Saturday, July 12, 2008


Tony Snow gone at 53. How sad for all of us.

A lot of great things will be said about Tony Snow, but we need to be alert to one thing: Tony was NOT a conservative, any more than his buddy Rush Limbaugh is. Tony was a real American, full of optimism, confidence, energy, humanity, and love for his fellow-man. When Tony was growing up, our country was full of people like that, it was considered just "NORMAL." How strange and sad that our people have been so brainwashed, bullied and bamboozled by REAL leftist ideologues for ~40 years that talented, cheerful and inspirational people are labeled as some kind of political phenomenon...A "CONSERVATIVE."

Tony was a great American, period.

One last observation: can you imagine that this guy died at 53 from a cruel and lingering illness, and lost his Mom to cancer when he was just 17--and yet, did you ever see anyone so positive and devoid of whining and complaints? It should make us all take a good hard look at our own troubles, weigh them carefully, and ask ourselves if perhaps they aren't that heavy.

UPDATE--I'm watching Fox News Sunday's tribute to Tony Snow, and I'm happy to report that the focus is largely on his great human qualities.

RIP, Tony Snow, we will really miss you.

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Yaacov Ben Moshe said...

Nice tribute, Bro.
He was, indeed a great American- a distillation of the finest qualities of humanity, tempered with a fine Judeo-Christian moral and ethical sense.