Kosovo)

Whatta nice group. Tell me this thug Dogan doesn't fit in perfectly? (By the way, isn't it funny how the Turkish word for martyr--"sehit"- and "Hitler" is combined in the Facebook memorial photo of the little savage above?)

Our first instinct on seeing a young person's death is to mourn the waste of a life, and imagine the positive impacts he could have made on the world. Unfortunately, until the adults of the "Muslim world" get their collective heads out of their collective @sses and start encouraging their young people to value peace above murder, then the only rational response is a robust cheer when a jihadi is eliminated before he can murder an innocent soul.

The Israeli Navy surely saved innocent American lives, police bullets, and perhaps millions in court costs by drowning this little Turkish plague rat. BRAVO AND THANK YOU!


Juniper in the Desert said...

Fabulous post! The "hitler" bit is amazing.

GM Roper said...

Fabulous and right on target (no pun intended)

Turkish E.T. said...

You are cruel and dumb. And just like the rest of your friends you don't understand that the kid was a kid and had nothing to do with islamic extremism or bombs or anything you so love to attribute to him. You shiver me with disgust.

You compare him to Hitler in the first paragraph and thus fall victim to Godwin's law. Very silly that you invalidate your own self. Rather Floridan of you.

The only terrorists in Turkey, accepted by international organizations, are the Kurdish PKK; who you support. The kid was there to bring aid and attention to a town that receives the quarter of aid it needs.

Had Israel valued peace so much it would have done what it does in middle easy. And I wont even begin to explain them, you should just go read past United Nations Human Rights council reports and all the civilians that died accidentally in the totally uncalled for Gaza offensive.

You are the embodiment of evil. And I hope you and your family suffer in all the pain you like laughing at.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Good riddance to bad Islamofascist rubbish. One less mass-murderer to worry about out there.

If you read my post, TET, you'd see I never compared the little savage to Hitler. I DID compare him to several other murderous young immigrant jihadis--perhaps your blindness caused you to miss the photos that I posted?

All I can say is that I sincerely hope you and Turkey get everything you deserve.