Saturday, June 16, 2007


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THE Israelis sealed Gaza’s gates last Monday. Tension was crackling in the air, though after months of feuding, that was nothing new. On Fatah’s radio station, a commander named Samih al-Madhun boasted: “I swear I’ll kill all Hamas, civilian or not. I’ll kill them all!”

Coming from one of Abbas’s chief lieutenants, it was a declaration of war that Hamas was happy to accept. By Tuesday morning, Gaza’s on-off skirmishes had turned deadly serious.

Fatah fired rocket-propelled grenades at the home of Ismail Haniya, a Hamas leader who served as Palestinian prime minister in the “unity government”.

An hour later, Hamas landed mortar shells around the presidential compound of Abbas. This seems to have been the start of the Hamas offensive.

On Wednesday, its fighters consolidated control of the north and seized the south of Gaza. Then they tightened a vice around Gaza City and Fatah’s four command centres. A huge bomb, planted in a tunnel under the General Security building, shattered the morale of its defenders and started a battle that raged overnight.

By Thursday morning, fast-moving Hamas squads were deployed to attack all four Fatah posts. As they did so, 200 Hamas men surrounded the house where the loudmouthed al-Madhun was cornered.

Witnesses told how the mob shouted at him to get out of his house. He must have known he was doomed as he was dragged out, already wounded in the stomach from a single shot.

The mob was now all but hysterical. A Hamas television crew recorded what happened next. Al-Madhun begged for his life, crawling in the dirt, bleeding, surrounded. He was beaten and thrown to the ground. Then at least five gunmen riddled him with bullets.

That night, all Gaza saw al-Madhun’s killing on Al-Aqsa TV, which intersperses its war coverage with breaks for the call to prayer. >>


Marzouq the Redneck Muslim said...

Shalom Jewish Odysseus:

I could use a lawyer. Would you have experience in labor law? I am appealing an unemployment insurance case with the Georgia DOL.

Can you suggest anyone, perhaps?

I enjoy what I saw of your blog. Isn't it a beautiful irony that we are thinking alike? Imagine a Jew and a Muslim allied against the forces of evil and hate. Makes me want to do a Karioke duet with you singing "Beer for our Horses"!

My email is

Salaam eleikum

Jewish Odysseus said...

Aleykum al-salaam, Marzouq!

I only know 1 lawyer in GA, he is a construction atty...Sorry!

I like that Karioke idea, bro! Can we also do, "They ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore?"

I have the greatest admiration for people such as yourself, because as nasty and hateful as the stuff people like me put up with may be, it is a tiny fraction as nasty and downright DANGEROUS as the stuff that must be levelled against you...You are truly doing the Lord's work, with amazing courage!

You may be interested in a little debate I had on my brother Yaakov's blog a few weeks back:

Truly, we are all in this together. And by "we," I mean everyone with A BRAIN AND A SOUL.

Marzouq the Redneck Muslim said...

Sorry I took so long to respond. Much to deal with over past few months.

Point taken and appreciate your sense of humor.