Thursday, March 15, 2007

CAIR Attacks a Muslim!

When will our favorite fellow-travelers for Islamofascism at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) finally attack a foreign Muslim for not respecting American culture and democratic norms?

Why, when the offending Muslim says that the Islamic faith needs to be reformed to purge out its violence, misogyny, and primitive tribalism, that's when.

A few days ago, one of America's great talk-show hosts, Glenn Beck, interviewed CAIR's Tampa boss, Ahmed Bedeir, alongside Dr. Tawfiq Hamid, a man who years ago was a jihadi in Egypt's Islamic Brotherhood, then freed himself from Islamofascist brainwashing and is now trying to encourage reform and freedom of thought within Islam.

Well, what person with a brain and a soul could find fault with that?

CAIR's Bedeir could:

"You're coming to my town. I live in St. Petersburg, Florida, and nobody's engaging the Muslim leadership that's already organized. You're not from this country. When you come to a country and you want to have dialogue about Islam, guess what, you're gonna have to join and engage the Muslim community, because that is the community you're trying to reform."

Wow. Imagine if some patriotic pale-faced American deigned to tell an uppity Muslim migrant that "You're not from America. You're coming to my country. If you think you have something to add here, you have to dress like us, and you have to talk like us, and you have no right to criticize us in an open forum..." What do you think would happen? Every fax machine across the fruited plain would be spewing out CAIR's condemnations of this "xenophobia...insensitivity...hate speech...cultural chauvinism...islamophobia...[and hey, what the hell]...RACISM!!"

But CAIR's Ahmed Bedeir feels safe to go on the airwaves and tell an escapee from Islamic terror that he has no legitimacy because: "You're not from this country."

We old Cold Warriors recall that for decades the Kremlin used legal "front groups" (e.g., the "US Peace Council") here in the US to build up public support for The Cause, while Moscow actually called the shots. We also recall that those front groups reserved their most vicious attacks for those refugees from the belly of the beast, who possessed unusual inside knowledge of Communist strategy and the real conditions inside the Workers' Paradise. People like Vladimir Bukovsky, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Zdzisław Rurarz, and Anatoly Sharansky.

Dr. Hamid is in good company, while CAIR walks in the disgraceful and disgraced footsteps of those who enjoyed the benefits of a free society while working overtime to destroy it.

[Thanks to the comrades at American Thinker, who published this last week]

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