Sunday, September 2, 2007

More Bad News for Field Marshal Reid. And Brian DePalma. And Mark Cuban.

I'm sure there's no human interest or drama behind this story...Nothing that would make for good video on the MSM mightly news--9 IRAQI hostages liberated, and 8 headchoppers gunned down by American heroes...Naaaahhh, nothing to watch here...

Coalition Forces liberate nine Iraqis, kill eight terrorists
Sunday, 02 September 2007

Sept. 2, 2007
Release A070902c

Coalition Forces liberate nine Iraqis, kill eight terrorists

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces killed eight terrorists, detained four suspected terrorists and liberated nine Iraqi hostages during operations Sunday to further secure Baghdad and the northern belt around the city.

Coalition Forces raided a building where terrorists were holding illegal terrorist court proceedings in Tarmiyah. Al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders imposed vigilante law on residents in the Tarmiyah area, often executing them for violating the terrorist group’s rules. Coalition Forces found nine Iraqis inside the building, some who had been there for 30 days, bound and awaiting sentencing by the illegal court system. The former hostages were examined and found to be in relative health.

After liberating the hostages, Coalition Forces moved to secure another building nearby. Surveillance elements observed five men armed with rifles and machine guns maneuver into tactical positions in a nearby palm grove. Defending against the hostile enemy force, Coalition Forces engaged the armed men and called in close air support. Two of the armed terrorists were killed by ground fire, while three were engaged and killed by the aircraft. In the palm grove, Coalition Forces discovered a bed-down location with two suicide vests and other weapons.

Inside one of the buildings, Coalition Forces found 12 tons of ammonium nitrate soaked in propellant, ten drums of petroleum, bomb-making materials, weapons and extremist media. The building also had a complex tunnel system beneath it. Coalition Forces destroyed the volatile explosive materials on site.

Coalition Forces also targeted an al-Qaeda in Iraq cell leader near Salman Pak. As the assault force secured the area, they observed a man with a pistol draw his weapon. Coalition Forces responded by engaging the armed man, killing him. The assault force also engaged and killed two armed men who moved into position against them. The ground forces detained four suspected terrorists for their alleged ties to the terrorist cell.

“We’re continuing to go after the terrorists who threaten Baghdad’s security,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I spokesperson. “We want to continue the pressure to ensure the cells that carry out brutal attacks cannot recover from their current degraded state.”



Nancy Coppock said...

Great story. When I watch the news the brainless recitation of number of dead infuriates me. I want to hear what battles are being fought, what line of combat is moving forward so that we can understand what is going on. I wonder was this the way WWII was covered? Didn't the public eventually hear where the fighting was happening and what the fighting accomplished - gaining ground, knocking out enemy strongholds, etc.
Today, unless we dig for the information ourselves, we are completely left in the dark. And even further, because of that darkness, political plotters can talk their defeatist smack without rebuttal.
Thank G-d for capitalism that upon seeing a void seeks to fill it or we'd be mushrooms in a dark tunnel.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Nancy, you hit the nail right on the head: in WWII, US journalists actually believed that the American people SHOULD BE INFORMED ON BATTLEFIELD SUCCESSES...Today's phony-journalists desperately ignore/cover up our successes because such reporting wd interfere with their real objective: DESTROYING OUR MORALE TO FIGHT AND WIN THIS WAR.

Too bad they never counted on this beautiful thing called "The Net," which is making their depraved efforts more and more irrelevant.