Friday, April 11, 2008


Thanks to our bloods at MEMRI:

Khudayr Taher: An Apology to the Valiant American Soldier

In an April 8, 2008 article titled "Apology to the Valiant American Soldier," Iraqi liberal Khudayr Taher bemoaned the ill treatment the U.S. army received from those it liberated:

"We forsook you and betrayed you – we, whose history is an expression of massacres, conflagrations, and ruin. We killed you, and we killed our dream and aspiration of reaching the sun, the moon, and the stars – [we killed our dream] of availing ourselves of the opportunity to live as true humans, thanks to your presence.

"My dear, brave American soldier, you noble individual who traversed land and sea in order to write the story of Iraqi freedom for the first time in its modern history – you believed, in accordance with logic, self-evident truths, and rational thought, that a people who had been subjected to repression, starvation, and killing would dance for joy, and would thank Allah who sent you to them as a liberating angel. [You believed that] they would strew flowers and break out in songs of joy that would smash the chains of slavery, ignominy, and humiliation.

"Not even a writer of surrealistic [literature] or [theater of] the absurd would have imagined that the Iraqi people would revolt against their liberator and would rush ardently back to a new bondage of a different kind – that of the religious cleric, the tribal sheikh, and the gang leader. It was unthinkable that the people would go against logic, rational thought, and self-evident truths, in a mad rush towards the abyss and total ruin.

"My beloved, brave American soldier, we apologize to you, and we are saddened at our wretched and miserable selves. Since we are a people that slaughters itself, and kills one another, cutting off heads, what can you expect from us other than ingratitude, perfidy, and stabbing you in the back for the benefit of Iranian and Syrian intelligence and Al-Qaeda?..."

[NOTE--To be fair, the great bulk of the people killed by the Islamo-Satanists have been Iraqis, which would tend to indicate that A LOT of Iraqis have actually risked--or paid-- the ultimate sacrifice to live in freedom. What about all those Iraqi Army volunteers blown up by the thousands in 2004-2006, AS THEY WAITED IN LINE TO SIGN UP...Yet the lines were just as long when the blood and body parts had been mopped up the next day. We must not forget those people, along with the election officials, journalists, interpreters, doctors, teachers, merchants, and countless thousands of others who have endured through a kind of bone-chilling terror that we Americans can really never grasp, and are finally gaining the upper hand.--J.O.]

Egyptian Journalist Ashraf Radi: "Progress, Liberty, and Democracy Demand a Price"

Liberal Egyptian journalist and Reuters correspondent in Cairo Ashraf Radi told Elaph: "No one in the Arab world wrote a single word about [Saddam's] tyrannical crimes, for which he was brought down, whereas the [Arab] pens unceasingly criticize the Iraqi governments that came afterwards… I find no answer to those who willfully ignore the causes behind the violence and the bloody conflicts in Iraq today other than that progress, liberty, and democracy demand a price, and this price must be paid by the current generations, so that the coming generations will not have to pay double.

"There is no doubt but that Operation Iraqi Freedom has many enemies, both within Iraq and in the neighboring countries… There is no future for Iraq without democracy. Those who sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice, are worthy of liberty, and they will never accept any prize less than this..."


Mark Harvey aka Snooper said...

Thanks for this post. Awesome.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Well, Snooper, if you liked that one you'll love the other posts I put up the past couple days--esp. the notorious Balestinian terrorist who just publicly announced: "WE LOST THE INTIFADAH."

Anonymous said...

The contrast of these emerging hopeful, courageous free voices from within the Arab world[S] - like Sheikh Palazzi in Rome - with the snarling anti-American, anti-semitic voices from parts of the USA [be it self-hating Jews like Chomsky and Finkelstein, or hate-filled **black-power** African-Americans like Obama's 20-year Chicago pastor, Rev Jeremiah **God damn America** Wright, or Greater LA SCLC CEO Rev Eric P Lee ], is significant.
See my own blog
for Lee's diatribe on Dr. King's April 4, 2008 anniversary.

Tom Carew,
Dublin City,

Jewish Odysseus said...

Tom, you have committed the offense of "remembering real history," and are condemned by the PC police to perdition for it! Don't you know you;re supposed to chuck those facts down the memory hole?

Seriously, I am honored to have you visiting here, and you sure have a great blog at "safra-vesaifa"!

Unknown said...

Yes, kids, there can be no doubt that prudent-above-all-else Odysseus(same dude who, save for the machinations of Palmedes, was content to write off Helen&Paris as a personal dispute between individuals, not a national security issue, and, if Wolfgang Petersen can be believed, was happy to end hostilities when the slaying of Menelaus left all agendas moot)is dancing the fields of Elysium in unbridled ecstasy on account of well-founded polemics like so:

more than 30 million Islamist men are dreaming up ways to murder you and your children. Don't you think it's about time we rolled up our sleeves to destroy them as quickly and decisively as possible?

being invoked in his glorious name. 'Dem 'dere Arab nations are hardly without flaw to be sure, but none so egregious as Hebrew translations of Homer so piss-poor as to have confused one of world literature's most compelling figures with mirthless secondary schleps like Ajax and Achilles.

Jewish Odysseus said...

"Mohsin," not sure what you meant about a "Hebrew translation of Homer" but there is none at THIS site.

Homer's two poems are concluded when Odysseus addresses the loathesome, haughty suitors who have presumed to take over his court while he is off fighting and returning from the war. They exploit his absence and abuse the traditional hospitality of his court and prey upon his wife and son.

When Odysseus learns about the suitors' insinuation into his court, he develops a plan, and rolls up his sleeves, and destroys them. No dialogue, no negotiation, no compromise, no mercy.

We should all learn a lesson from this classic. Which you obviously have not read.