Saturday, May 3, 2008


No, I'm sorry, we are NOT the same species as these sick devils. Look at the face of this poor brainwashed little savage, 14-years old as he goes out to blow himself (and our US heroes) up...

Just more evidence that they are doing the work of Satan on earth.

Where should US forces be deployed? Wherever we can liquidate the greatest number of these soulless savages in the least time.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should nuke muslim towns and cities at the rate of one per week, video the results and put them on Youtube with a chant saying " the Real God is great" and see how the muslims like it.
It may convince them that their false moon god "Allah" will not help them

Jewish Odysseus said...

I give our current "go slow & gentle" plan about another 20 years, and if it doesn't obliterate the jihadis, then your idea, or something like it, will be implemented.

I truly hope not, since so many innocents (slave-women and young children) who really never had a chance to make their own choices or even learn right from wrong will die.

Dhivehi Resistance said...

this is evil incarnate, this is the work of the devil.
anonymous and Jewish Odysseus..I agree.
Let us all work together and rid the planet of this evil once and for all time.

Jewish Odysseus said...

DR, my Maldivean comrade, thanks for your support and I welcome you to this blog. Please see us frequently, and let us all go forth to eradicate this evil together!

lady_luck said...

I honestly could not go through with watching the whole of that video as the levels of evil on it, including the devil-worshippin chants was just too intense for me. It confirmed for me, yet again, that evil exists in this world.