Friday, October 10, 2008


I knew these people existed, especially back in my blinkered Bay State homeland, but to see them putting it all out there, proud and open on YouTube, is really quite startling. According to the vid and the bios, this loony lady studied Torah and lived in Israel for 5 years...and this is what she learned:

1) A guy who supports infanticide and (What?...Is that unfair?...Arguably not infanticide?...OK, let me change that)...A guy who supports partial-birth abortion up to the 9th month and considers a baby from an unplanned pregnancy a "punishment" somehow earns her support, in spite of her education in the unambiguously anti-abortion Torah. Hmmmmmm...Maybe there's another Torah out there of which I'm unaware, one that endorses abortion?

2) When a blood-soaked Arab despot threatens to bomb Israel if he's attacked by the US, it's really the US President who's to blame. Funny how she recalls all that pre-war fear in Israel of Saddam's missiles...But somehow she forgot to mention that Bush WIPED OUT that ferociously anti-Israel regime and captured the despot...and prevented the feared attacks were made. And the whole Op Iraqi Freedom was WILDLY POPULAR in Israel.

And she says nothing about all those missiles that REALLY ARE being fired into Israel from Gaza, dozens a week...Those same nice Gazans who are illegally contributing thousand$ to Barry Hussein's campaign.

I hereby open the floor to YOUR VOTES, my friends, to explain this bizarre phenomenon. The choices are:

(a) Stockholm/Cambridge syndrome, this cowardly mom was so traumatized by the Arab terror her kids actually were exposed to that she has come to identify/sympathize with the terrorists and their protectors (Barry Hussein)

(b) "Court-Jew" narcissisim, the desire to grovel and assist a powerful non-Jewish figure (like Obama) in return for being recognized by the power figure as an "official representative" of the Jewish community. (And tangibly rewarded for it, heheh. Like "Rabbi" Michael Lerner was rewarded by the Klintons).

(c) "Jewicidal" urge, as the great AtlasShrugs calls it--when Jews convince themselves that a clearly suicidal course is actually the safest one. Like handing the Golan Heights to Syria!

(d) Slavish Jewish devotion to MLCA*...In spite of her professed religious training.
*Most Liberal Candidate Available

(e) She's just really, really, REAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYY stupid.

Feel free to mix and match, in the proportions you deem fit. I HEREBY OPEN THE FLOOR TO YOUR VOTES.


Anonymous said...


At first, I thought it was a farce but that woman actually means what she says.


The Contentious Centrist said...

I'm not sure you accurately represent Jewish law on abortion:

"The traditional Jewish view of abortion does not fit conveniently into any of the major "camps" in the current American abortion debate. We neither ban abortion completely, nor do we allow indiscriminate abortion "on demand."

While maintaining my scepticism about Obama intact, I think your reaction to this good lady is much over the top.

She lived in Jerusalem while the suicide attacks were a daily, and even hourly, occurence. Obama has pledged his support for Israel, fully and explicitly, enough to get the likes of AbuNimah and Alexander Cockburn really upset at the "betrayal".

Bush'es more recent record when it comes to Israel is less than reassuring. he outsourced whatever sympathy he had to Concy Rice and we have heard what she said in Annapolis.

Why such a screed against her? I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

These types of Jews must be self-loathers! Don't you think?

They must have that arab guilt complex that some whiteys over here in the states have because of the black victimology shoveled on them!

Does she once ask herself why Jerusalem was being bombed and by whom and why and how to deal with that problem? Does she ask herself why the Obamunist uh, ah, uh aaahhh, stated it's okay to divide Jerusalem to the philistines in the room with him 24 hours after he stated to AIPAC that he wouldn't help divide Jerusalem? Does she not understand that is two-facedness and double mindedness also forbidden by the Torah? Let your yes, be yes, and your no be no! What is wrong with these people? Does she not understand that she just voted for a person who will also bring that kind of destruction over here?

Why are people so quick to hate their culture and lineage? I don't hate mine! I love mine! I'm proud of my culture and lineage. It doesn't take a lot of education to figure that out! My culture and lineage are as important and viable as any other culture and lineage on planet earth!

And the whole issue on abortion: The Torah is clear, let me repeat the TORAH is clear on abortion. CHOOSE LIFE. I don't give a rat's ass--excuse the lack of kosher analogy here--what the "jewish view" on abortion is, this is about what the TORAH says about death and life! People are so dumb that YHVH had to tell us what to choose!

Gee, I wonder why He had to emphasis that COMMANDMENT?

hahajohnnyb said...
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Anonymous said...

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