Thursday, January 24, 2008


Just imagine, as you read this little excerpt from yesterday's briefing by Gen. Bergner in Iraq: What would have Ernie Pyle done with these stories?

Our media have gone beyond bias, to providing aid and comfort to the enemy. Only from mil-bloggers like Yon, Roggio and Totten will we get the truth.

"Coalition and Iraqi security forces are also targeted by these suicide bombers that have been unleashed by al-Qaeda. And it’s been coalition and Iraqi security forces [that] have successfully intervened in a number of instances to keep suicide terrorists from reaching their targets. In the process, these brave troops and Iraqi security forces are exposed to extraordinary risks. The following video clip is an example of that tough fight our soldiers are engaged in. Before showing it, I want to note that no coalition forces were killed or injured as a result of the suicide blast that you’ll see.

During a recent operation, coalition forces targeted an al-Qaeda in Iraq leader associated with a terrorist group north of Baghdad. During that operation, a terrorist emerged from the building and appeared to be holding something in his hands. When he continued to move toward our forces, he was engaged with small arms fire which detonated a suicide vest he was wearing. The second portion of the video of the same objective shows the ground force which was then engaged from inside the building. Another terrorist, who was armed with explosives, caused a second explosion on the other side of the building. In the first video you saw him come out of the building. In the second one here, he will be on the top side of the building there by the red dot. And as coalition forces are being engaged by small arms and maneuvering, he sets off the second suicide vest.

Again, I want to emphasize that none of our forces were killed or injured in these engagements. During this operation, our forces were engaged with small arms fire by another terrorist. Coalition forces returned fire and killed the attacker who was wearing the suicide vest you see here in this photograph. And in a separate operation, coalition forces killed another suicide terrorist equipped with a dual-initiation system which you can see could be fired either by a trigger device on…near his hand or one that was mounted near his belt as is shown in this photograph. These are just two of the many suicide bombers who have been interdicted before they could reach their targets thanks to the courage and tough fighting that our soldiers and the Iraqi security forces continue to undertake. Even amidst this barbaric violence or perhaps, because of it, brave Iraqi citizens are stepping forward from all communities to serve their country."

No, it's not like Hollywood could make a stirring film--hell, a documentary--out of this material, either. Riiiiiiight.

"It's amazing what you can't do...especially when you don't want to do it." When the MSM morons pretend they are not trying to make us lose in Iraq, you are a fool unless you disbelieve them.


Nancy Coppock said...

Here! Here! nuf'said.

Marzouq the Redneck Muslim said...

The good new is getting out by those you mention and more. The effect is positive. The troops feel supported. Even Starbucks sends them coffie.

Where ever there is a leftist demonstration against the effort in the ME to allow then a change to escape the shackles of theocratic despotism, they are countered by the supporters of the troops.

This 4th Generation War is being won. At least it seems so at this time. The jury is still out on the long term. this thing is a long way from ending and the next election in the USA is going to be a good indicator of the collective will of America's voters.

Praise Allah for Yon, Roggio and Totten. Praise Him for the keyboard warriors who support the Iraqi Freedom Project.

Salaam eleikum Y'all!