Friday, November 28, 2008


What is the word that springs into a normal human's mind when you look at this photo of one of the Mumbai jihadis, who was then in the process of murdering at least 130 innocent people? Go ahead, finish the sentence with one word--multiple choice:

"This man looks very...

A) homicidal
B) demonic
C) demented
D) bloodthirsty

The answer, of course, is ANY or ALL of the above...But not for NBC's Richard Engel, who apparently just defined himself out of the "normal human" category when he appeared on the NBC Nightly News on Nov. 26. No, for Engel, what touched his heart about this photo was that the mass murderer was so very..."YOUNG." [Here's the vid--check it out at 2:16]

Oh, brother, we in trouble.

There is just so much wrong with this attitude, it's hard to know where to begin. And notice his wrap-up at the very end. What words does he choose to convey the diabolical hatred that inspires these filthy mass murderers--"fanatical"? "ultra-religious zealots"? "ruthless?" Oh, no, these butchers were..."very dedicated."

And who could ever be against "dedication," right?

On the other hand, truly "dedicated" wonderful people who were murdered by these Islamists are subtly defamed and dehumanized. Lubavitcher Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivkah had their lives stolen by the jihadis for the crime of being Jewish. The Lubavitch are an inspiring (and need I add, "peaceful") group of Orthodox Jews who specialize in education and outreach to Jews--yes, even those in Mumbai, India-- who wish to learn more about Judaism and its roots. Yet in every news story about the Mumbai atrocities I've read, they are referred to as "ultra-orthodox."

Is "ultra" ever a good thing in a news story? Is it ever as good as being "dedicated?"

Why do we accept this routine description of Lubavitch members as "ULTRA" orthodox? Who determines why this label is slapped on a dedicated, peaceful Jewish organization? Richard Engel?

This linguistic inversion is a subtle but insidious justification for their murders, make no mistake, like calling Jews in Hebron "settlers." It's all in keeping with what seems to be a new motto from our lamestream media: "Making the world safer for Jew-killers, one headline at a time." And they've been up to it at least as far back as June 1967.

Rabbi Holtzberg and his wife, l'shullum, are survived by their son, Moshe. Here is his photo--now that's what I call "looking very young," Mr. Engel.

UPDATE: My homey Yaacov performs his typical great and touching analysis of the Mumbai terror attacks at his "Breath of the Beast" site.


Anonymous said...


this is a brilliant piece.

you have identified "journalism" for what it is, e.g., the inversion of good and evil.

your readers might profit from a thorough going exegesis of this process in "the origins of good and evil," by friedrich nietzsche, ... , who was, by the way, a thorough going exponent of such moral authority as attained by brute force. your readers will understand the mind capable of such inversion.

evil must be looked at straight on and comprehended.

john jay
milton freewater, oregon usa

Anonymous said...

sent your piece to:
(saw it on atlas)

and told them their coverage needed to be 'corrected':

are you guys nuts? richard engels' coverage of the mumbai attacks is terrible. please see: this is the clear-minded take on your terribly distorted coverage. not once did you say 'islamist' or 'evil'....if we are to stop these horrors we have to call the enemy what it is:

Anonymous said...

You don't seem to understand. American mainstream news media are scrupulously professional and unbiased. They are simply not going to let their personal opinions bias their news reporting.

Unless, of course is subject of their reporting is the murderous stormtroopers of the evil Chimpy McBushitler. But that goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

Our journalists hail from universities your children hope to graduate from - enforcing through standards of graduation, poorly thought out social doctrine as well reasoned as that of Jim Jones' People's Church of Guyana.

Our schooling includes Hollywoodism and a pop music industry peddling stories based on moral relativism or moral obscurity. Preteen future voters watch stories where
- gun carrying drug dealers also right injustices in their neighborhoods.
- an alcoholic drug addicted gambling degenerate cop also happens to care deeply for a street kid and sets him straight.
- Tony Soprano; a sociopathic murdering criminal cares for his family and friends. And while a stupid corrupt police force fails to build a case against this caring man who murders some of his friends for good reason, he cheats government and on his wife with a well defined moral code that includes a deep sense of patriotism. Oh! yes - he is in therapy.

The kids who bought tickets to see Serpico in 1970 are now running things - back when race and gender grievance discovered philosophical devices where Right/wrong good/evil problems are solved with accusation/surrender.

Our society didn't just fall apart. It amused us to watch it fall apart. And BLAME? - sixty years ago, Freud worshipping professors under a spell, helped our legal and therapeutic communities turn everyone into patients and victims of oppression. There was no right or wrong - just various degrees of wellness. It is ironic that at the time, many Jews who now hold high positions were hard at work shaping: education, medicine, entertainment and law enforcement. The 1990s gave us O.J where crime victims and TV viewers watched a judiciary (fearing a justice hungry mob)frantically looked for ways to rationalize an uncensored obscenity. All this while looking out a courthouse window at a crazed throng (buying into 'foe hunid yeeas of OPPression') salivated for an acquittal.

And now in the news from Mumbai, India - among others, a young rebbe with his wife are murdered and the media who covered O.J. is trying to gather the language of therapy and victimhood around their murderers.

A very young Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein; a story indicating how your golem will turn on you.