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Just learned of an excellent blog by some people with the real WILL-TO-WIN...Here is the first of what I'm sure will be many links to "Jewish Russian Telegraph":

December 17, 2006
Tatiana Menaker: Russian Jews, American Jews, and Traifn Bleet

From JRT: Walter, dear friend, this is for you. Great chance to educate yourself in a variety of cultures. You can learn about Russians, Russian Jews, and even, indirectly, about Muslims. Perhaps not all cultures are the same, and perhaps, there should be alternatives to nice quiet talks.

Tatiana Menaker:

When I arrived to the Unites States twenty years ago, one thing befuddled me the most. How Americans with all their mighty Central Intelligence, FBI, think tanks, scientific centers, dozens of universities’ Russian departments and thousands of professors studying the Soviet Union could stay so ignorant about Russians, their national mentality, especially considering that the Soviet Union at the moment was the main military adversary of the United States.

The chief mistake in their approach was that they treated Russians as Americans except for living with less perfect outdoor plumbing and in a different geographical zone and climate. So Americans, while calculating their international moves, always contemplated what they would do in the similar situation.

Wrong! While in 1985 in majority of American cities people kept houses open and sometimes, while shopping, even leaving car keys in the ignitions for hours, in Russia shoes would get stolen if left unattended for 20 minutes. Americans were totally incomprehensive of the general cheapness of human life in the Soviet Union and didn’t realize that a huge part of the Soviet population, “kolhozniks” (the collective farm workers) were virtually the slaves of the state until the collapse of the Soviet Union. They had no passports, no rights move out of the “kokhoz” of their birthplace or to choose the place of work or. Instead of money they were paid in “labor days” which translated into food supplies, amount of which they couldn’t negotiate. What else is slavery if not forced labor, with no money paid and with no freedom to leave?

Even with tremendous army of Russian experts, Americans barely knew the life of miniscule Soviet elite, a tiny dissident circle, and the Soviet government apparatus. The gap between American knowledge of Soviet reality and reality itself could be measured in millions of miles.

Now imagine the huge gap between reality of Arab Muslim life and American knowledge of it, when even in times of “hot” war, there is a shortage of Arabic language specialists.

This is why Walter Ruby’s statement that “Jews and Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians are all human beings and as human beings have many of the same desires and hopes, for peace, security, success and prosperity” is so laughable.

Fortunately for him, Mr. Ruby doesn’t have an experience of living among people whom my grandmother called in Yiddish “Traifn bleet” (Unkosher Blood.) She saw drunk “Black Hundreds’” pogromschiks who hammered nails in the eyes of Jewish infants in 1903. Unfortunately for us, Russian Jews, we lived among such people. We lived among people, whose parents during Nazi occupation volunteered to murder helpless Jewish elders, women and children with such passion and lust that Germans couldn’t come close to compete with them. We lived among people who, would kill not because you are just a dirty Jew, but for the plain pleasure to kill.

This is the main difference in mentality of American and Russian Jews. American Jews had the luxury to live in the country where general population, raised and educated on the Bible for the last 300 hundred years, lived by the Bible. We lived among the population of illiterate slaves in a country where Christianity was not really preached. The first words, they learned to read, were the words of socialist propaganda a.k.a. hatred toward “the rich.” With enthusiasm they succumbed to Pagan socialism, with millions lost to human sacrifice.

Mr. Ruby’s statement just shows how gullible majority of American Jews are regarding “Palestinian desire for peace.” Asked what they want to do when they grow up, Palestinian kids answer ”Kill the Jews!” They don’t know what to do with peace. They are raised to kill Jews. Did Mr. Ruby see the video as peaceful crowd of Palestinian Arabs danced holding the intestines of two Israeli reservists whom they lynched in Gaza? I doubt that Jews are capable of tearing of their enemies’ human flesh and dancing with it, leaking dripping blood.

I spent four years looking in the eye of a Palestinian “peaceniks” screaming, “Kill the Jews!” and “Hitler didn’t finish the job!” at anti-Israel rallies in San Francisco State University. Out of a hundred Palestinian Arabs, given chance to murder hundred Jews with impunity, ninety eight would do it immediately. The remaining two would even pay with their own lives for such a pleasure. I bet that with Jews given chance to kill Arabs, the count will be different.

I was raised and lived until the age of 20 in the dirty communal apartment in Leningrad where eight families fought for a place in the kitchen, waited in line for the only toilet, and where people were forced to live, deprived of any privacy, with disgusting strangers as with close relatives, and watched those strangers’ lives. It was the best life lesson I ever had.

A few of my girlfriends, who had the luxury of living in apartments of their own, never learned how low human beings could fall. They never saw husbands beating their wives’ heads against the tiled stoves and hot radiators, they never saw men having sex with their neighbors’ wives while husbands slept dead drunk, they never saw families where people were stealing from each other, informing on each other to the police and sending each other to prison, and 20 year olds drowning in bathtubs from too much vodka.

My delusional girlfriends expected people to be good to them and to each other as their own loving mothers and grandmas. They were as delusional about people as Mr. Ruby and majority of American Jews are delusional about Palestinians and Muslims. They never lived among barbarians and never dealt with their cruelty. Russian Jews did. And we know that barbarians respect nothing besides force and cruelty much worse than their own.

General Pershing understood Muslims much better than gullible American Jews. He used to dip bullets before he used them against Muslim insurgents in liquid pig fat, depriving them of coveted paradise. In a few months there was no insurgency anymore. With “generals” like Walter Ruby in a few years there will be no more Israel and no Jews.



Anonymous said...

great article! Thanks for sharing.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Thank you, Conch. But Ms. Menaker did make a slight error, that tory about the late great Gen. Pershing and the pig fat has been thoroughly debunked, esp. at Snopes.com.